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Do you need block making machine in Mozambique? You can find all details of brick making machine in this page, including models of block machine, how to choose block machine in Mozambique? and Video of brick machine.

The main raw materials are sand, ash, cinder, gravel, aggregate, cement and so on.


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Brick Making Machine in Mozambique

Lontto supply the brick making machine to Mozambique, And as our main market, LONTTO is committed to providing you with the best quality brick machine at the most competitive price. As the top brick machine supplier in Mozambique, we have the most complete brick making solution in Mozambique.

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The smallest concrete block machine, it is manual control, and no need to equip with belt conveyor.

It is cheap and suitable for new person in brick production industry


Semi automatic concrete block machine for sale in Mozambique, Lontto can give you the best price and service for your construction business.

This model is easy to operate, no need learn much.

Contact us to get the best price.


When you want to buy a suitable model of the concrete brick machine in Mozambique, The exw price of model LMT4-26 need about 6000usd.

And if you want to know the specific price, you should know the shipping cost, Import customs clearance cost.


This automatic concrete brick machine sale in Mozambique is very popular. It can produce all size concrete blocks, and cement bricks.

The machine parts are PLC control, Belt conveyor, Pallet supply machine, Pan mixer, Block stacker and block mould.

You can use it to easily and the price is competitive.



If you want to produce the paver blocks and interlocking bricks with color, you can choose the model QT3-20. The machine is suitable for many customers, who want to save the cost.

And it is hydraulic and can be fully automatic with PLC. Contact us to get the latest price today.


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Lontto Brick Making Machine in Mozambique

Most construction companies in Mozambique are using bricks for their clients’ needs. This is because bricks are economical to make, are robust, and can be used for a wide array of construction needs. And if you want to make industry-standard blocks, then purchasing a LONTTO brick making machine is your best bet.

What is a brick making machine sale in Mozambique?

It is a machine that makes bricks from different raw materials. They include clay, cement, concrete, fly ash, and others. The machine can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. It is used to make bricks for a wide range of needs such as walls, partitions, and pavements, among others.

At LONTTO, we boast of a large catalog of brick making machines ranging from concrete and cement to clay brick making machines. Also, you can get automatic, manual, mobile, and semi-automatic variations.

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How to buy brick making machine in Mozambique – The Ultimate Guide

What type of brick making machines are in Mozambique?

When you need to buy brick making machine in Mozambique, You need to know a lot of related knowledge of brick machine, you can choose the brick machine that suits you. Everyone’s situation is different, and the brick machine model you need to choose is also different.

concrete block making machine for sale in Mozambique

When you are engaged in the brick making business in Mozambique, you can buy brick machines locally, or you can choose to import brick machines from China.

The model of brick machine can be divided into concrete block machine, cement brick making machine, interlocking brick machine, paver block machine, clay brick machine, automatic brick making machine and manual brick machine.

Cement brick making machine in Mozambique?

This type is also referred to as the cement block making machine. It uses cement as its primary raw material. You can choose from automatic, mobile, and semi-automatic. The most common models include:

QT10-15, QT12-15, QT8-15, LMT4-40, LMT4-26, QT4-15, QT5-15, and LTM4-35. If you are looking for a simple machine, you can choose either of these mobile models: QMJ4-30, QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QMY12-15, and QMY6-25.

These machines can make hollow, paver, channel, solid, and interlocking cement bricks. The best part: the bricks will be robust and can withstand everyday tear and wear. And when you choose an automatic model, you can expect a reduction in production costs. Alternatively, you can purchase the manual variant which is cheap to maintain.

Concrete brick making machine in Mozambique

Another brick making machine you can get is the concrete type. It uses concrete as the raw material mixed with other materials. Types of blocks you can make include paver, interlocking, hollow, and solid blocks. As such, it can be used for different construction needs such as pavements, buildings, and walls.

The manual model requires intense manpower and is significantly slower compared to the automatic type. That said, it is an ideal choice for on-the-budget companies. While it is cheap to run and maintain, it is time-consuming and produces uneven bricks.

cement block making machine mozambique

On the other hand, automatic models are expensive but cost-effective. They save on manpower, are easy to operate, produce quality blocks, and are fast. All you have to do is set the parameters, feed it with the raw materials, and wait for it to make the bricks.

Other models include the mobile and semi-automatic. The mobile brick making machine allows you to make bricks from any position onsite while the semi-automatic requires little manpower. Some of the popular types include QT4-25C, QT10-15, QT12-15, QT5-15, QT4-15, and QMJ2-40. They can produce anywhere between 3000 pieces per eight hours to 34560 pieces depending on the model.

Cinder block making machine in Mozambique

The cinder brick making machine uses cinder to make blocks. While it uses similar materials with the concrete type, it lacks concrete hence the cinder name. The light bricks can be used for different needs such as constructing walls and partitions.

Cinder is a widely used material in Mozambique and it is for this reason that LONTTO presents you their cinder block making machines. These machines produce quality bricks, are easy to operate, come with top-tier technology from leading tech companies, and feature a robust construction.

