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QC4-30 High-Pressure Block Machine

  • Latest hydraulic technology and powerful diesel engine.
  • User-friendly interface for seamless operation.
  • Exceptional pressure for precise and durable blocks.

The QCJ4-30 type high-pressure block machine is the company’s top-selling model. It is widely preferred due to its simplicity in operation, durability, and high quality. The machine incorporates a speed reducer and key rotating parts with bearings. This ensures smooth operation and extends the machine’s overall lifespan. Furthermore, the steel frame is thickened for added strength, and the four-column guide allows for accurate positioning.

qc4-30 hydraulic block machine testing

In order to enhance its performance, the machine utilizes wear-resistant materials. This not only improves the overall durability but also significantly prolongs the machine’s service life. Additionally, the machine features a super special vibrator that enhances the upper and lower compression strength. As a result, the production block density is increased, resulting in high-strength blocks. Therefore, the machine is considered to be the ideal equipment for small block factories.

qc4-30 hydraulic block machine to make blocks

Moreover, the QCJ4-30 type high-pressure block machine can be used in conjunction with a standard brick mold. This allows for the production of multiple blocks simultaneously, thereby increasing the overall efficiency. With a team of 2-4 people, the machine can effectively meet the demands of brick production. Its versatility and efficiency make it a sought-after choice for businesses in the construction industry

Main technical specifications:
power 15HP
 product quantity 400X200X200mm  4pcs/mould
 shift capacity 2000pcs hollow blocks
Cycle 35-40s
 Weight 1.5T
overall size 1700×1100×2400mm
 carriage size 850×450×20mm
 standards GB/T8533-2008

Products and capacity

Brick Picture Size (mm) Forming Cycle Pcs/


Pcs/Hr Pcs/8Hrs
Hollow Block


35-40s 4 360 2880
Hollow Block


35-40s 5 360 2880
Hollow block


35-40s 5 3601 2880
Solid block


35-40s 21 1890 15120
Paver brick


35-40s 9 720 5760
Interlocking brick


35-40s 9 720 5760


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