LT2-10 Automatic Clay Brick Machine

LT2-10 Automatic Clay brick machine is automatic, just equipped with mixer, screen, belt machine. So it is high-efficiency and labor-saving. 2pcs clay bricks/mould

The brief introduction of LT2-10 Automatic Clay Brick Machine

LT2-10 Automatic  Clay brick machine is one hydraulic  brick machine, as one of best-selling machine, Which can produce Clay Brick, Cement Brick, it is automatic, just equipped with mixer, screen, belt machine. So it is high-efficiency and labor-saving. 2pcs clay bricks/mould.

Main features Of LT2-10 Automatic Clay Brick Machine

  1. Easy operation: Automatic operation of material feeding, mouldpressing and mould lifting.
  2. Capacity: Making 2 bricks at onetime, shapingcycle less then 10 seconds, so the daily capacity as high as 6000-8000pcs/day(8Hours)
  3. Products: Hydraulic pressure 21Mpa,so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength.
  4. Advancedtechnic: All mould use precise wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment to prolong its service life. The machine frame is made of special thick steel and using special welding techniques to promise strong and durable.
  5. Function: The mould can be easy exchanged to produce more kinds of products by adjusting the screws. And the whole line includes crusher, soil sieve, mixer,conveyor belt, and host machine

Main Tech Data
Dimension of host machine1050*1260*2200mm
EngineElectrical engine
Total power5 KW
Hydraulic system pressure22Mpa
Voltageadapt to your local voltage
Shaping cycle5S-10S
Theoretical production9000pcs/shift
Weight of the machine2000kgs
Personnel requirement5 workers
Raw materialclay&cement
Full line componenthost machine/conveyor belt/mixer/vibration screen/ soil crusher
Overall size:1150*1150*1400mm
Rated Voltage:Adapt to local voltage
Total weight:230kgs
Soil Sieve
Rated voltage:Adapt to local voltage
Motor power:3KW
Total weight:300kg
Overall size:1250(H)*1250(Dia)mm
Feeding capacity:560L
Discharging volume:350L
Total weight:350kgs
Conveyor Belt Length:4000mm and 6000mm
Motor Power:0.75KW(4000mm) and

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