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Fly ash bricks are manufactured by mixing fly ash, lime, gypsum, and sand/stone dust in specific proportions.

This mixture is fed into a brick making machine which compresses it under high pressure to form bricks.

The brick machine applies high pressure of around 100-150 kg/cm2 to compress the fly ash mixture which enables the bricks to gain high strength.

The entire process is automated with minimal human intervention.

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Fly Ash Brick Machine

Fly ash bricks are lighter, stronger, more durable, and cheaper than clay bricks.

They are also more eco-friendly as fly ash is being utilized which otherwise would have been dumped in landfills.

There are various types of fly ash brick machines like hydraulic or vibration compaction that automate the brick manufacturing process.

The capacity can range from 5000-60000 bricks per day for different machine models.

  • automatic-fly-ash-bricks-machine
  • QT3-20-Fly-Ash-Bricks-machine
  • QT6-15-Fly-Ash-Bricks-Machine
LMT4-26 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

The Lontto LMT4-26 is a semi-automatic brick making machine that’s capable of producing 4 pcs of 8″ inch bricks per mold. It uses sand and fly ash as raw materials, making it a suitable choice for businesses looking to produce eco-friendly, high-quality bricks.

Main Tech Data

  • Manufacturer: Lontto, a leading construction machinery company from China
  • Model: LMT4-26
  • Type: Semi automatic machine with manual feeding of raw materials
  • Raw materials: Fly ash, sand, lime and gypsum
LMT4-35 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

LMT4-35 semi automatic bricks machine produces fly ash bricks. The main materials are Fly ash, sand, lime and gypsum. 4 pcs brick per cycle. Contact us today, to get the price list.

Main Tech Data

  • Moulds: 4 mould cavities producing 4 bricks per cycle
  • Compaction: Hydraulic pressure of around 25 MPa
  • Power: 15 kw motor
LMT4-40 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Lontto LMT4-40 is a manually operated, economic fly ash brick making machine suitable for small scale production requirements. It has a sturdy build and simple design for ease of operation and maintenance.

Please let me know if you need any other details like price, warranty, etc. I can provide a complete quotation for the LMT4-40 machine as per your production needs.

Main Tech Data

  • Model: LMT4-40
  • Type: Manual machine without automation
  • Raw Materials: Fly ash, sand, lime and gypsum powder
  • Brick Size: Standard 8 inch size bricks
QT3-20 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Lontto QT3-20 automatic fly ash brick machine delivers high production output with minimal labor due to automation.

It requires less maintenance and has advanced PLC controls for consistent brick quality. Please let me know if you need any other details like price, warranty, after-sales service etc. I can provide a detailed quotation for the QT3-20 as per your production requirements.

Main Tech Data

  • Type: Fully automatic machine with PLC based controls
  • Raw Materials: Fly ash, lime, gypsum, sand
  • Brick Size: Standard 8 inch bricks
  • Production Capacity: Up to 20,000 bricks per day
  • Moulds: 3 mould cavities, producing 3 bricks per cycle
  • Compaction Pressure: Hydraulic pressure of 30 MPa
QT4-15 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

The QT4-15 automatic machine delivers high output, consistency and efficiency in fly ash brick production through automation. It requires minimal labor and maintenance.

Please let me know if you need any additional details like price, warranty, after-sales service etc. I can provide a customized quotation for the QT4-15 automatic fly ash brick machine based on your production requirements.

  • Manufacturer: LONTTO Machinery, China
  • Type: Fully automatic machine with PLC based controls
  • Raw Materials: Fly ash, lime, gypsum, sand
  • Brick Size: Standard 8 inch size bricks or any other size bricks
  • Production Capacity: Up to 15,000 bricks per day
QT4-18 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

LONTTO QT4-18 Fly Ash Automatic Brick Machine is designed to produce high-quality bricks using fly ash, an industrial waste from power plants, as the primary raw material.

This eco-friendly machine aligns with the push towards sustainability and the efficient use of resources.

  • Key Features: Auto feeding, compaction, de-moulding and stacking
  • Infrastructure Required: Concrete foundation, 3-phase power, water, storage


QT4-25C Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Lontto QT4-25C Automatic Bricks Machine is cost competitiveness. So it is suitable for most of the customers. This is a hot sale in india and africa. You can contact us in any time, we are online 24/7. Apply the price now.

