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Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

Want to buy a brick making machine in Pakistan, To learn about the brick making machine first. Then you can buy a suitable block making machine. You will know what models of machine suitable for you.

Lontto is the professional brick making machine manufacturer in china, we can supply all the brick making solution for you. And all types of brick making machine for sale.

Check our machine today, and let us support your brick making business in Pakistan.


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mobile block machine in pakistan

The QMY4-30 is a mobile hydraulic brick machine. It is easy to use, move around, and comes in a durable frame. This type does not need pallets so you can produce bricks quickly. It is ideal for producing 4’, 5’, and 6’ hollow bricks.

QMY6-25 Mobile Hollow Block Making Machine in Pakistan

The QMY6-25 is an egg-laying semi-automatic mobile brick machine that produces solid and hollow bricks. It produces between 1,080 and 1,200 bricks per hour. It is easy and safe to use in small production plants.

LT2-40 Mud Clay Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

The LT2-40 is a manual clay brick making machine featuring a small design ideal for a small investment. The machine does not need electricity or a diesel engine. It needs input from one person. It is cheap and has a durable mold that can serve you for a long.

ECO BRAVA Clay Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

The ECO BRAVA is an eco-friendly clay block making machine. It is semi-automatic and uses either a diesel or electric engine to form bricks. You can make interlocking clay bricks with it. With the 60MPa hydraulic pressure, it produces bricks of high quality.

ECO BRB Clay Brick Machine in Pakistan

The ECO BRB is a compressed earth brick machine that uses cement and clay raw materials. It requires no pallets to produce interlocking bricks. It comes with a control system that enables semi-automatic operation.

M7M1 Clay Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

The M7MI is a mobile clay brick making machine. The machine is equipped with a mixer, diesel engine, hydraulic system, and wheels for on the go brick production. It is easy to operate and requires little space for operation and storage.


The M7MI TWIN clay brick machine is moveable and produces two bricks simultaneously. It is easy to operate, has a durable body, and comes with a powerful diesel engine. It is automatic reducing the cost of labor.


The LT2-10 is part of clay automatic machines. It comes equipped with conveyor, hopper, mold, and motors. It has a 10-second shaping cycle producing more than 8000 pieces per day.

LT4-10 Clay Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

The LT4-10 is an automatic clay brick making machine that produces industry-standard clay bricks. It comes at a competitive price and features high hydraulic pressure. It can also produce cement bricks.

LT5-10 Clay Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

The LT5-10 is a hydraulic block machine that features automatic operation. It produces interlocking bricks with a capacity of 1440 pieces per day. The hydraulic pressure is capped at 60MPa which is adequate to produce tough bricks.

Our Brick Making Machine Factory, Sale Machine to Pakistan

We can supply the brick making machine in Pakistan, You can visit us at any time.

brick making machine manufacturer in pakistan

Lontto Automatic Brick Making Machine in Pakistan

Why choose us?

  • Quality products

All our brick making machines are of high quality and approved by relevant bodies in the construction industry. This explains why we are the leading supplier in Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia. They are made of sturdy stainless steel so you can use them for a long period.

  • Experience

LONTTO has been in business for more than 30 years. In this period, we have served thousands of customers from many countries across the globe. This means that you are not only buying a machine from us but also an experience.

  • Top-notch technology

Our range of machines comprises industry-standard technology for easier use and maintenance. Therefore, you can produce bricks that are as per the customer’s specifications with ease.

  • Free training

We boast of being among the rare companies that offer free training to their customers regardless of their location. Once you buy a complex automatic machine, we send our engineers to come to train your operator on how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the machine.

  • Exported to Many Countries

Lontto not only sent the brick making machine in Pakistan, and also sent the machines to the PhilippinesUgandaUSABangladeshJamaicaSouth AfricaMozambiqueKenyaBotswana.

And we also have customers buy the block making machine in KenyaBrick Making Machine in ZambiaInterlocking brick machine in TanzaniaConcrete block machine in Ethiopia, Paver block machine in Ghana and  Namibia clients.

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Brick Making Machine in Pakistan: The Ultimate Guide

What is a brick making machine?

The Greater Middle East is experiencing a construction boom, and Pakistan is no exception. And most of the construction projects are done with bricks – concrete, cement, fly ash, etc. It is for this reason that LONTTO – the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of brick making machines – presents its Pakistan customer base with a wide array of brick machines.

brick making machine in pakistan

A brick making machine is a machine that produces blocks out of raw materials such as cement, concrete, or clay. The raw material is mixed with an adhesive and water to form a tough mixture. They come in different variations such as automatic, manual, semi-automatic, hydraulic, and mobile machines. The most ideal depends on your construction needs.

Brick making machine for sale in Pakistan

There are numerous brick making machines for sale in Pakistan. Such as automatic brick making machine, semiautomatic brick making machine, clay brick making machine, concrete block making machine, solid block machine, hollow block machine, paver block machine, manual brick making machine, fly ash brick making machine in Pakistan.

Let’s look at the most popular from LONTTO.

Clay brick making machine in Pakistan

So, what is a clay brick making machine? This is a machine that uses clay as its raw material. It produces interlocking, paver, and solid clay bricks. The bricks are of high quality and density allowing them to withstand weather elements and every day wear and tear.

clay brick making machine in pakistan

You can get automatic brick machines (LT4-10, LT5-10, and LT7-10) and mobile machines (M7MI and M7MI). Others include the ECO BRAVA and ECO BRB. All these industry-standard machines provide exceptional clay brick making services.

When it comes to clay brick making machine price in Pakistan, it depends on its mode of operation. Automatic machines, obviously, will cost higher compared to manual and mobile types.

