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Foam Bricks Machine

  • 30 +Years of Experience Foam Bricks Machine
  • The Advanced Reliable Technology
  • The Cost Saving Raw Materials
  • The Foam Bricks Are Strong And Lightweight
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  • Form-Bricks-Machine-QT5-15

Lontto QT3-20 Automatic Foam Bricks Machine produces 8’hollow foam brick 3pcs/mould. Forming Time:15-20s. It is hydraulic type machine.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4320-5760pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:680x550mm
  • Power:20.75kw

Lontto QT4-15 Automatic Foam Bricks Machine produces 4 pcs/mould. The molding time need 10-15s. Fully automatic control system. The high hydraulic pressure.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 7680-11520pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:1020x570mm
  • Power:27.5kw

LonttoQT4-18 Automatic Brick Machine produces 4pcs/mould 8’foam bricks, forming time:15-18s. The machine can produce all block size by changing block mould.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 5760-7680pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:850x550mm
  • Power:22kw

Lontto QT4-25C Foam Bricks Machine can produce 4pcs/mould 8’foam bricks. Pallet-supplying, material-distributing, and brick-discharging are controlled by PLC. It is fully automatic.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4608-5760pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:850x550mm
  • Power:20.6kw

LonttoQT5-15Foam Bricks Machine produces 8’block 5pcs/mould. The forming time need about 10-15s. It is suitable for middle size block factory. Hydraulic molding type.

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 9600-15040pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:1100x570mm
  • Power:32kw

Lontto QT6-15 Foam Bricks Machine produces 8’bricks6pcs/mould. The forming time10-15s. you can compose one set of foam brick production line with aggregate batching machine, JS500 concrete mixer, belt conveyor, block stacker.

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 11520-17280pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:900x700mm
  • Power:32kw

Lontto QT8-15 Automatic Brick Machine produces 8’block 8pcs/mould. The molding time about10-15s. It is a big capacity of automatic hydraulic equipment.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 15360-23040pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:950x900mm
  • Power:51kw

Lontto QT10-15 Foam Bricks Machine produces 8’(400x200x200mm) hollow block 10pcs/mould. The forming time10-15s. The raw materials are cement, fly ash, concrete. It is environmental protection equipment.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:1100x900mm
  • Power:67kw

Our QT12-15 Foam Bricks Machinemanufactures8’ block 12pcs/mould. The brick forming time10-15s.Siemens PLC controls system and motor, CALYCA Hydraulic station.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:1100x900mm
  • Power:67kw

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Lontto Foam Bricks Machine

LONTTO foam bricks machine is one type of brick machines. It is also named foam concrete brick machine, cellular lightweight concrete block machine (CLC), or lightweight foam brick machine. The foam bricks machine is the latest building materials machinery.

The finished form brick is low density. You can choose to fly ash, cement, sand, and water as the raw materials.  Our foam bricks machine model can be QT4-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15 or QT12-15. When you want to produce the hollow blocks, you can pour foam concrete into the hollow blocks.

The foam brick machine guarantees environmental protection and energy saving. The foam bricks offer sound insulation and fire prevention. The weight is 1/5-1/8 of ordinary concrete bricks. The strength can be 11mpa. The density is 400-1600kg/m3. The foam bricks fire resistance is 700 degrees. The size of foam bricks are 400x200x200mm, 400x150x200mm and 400x125x200mm.

Any size can be produced by LONTTO foam brick machine. You only need to change the mould. LONTTO foam brick machine is easy to operate. Our engineer can train your workers to operate foam bricks machine. And we can visit your local site to install foam brick machine. You don’t have to worry about any problems with the foam brick machine, our team is available 24/7 to help.

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Foam Bricks Machine From LONTTO

LONTTO foam bricks machine is manufactured by LONTTO Group. We are the top and professional form brick machine supplier in China. LONTTO foam brick machine factory was founded in the year 1990. We have 30+ years of experience in the foam bricks machine. LONTTO manufactures 7000+ sets of construction concrete machinery per year including foaming bricks machine. LONTTO foam brick machine has passed through CE and ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification. We make sure every foam brick machine is of high quality and stable performance.

All the foam bricks machines are automatic and feature hydraulic pressure. The finished products are of high strength. more information, you can refer to hydraulic brick making machine. LONTTO can provide a complete feasibility report, the foam bricks factory founding plans, construction techniques, operational skills, worker training, etc. LONTTO guarantees your foam brick machine is safe and highly efficient in production.

Our foam bricks machine can produce foam bricks, hollow blocks, concrete solid blocks and interlocking bricks. If you want the fully automatic foam brick machine, you can choose the model QT series. If you need manual and semi-automatic foam brick machine, you can choose LMT series. Every set of foam brick machine is tested before delivery.

We test the foam brick machine, ensure the equipment works flawlessly and there are no problems with every block mould. Every part including concrete mixer, conveyor belt, motors, batching plants and block stackers are perfect. You can visit us, to see the foam brick machine processing technology. Our professional technical engineer will answer any question on foam brick machine.

Orders on LONTTO foam bricks machine take 15days. The foam bricks mould features wire cutting technology, heat treatment, and carburizing technology. Make sure the foam brick mould of high strength. You can use it for 5-7 years without breaking.

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