Tech Data:

  • Capacity: Solid Brick: 37440pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:850x550mm
  • Power:20.6kw
QT5-15 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

If you need hydraulic and automatic bricks machine, and the capacity of brick more than QT4-15. The model of QT5-15 automatic brick machine is your best choice. Contact LONTTO, let us send you the whole set of machine with best price.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8′ Brick: 92160pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:1100x570mm
  • Power:32kw
QT6-15 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

China QT6-15 Automatic Bricks Machine is one set of fly ash brick production line. You need include hopper, concrete mixer, belt conveyor and brick stacker. Contact Lontto, We send you the whole set of automatic machine with the best price.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8′ Brick: 92160pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:900x700mm
  • Power:32kw
QT8-Fly Ash Bricks Machine

China QT8-15 Automatic Bricks Machine is from the leading brick machinery LONTTO group in China. Lontto has widely of product, including automatic brick machine, and semi-automatic machine. We give you the quote now, Contact us.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8′ Brick: 120960pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:950x900mm
  • Power:51kw
QT10-15 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Lontto QT10-15 Bricks Machine is automatic and hydraulic brick machine with best quality and reasonable price. Siemens PLC control, so the machine is automatic, and we supply you one set of free mould.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size:1100x900mm
  • Power:67kw
QT12-15 Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Lontto QT12-15 Automatic Bricks Machine is designed and produced by LONTTO group. We can provide the shipping and installation service. And give you best price for whole set of automatic brick machine. Contact LONTTO today.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: 8’ brick: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet size:1100x900mm


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Fly ash Bricks Manufacturer in China, The Whole Set Bricks Production Line

fly ash brick machine

Lontto Fly Ash Bricks Machine

LONTTO Machinery is one of the professional Fly Ash Bricks Machine manufacturers and Fly Ash Bricks Machine suppliers.

LONTTO provides various Fly Ash Bricks Machine.

Based on the degree of automation, there are fully automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine, semi-automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine, and manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine.

Based on the names, there are Fly Ash brick making machine, Fly Ash brick plant, Fly Ash machine, ash bricks plan, ash brick making machine and so on.

Based on the mechanical power or power supply system, there are automatic hydraulic Fly Ash brick making machine and electric Fly Ash brick plant.

Different fly ash brick making machine with different price, if you need automatic fly ash brick press machine, the cost is high, but the manual and semi automatic type is lower price.

Many fly ash brick manufacturers in China, LONTTO as the famous brand, you can ask them for the fly ash machine more details.

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Fly Ash Bricks Machine: Definitive Guide

Have you heard of fly ash bricks? They’re used a lot these days. It’s a kind of brick, like the ones in your school or home. To make these bricks, companies use a special machine called a fly ash bricks machine.

Choosing the best fly ash bricks machine is a big deal. It helps in making bricks quicker. It also makes sure the bricks are strong and sturdy.

But picking the right machine can be tricky. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. We’ve made a guide to help you understand these machines better.

In our guide, we will talk about:

What Is Fly Ash Brick? – How to Classify?

  • Autoclaved fly ash bricks – Steam Curing
  • Steam-Free and Burn-Free Fly Ash Bricks – Natural Curing
  • Clay-Containing Fly Ash Bricks – Burned at High Temperatures

Everyone knows that fly ash can be used to make bricks, but you don’t know how to distinguish fly ash bricks.

So according to different raw materials, different curing methods.

It is divided into autoclaved fly ash bricks, steam and burn-free fly ash bricks, and burned fly ash bricks.

Autoclaved fly ash bricks – Steam Curing

Autoclaved fly ash brick is based on fly ash and quicklime as the main raw material, and then mixed with the appropriate amount of gypsum and a certain amount of cinder and other aggregates, according to a certain proportion.

The raw materials mixing, the quicklime hydration, the mixture is wheel milled, static pressure forming by hydraulic high static pressing machine, and it can be steamed curing under normal pressure or high-pressure steam.

The compressive strength of autoclaved fly ash bricks is generally high, reaching 20 MPa or 15 MPa, at least 10 MPa, and can withstand the freeze resistance requirements of 15 freeze-thaw cycles.

In addition, fly ash brick is a potentially active hydraulic material that can continue to produce hydration reactions in a humid environment, which is beneficial to the improvement of strength.

Steam-Free and Burn-Free Fly Ash Bricks – Natural Curing

Cement-containing fly ash bricks: cement is the main cementitious material, fly ash, slag, stone powder, sand, gravel, after a certain ratio.