Cement brick making machine in Pakistan

Another brick making machine for sale in Pakistan is the cement brick machine. As its name suggests, it uses cement as its primary raw material, of course with an adhesive, water, and maybe color pigments. It fetches higher compared to the clay model. With it, you are sure to produce sturdy bricks that will meet the construction needs of your customers.

Again, LONTTO presents you with automatic, semi-automatic, hydraulic, manual, and other variants. Some of the most popular models in Pakistan include LMT4-26, LMT4-35, LMT4-40, QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QMY10A, QMY12A, and more.

What can you expect from our cement brick machines? Well, ease of use, top-level automation, energy efficiency, and bricks that are of high quality for everyday construction needs. Like the clay model, the price of the cement brick making machine is dependent on the mode of operation.

Fly ash brick making machine in Pakistan

Fly ash brick machine is another on-demand LONTTO product in Pakistan. Here, you can get automatic machines, manual, semi-automatic, and more variants of fly ash brick making machines. The best part: they all produce bricks that are of high quality and ready for use in numerous construction sites.

While fly ash is the primary raw material, it also uses products such as gypsum, lime, sand, and water. Which models can you purchase? The QT12-15, QT10-15, QT8-15, QT4-15, and more. Most of our fly ash machines are automatic.

This means you’ll require minimal human input. Besides, your factory can produce at least 92160 pieces per eight hours. This is an ideal production capacity for most factories. Fly ash bricks machine price in Pakistan starts from roughly $11700 depending on the mode of operation.

Concrete brick making machine in Pakistan

A concrete brick making machine typically uses concrete to make porous, hollow, interlocking, and solid blocks. Our machines can produce anywhere from 360 pieces per hour. The bricks are sturdy, of high density, and can withstand immense pressure. As expected, you can get variants ranging from automatic, manual, and semi-automatic.

concrete block making machine in pakistan

Some of the concrete brick making machine for sale in Pakistan include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT4-15, QT4-18, and more. Regardless of whether you are a small or big production company, we have a machine suited for your business.

Which type of bricks can you produce with a brick making machine?

There are many types of bricks you can make using our machines regardless of the raw material you are using. Which are they? Let’s find out.

Hollow bricks

Hollow bricks are considered one of the most eco-friendly bricks in the market. You can produce it using fly ash, concrete, cement, and more. One advantage of hollow bricks is that, they are lightweight hence reduces the weight of the building. They also offer noise reduction and thermal insulation keeping the room comfortable. Our cement, fly ash, and concrete machines make high-quality hollow bricks.

Pavement bricks

As the name suggests, they are intended for pavement construction. Most are made of cement and concrete materials. They are of high density and can withstand cold and hot temperatures. You can integrate color pigments to give them a distinctive look. Again, our machines can produce pavement bricks of different shapes and sizes.

brick samples in pakistan

Porous bricks

Porous bricks are hollow bricks made of materials such as sand and concrete. They are lightweight, offer exceptional insulation, and sturdy. Like others on this list, they are used for both commercial and domestic construction needs. The best part: they are also eco-friendly.

Interlocking bricks

There is a growing demand for interlocking bricks in Pakistan and other parts of the world. And you as a brick making factory, ought to take advantage of this trend by purchasing our machines that produce interlocking bricks. These bricks eliminate the need for plastering and are earthquake resistant, hence the growing demand.

What is the price of a brick making machine in Pakistan?

Block making machine price in Pakistan is dependent on the mode of operation and the raw material used. Besides, the location of your factory will dictate the final price. When it comes to raw materials, fly ash bricks machine price in Pakistan is higher compared to clay machines.

Why buy a brick making machine in Pakistan?

  • Increased production

With our automatic brick making machine, you are on your way to making more than 50,000 pieces per day. Besides, this improvement in production leads to a decrease in labor costs since the automatic machine requires minimal human input.

  • Improved automation

Again, our brick making machines will facilitate automation resulting in safer working conditions and reduced wage bills. These machines also bolster the quality and evenness of the bricks since they use top-notch technology from top tech companies.

  • Eco-friendliness

Our machines such as the fly ash and clay, are all eco-friendly. As such, you’ll be playing a critical role in preserving the beauty that is Mother Nature.

automatic brick machine in pakistan

  • Energy efficient

Another advantage of using LONTTO block making machines is their improved energy efficiency. They do not consume a lot of electricity.

  • Stronger bricks

Thanks to a combination of powerful vibration and high hydraulic pressure, you are assured of high density and evenly-formed bricks. This means you can serve clients with diverse construction needs be it pavements or walls.

What should you consider before buying a brick making machine in Pakistan

Now that you know the advantages that our brick making machine for sale in Pakistan will afford you, let’s look at what you need to consider when making a purchase.

  • Production capacity

How many bricks do you want to produce per day? Are you a small or large production factory? Answering these two questions is a sure way to making an informed purchasing decision. If you are a small company, then you need a small production machine and vice versa.

  • Mode of operation

Do you want an automatic or a manual machine? The former is expensive compared to the latter. However, the automatic type will enable you to produce more with less manpower compared to the manual model.

how to buy brick making machine from lontto to Pakistan

  • Price

You should consider your budget. Also, keep in mind the cost of shipping. The price is also dictated by the raw material in use. For example, fly ash bricks manual machine price in Pakistan is higher compared to the clay brick making machine price.

  • raw material

Do you want to use clay? Cement? Or perhaps concrete? Well, keep in mind that raw materials do dictate the final price. Also, consider the price of the raw material. That is fly ash price per ton Pakistan or the price of cement.

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