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QT5-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

LONTTO QT5-15 concrete block making machine is the special equipment for the producing building blocks. The machine can widely use fly ash, slag, coal gangue or other industrial waste and river sand, gravel, cement and other materials to produce hollow blocks, color paver blocks, solid blocks.

  • Automatic with Siemens PLC control system
  • 5 PCS 8′ blocks/cycle with 15 seconds forming time.
  • High efficiency and strong steel frame.

The machine consists of five parts: pallet feeder, block moulding machine, block conveyor, hydraulic station, and the electric control cabinet etc.

qt-15 brick machine


  • This machine is a comprehensive technical equipment for mechanical, hydraulic and computer automatic control. It is characterized by high efficiency, reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The products are formed mainly by hydraulic pressure, mechanical assisted, also with vibration pressurize.
  • The produced block products can withstand compressive strength of up to 15 MPa (megapascals), high compactness, with good anti-freeze and anti-seepage performance, excellent sound insulation, heat insulation and thermal insulation properties, accurate dimensions, good product consistency and low scrap rate.
  • The design and manufacture of QT5-15 Block Making Machine meets the requirements of the professional recommendation—JC/T920-2003 Building materials industrial block making machine

QT5-15 Automatic Concrete Block Machine

  • The block making machine has high degree of automation, intelligent electronic control, automatic process using advanced foreign PLC (programmable controller) intelligent control, equipped with product process data input, storage, touch screen, ideal and flexible man-machine dialogue interface.
  • The automatic control system contains advanced safety logic to control the interlock of the action and has a fault diagnosis system.
  •  The reliability of the QT5-15 concrete block making machine is good. Its hydraulic system adopts well-designed and well-made hydraulic components with reasonable hydraulic system design.
  • The machine adopts an independent integrated hydraulic pump station to avoid the influence of machine vibration and dust on the hydraulic system, to ensure the working reliability of the hydraulic system.
  • This automatic brick making machine has the good adaptability to the raw materials, it using the advanced step by step vibration molding technology, can use various waste ash slag according to local conditions, reduce the dosage of cement reasonably, produce different kinds of bearing or non-bearing block products with high quality.

QT5-15 Automatic Concrete Brick Machine

  • 6) This machine has the strong adaptability, it can adjust the products production quickly by changing the block moulds simply, to cater to the needs of the market to the greatest extent, make the machine has the maximum effectiveness.

Tech Data of QT5-15 Block Machine:

Name of the parameter Data
Max. dimension of the main machine 5120(L)×1950(W)×2810mm(H)
Hydraulic system rated pressure 15-20Mpa
Main vibration type Platform vibration
Vibration frequency 4500-5100 times/min
Exciting Force 65-85KN
Height of bricks 50-200mm
Pallet size 1100×570×30mm
Forming cycle 15-25s, when adding pigment—20-25s

Production capacity per hour

Hollow block (390×190×190mm) 950pcs/hr.
Standard brick (240×115×53mm) 6000pcs/hr.
Porous block (240×115×90mm) 2880pcs/hr.
Feeding hopper capacity Storage hopper effective volume 0.45m3
Feeding car effective volume 0.15m3
Total power 26.25kw
Machine weight 5675kg

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