Formed by a vibrating concrete brick machine. For example, QT series, LMT series, and Mobile series brick machine.

fly ash bricks

After molding, it is made by natural curing, the strength can reach 15Mpa, and the production process is simple. It is very suitable for low-investment fly ash brick production projects.

Clay-containing bricks – burned at high temperatures.

Fly ash and industrial slag and clay as the main raw materials, 52% of fly ash, 8% of industrial waste furnace slag, and 40% of clay, then mixed by a mixer, extruded by a vacuum clay brick machine, dried, then high temperature Burned.

The principle is that the fly ash and the industrial slag are dehydrated quickly, and the combustible component has high characteristics, so that the Half-finished bricks generate internal combustion.

When the clay bricks burning, it can be used with less or no coal, achieving energy saving, saving land and utilizing waste. The product has the characteristics of bending resistance, compression resistance, lightweight, heat preservation, sound insulation and good appearance. The compressive strength reaches 16.68 MPa.

What Is Fly Ash Brick Machine?

Going into the manufacturing or construction business is a bold step. But you would need certain materials to make the process easier for you. Most manufacturers have plans to extend the scope or simply want to reduce costs.

So, what is a brick machine and what does it do? The machine facilitates the manufacturing of fly ash bricks by reducing human inputs. In the place, it uses the built-in properties to facilitate the production process.

  • Static Press Brick Machine to Produce Steam Curing Fly Ash Brick
  • Vibrate Concrete Block Machine to Produce Steam-Free Fly Ash Brick
  • Vacuum Clay Brick Machine to Produce Burned Clay Fly Ash Brick

In addition, it does most of the work with little supervision. In that case, the machine is capable of feeding on raw materials. Mixing materials and forming fly ash bricks.

Thus, the role of brick machine does not stop at saving costs. It also scales the production of bricks by working on automation in most cases.

What Is Fly Ash – Why Should I Use It?

Traditional manufacturing and building processes have over time, evolved and took a different shape. Fly Ash Brick (FAB) is one of the leading reinventions in building materials. It promises to stand the test of time.

Let us look at the meaning of Fly Ash and the importance of utilizing it in making bricks.

Fly ash is a coal combustion product that comprises fine particles of burned fuel. These are used to enhance the manufacturing of different products.

Fly ash is composed of different particles, including calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and silicon dioxide. These are placed in different categories and later used for different purposes.

Some of the uses include stabilization of soft soil, and for concrete production. The latter use (concrete production) has been prominent in recent years. It’s used by manufacturers in different sectors of the economy, including infrastructures and industries.

The importance of fly ash bricks is because of the roles it plays in the manufacturing process. For instance, it is a viable substitute material for Portland. It is also viable in the production of bricks.

Aside from that, fly ash bricks help in boosting the manufacturing of building units. This is common when they combine with water gypsum and cement.

What are the Other Materials of Fly Ash Bricks?

Quicklime is the main raw material of autoclaved fly ash bricks: the function is to stimulate the activity of fly ash, so that the bricks have certain physical and mechanical properties.

  1. Calcium Content: The effective calcium content is as high as possible, and the lime with high calcium content is used in the production of fly ash bricks, and the cost is reduced.
  2. Fast Hydration: It can shorten the cycle of the digestion process of the mixture and improve production efficiency.
  3. The digestion temperature is increased as much as possible: the high temperature helps the bricks to increase their strength before the steam curing treatment.


What is Lime Hydration?

Lime Hydration: The lime will hydrolyze after it meets water, produce calcium hydroxide, release heat, and expand the volume by 2-3 times. This process is called quicklime digestion.

The Proportion of Lime for Fly Ash Bricks: The amount of lime incorporated is related to the steam curing conditions, the type and fineness of the fly ash. Generally, when high-pressure curing is used, the amount of lime incorporated is less than that of normal-pressure curing.

The smaller the fineness of fly ash particles, the smaller the amount of lime incorporation, and vice versa.

Production practices have shown that the most effective lime content ranges from 8% to 12%.

Gypsum: Gypsum plays an role in accelerating hydration reaction, increasing crystallization of hydrates, and improving the early strength of bricks, especially the flexural strength, in the production of autoclaved fly ash.

Fineness requirement: 88um sieve, the sieve residue is not more than 15%.

Calcium sulfate content: ≥ 65%.

