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Block Making Machine USA

Lontto supply all types of concrete block making machine for sale in USA, include automatic, egg laying, diesel and portable model. To produce hollow and cement concrete blocks.

  • The machine is durable and easy to maintain
  • Wide range of applicable raw materials: coal gangue, fly ash, construction waste.
  • More than 30+ years of experience in construction industry.
  • Professional service team for sale and after-sale.
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LMT4-26 block making machine usa

The LMT4-26 block making machine in usa adopts springs in suspension and connection parts.

During the vibration molding, not only the four pipes of the indenter, the mold box, the mold core and the pallet are vibrated, which ensures the high density and uniformity of concrete blocks.

In addition, it runs smoothly and has low noise, which achieves a good damping effect, reliable movement, durable and easy to maintain.

LMT4-35 brick making machine in USA

LMT4-35 cement brick machine mainly uses cement, stone aggregate, sand, fly ash, etc. as raw materials, scientific proportioning, mixing and pressing to produce machinery and equipment for concrete hollow blocks.

LMT4-40 cheap concrete block making machine in usa

LMT4-40 cement brick machine is an environmentally-friendly hollow block machine with excellent quality, low power consumption, easy operation and durability. It is very suitable for investors who have initially entered the block industry or set up small hollow block factories.

Main Tech Data

Pallet size: 850x450mm

Power: 9.3kw

QCM4-30 egg laying block making machine in usa

The mobile brick machine is simple, compact, easy to operate, easy to maintain, requires less effort, high output, small investment, and fast return. When producing bricks, the mold is pressurized up and down.

Main Tech Data:

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 4kw or 6HP diesel engine

QMJ4-45 Concrete Block machine usa

This type of mobile brick machine can be placed directly on the concrete floor without pallets.

It is very suitable for the production of concrete hollow bricks. Its strength is higher than that of clay bricks. After changing different molds, it can also produce various blocks.

Tech data

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 2560pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 6.5kw

QMY4-30 Concrete brick making machine in usa

The use of new imported electrical appliances, seals and some hydraulic components, the comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable and reliable; mechanical transmission, compact structure, convenient maintenance, flexible operation, good reliability.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 3840-4608pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 6kw

QMY6-25 mobile Concrete brick making machine usa

The formed block products are fast in forming, high in strength, good in density, accurate in appearance, and regular in shape. The mobile concrete block machine sale in USA.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 8640-11520pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 9.6kw

QT3-20 Concrete Block machine usa

The fully automatic brick machine is made of super strong steel and special welding technology and materials, which is strong and vibration resistant.

It can quickly change the mold, can produce pavement products of different specifications and shapes, such as pavement bricks, curbs, blocks, hollow bricks, etc., one machine is multi-purpose, energy saving and efficient.

Main Tech Data

Pallet size: 680x550mm

Total Power: 20.75kw

QT4-15 Block machine in USA

The performance characteristics of QT4-15 hollow block machine equipment, using hydraulic plus vibration technology, up and down vibration, double cylinder afterburner. To achieve high density of finished products, high pressure resistance.

Tech Data:

Pallet size: 1020x570mm

Power: 27.5kw

QT4-18 automatic concrete block machine for sale in usa

All electrical components and hydraulic components use world-renowned brands. The application of color touch screen and imported PLC realizes the entire line of block production automation, saves the operation interval time and improves productivity

Tech data:

Pallet size: 850x550mm

Power: 22kw

QT4-25C cement block making machine usa

The four-bar guiding method and the excellent long guide bushing ensure the precise movement of the indenter and the mold. The body is made of thick-walled super-strong steel and special welding technology, which is extremely strong and vibration resistant.

Tech Data:

Pallet size: 850x550mm

Power: 20.6kw

QT5-15 Brick Machine for Sale in USA

The excitation force is up to 15g, which enables the material to be quickly formed in about 3 seconds, the cement is fully liquefied, and the strength of the block reaches 10MPa under ordinary weight ratio conditions. The control system adopts automatic control mode, and the operation is simple and easy to understand

Main Tech Data

Pallet size: 1100x570mm

Power: 32kw

QT6-15 Concrete Brick Machine Sale in usa

Using computer control, hydraulic drive, electromechanical synchronization and other technologies.

Adopting full synchronous vibration mode, the vibration force can be adjusted, the frequency can be adjusted according to different process requirements, low frequency feeding, high frequency molding, and the vibration force can be based on different raw materials to achieve the effect of vibration.

Main Tech Data

Pallet size: 900x700mm

Power: 32kw

QT8-15 block making machine usa

It adopts industrial PLC control system, multi-language display, touch operation, stepless frequency modulation and variable speed, and can change the action according to different raw materials at any time, which is very flexible.

The optimized design of the raw material structure completely solves the problem of special-shaped bricks. The secondary distribution material can produce various colored pavement tiles.

Main Tech Data

Pallet size: 950x900mm

Power: 51kw

QT10-15 Automatic Block Making Machine USA

Hydraulic automatic non-burning brick machine integrates machine, electricity, liquid and one, fully automatic cycle operation, fault self-diagnosis display.

The specifications of the main finished bricks (non-fired cement bricks, hollow bricks, soild bricks, pavement bricks, and grass planting bricks). Brick machine equipment replacement molds can produce a variety of construction bricks.

Main Tech Data

Pallet size: 1100x900mm

Power: 67kw

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Lontto Block Making Machine Usa

Lontto sales all types of block making machine in USA, now there are cement concrete block making machine in USA, hollow block making machine in USA. Clay brick making machine in USA and portable brick making machine sale in USA, diesel block making machine in USA.
Concrete block making machine only produce grey blocks (concrete blocks). You can produce 4inch, 5inch, 6inch, 7inch, 8inch, 10inch cement blocks, whatever hollow blocks or solid blocks, you can produce all size of concrete blocks.
All the concrete blocks are produced by our block making machine in USA, you can get high quality and high density blocks. The strength of blocks can be 12MU. So all blocks can meet USA standard.
For the clay brick making machine in USA, it mainly produces clay bricks (earth blocks), this machine only use little cement. It is popular in USA now.
If you want to begin the block production with small business, you can choose portable brick making machine, this portable block making machine is small brick making machine, The models are LMT4-40, LMT4-35, QMJ2-45, QMJ4-45.
If you want to buy block making machine in USA, 30+ years of block making machine manufacturer in china can help you.

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