QT4-26 QT4-35 QT4-40-manual-concrete-block-making machine

As expected, you can choose between automatic, manual, semi-automatic, and mobile types. Some of the models you can get in Mozambique include QT8-15, QT6-15, QT5-15, QT4-25C, and QMY12A. You can make bricks such as hollow, paver, and solid bricks. And, you can produce blocks of different sizes ranging from 4-inch, 6-inch, to 8-inch.

Clay brick making machine in Mozambique

This has to be the most common in the country. It uses clay as its main raw material and through the vacuum extrusion block machine, robust bricks are made. They are later air-dried and calcined at temperatures between 900 and 1000 degrees. As such, you get bricks that can withstand rain and other weather elements.

clay brick making machine sale in Mozambique

LONTTO clay block making machines come with advanced technology such as error alarm, hydraulic system, and a control interface for exceptional operation. Regardless of your budget, there is a model that will meet your needs. You can choose between manual, automatic, hydraulic, and semi-automatic machines.

If you want an automatic machine, you choose between the LT4-10, LT5-10, and LT7-10. Some of the mobile models are M7MI and M7MI TWIN. These machines produce bricks of different sizes, shapes, and densities.

What should you consider before buying a brick making machine in Mozambique?

  1. Production capacity

Before settling for a machine, consider the scale of production. How big is your factory? How many clients do you want to serve? What’s your target per day? Answering these questions can help you choose the most ideal block making machine in Mozambique. That said, you can start small and scale up as demand increases. Whether you want to produce 3000 pieces or 30000 pieces, we have machines that will suit your needs.

  1. Level of automation

An automatic brick making machine is a machine that makes bricks without human intervention. We have automatic, semi-automatic, and manual models. The automatic model saves time, labor cost, and produces quality and even bricks. The semi-automatic will require minimal human intervention but will produce stellar bricks. On the other hand, the manual model is prone to human error and consumes time.

auto brick making machine and semi auto concrete block machine Mozambique

  1. Raw material

Do you want to make concrete, cement, fly ash, or clay bricks? Well, you can consult our catalog to have a feel for the products we have.


  1. Ease of maintenance

You don’t want to purchase a brick making machine that will have you have constant downtimes due to maintenance. Instead, you want a machine that you can easily service without outsourcing engineers. Besides, maintenance determines the longevity of the machine. So, go for a machine that’s easy to operate and comes with a straightforward manual.

  1. Price

Finally, you need to consider the price of the machine. You don’t want to break your bank while you can settle for a cheaper yet efficient model. In short, consider your budget then make a purchasing decision.

With these aspects in mind, you are set to purchase an ideal machine. And do not forget to check on its voltage settings.

What are the advantages of using brick making machine?

Well, brick making machines present you many advantages, let’s highlight a few.

  1. Automatic brick making machines improve your productivity, are safe to use, and reduce production cost. This makes your business more profitable and safe for your employees.
  2. LONTTO brick machines make high-quality bricks that withstand everyday tear and wear. This means that you’ll make bricks that will meet the needs of your clients. Furthermore, they are evenly shaped and of different sizes and shapes.
  3. The machines are energy efficient which means that they do not consume a lot of electricity. As such, you won’t be presented with high electricity bills.
  4. The hydraulic models combine vibration and hydraulic pressure to make high-density bricks.
  5. Another benefit is that you will receive free installation and training. You will not need to outsource for training purposes. And once the training is over, your operator can seamlessly carry out maintenance when needed.
  6. The machines are made of industry-standard materials such as stainless steel that improve their longevity. Also, the integrated electric components are from leading companies such as Siemens.

What is the price of brick making machine in Mozambique?

Well, the price varies depending on the make of the machine. For example, our automatic machines fetch a higher price compared to the manual models. Also, the type of raw material used dictates the final price. That is, concrete brick making machines are expensive than clay block machines.

How do you ship brick making machines to Mozambique?

Luckily, we have partnered with leading shipping companies in the world such as COSCO, MSK, and CMA. We will also recommend a shipping company depending on how fast you want your machine shipped. Just provide us with your address and within a few weeks, the machine will be at your doorstep.

block making machine send to Mozambique

Why buy a brick making machine from LONTTO?

  1. Experience

We have been making and supplying brick making machines for more than three decades. This means we change with changing technology and aim to produce futuristic machines. And when it comes to shipping, we can refer you to the best companies that we’ve worked with for years.

  1. Industry-standard products

Our machines are of high quality and a benchmark for other producers. From energy efficiency, top-notch automation, to sturdy construction, our machines are ideal for any type of factory. We are also recognized and certified by relevant bodies.

  1. A wide array of machines

At LONTTO you can get automatic, semi-automatic, mobile, manual, and hydraulic brick making machines. Also, we have concrete, clay, cement, fly ash, cinder, and other types of brick machines. All you need to do is send us an inquiry or reach us via our WhatsApp number.

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