Source of gypsum: natural gypsum, and industrial waste gypsum (desulfurized gypsum) such as dihydrate gypsum (gypsum), hemihydrate gypsum (building gypsum), or anhydrite.

Gypsum dosage: It is mainly determined according to whether the fly ash brick meets the expected strength.

What is the Formula of Bricks?

As a manufacturer, you may be looking for a way to mix fly ash. Fly ash is not the only ingredient used for the production of building units.

Rather, it is important to combine it with other components, including water and fly ash to get the bricks you want.

The point to note here is that three (3) methods are used for the production. These are the standard method and the other is termed the “Profitable Mixing Ratio”.

The classification is simple: the first follows the standard quality of making fly ash bricks. The second is ideal when you have few materials to spare.

Now, the first method uses quicklime for the manufacturing of bricks. The second method uses hydrated Lime for the manufacturing of fly ash bricks. The third is for the production of fly ash bricks using cement instead of lime and gypsum.

Join us as we look at the formula of mixing fly ash bricks.

  • The Normal Ratio Quicklime Fly Ash Bricks – Steam Curing

The materials or ingredients needed here are Gypsum, Sludge Lime, Fly Ash, and Sand/Stone Dust. They are classified in the following ratio:

Ingredient/Materials Ratio
Fly Ash 62%
Quarry Dust or Sand 25%
Lime 8%
Gypsum 5%


  • For Hydrated Lime Fly Ash Bricks – Steam Curing

The ingredients are the same as the first. However, Sledge Lime would be substituted with Hydrated Lime. Here is the ratio:

Fly Ash 57-65%
Gypsum 5%
River Sand or Stone Dust 18-27%
Hydrated Lime 9-12%


  • Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing Using Cement – Natural Curing

In this case, the materials would be primarily focused on cement rather than on gypsum and lime. This is the formula:

Fly Ash 50-60%
Cement 8-12%
Stone Dust or River Sand 30-40%
  • The Others Formula for Fly Ash Bricks

Use 2% Gypsum for Autoclave Steam Curing Fly Ash Bricks

Ingredient/Materials Ratio
Fly Ash 70%
Quarry Dust or Sand 20%
Quicklime 8%
Gypsum 2%

Uses 1% Gypsum and No Sand for Autoclave Steam Curing Fly Ash Bricks

Ingredient/Materials Ratio
Fly Ash 89%
Quicklime 10%
Gypsum 1%

Uses Clay or Soil for Burned Fly Ash Bricks

Ingredient/Materials Ratio
Fly Ash 52%
Clay or Soil 40%
Cinder or Slag 8%

How to Produce Fly Ash Bricks – The Process

Autoclave Bricks Machine Operate Principle

It is now time to get to work. Manufacturing bricks using a fly ash manufacturing machine could be easy.

It can also turn out to be a herculean task. This is tenable when you lack the idea of producing the bricks.

Read the guide below to have a better understanding of producing bricks.

static pressure fly ash bricks machine

    Hydraulic Static Pressure Brick Machines

The manufacturing process of bricks is similar to making concrete blocks.

In the same manner, hydrated lime powder is added to the fly ash. Then gypsum is mixed with it.

Proceed to feed the fly ash, quarry dust, hydrated lime, and gypsum into a pan mixer. You would then add the required proportion of water for intimate mixing. Ensure that the mixture is in the right proportion (consult the tables above).

After mixing, the mixture is then shifted to the ash brick making machine for processing. Ideally, the mixture is transferred to the hopper of the machine through the conveyor belt.

This would then be moved to the cavity. This is where the fly ash brick press machine would press the materials until they take a specific shape.

Thee would then be an erection. This would bring out the manufactured bricks in front of the machine.

Steam Curing Fly Ash Bricks

The manufactured autoclaved fly ash bricks have two ways for curing.

Differences of Fly Ash Bricks Steam Curing Method.

Steaming Method Saturated Steam Pressure/MPA Curing Temperature/℃ Maintenance Equipment Cost of Equipment Product Quality Product Cost
Normal Pressure


0.1 95-100 Steam Curing Room Low Meet the Standard High (More Lime Consumption)
High Pressure 0.9 ~ 1.6 174-200 Autoclave High Better Performance Low (Less Lime Consumption)

The Advantages of Automatic Brick Machine

Manufacturers now rely on machine to improve their output in the production of building units. You may be wondering about the role the plant has to play in the entire production process.

If so, then below are some of the benefits of using brick making plant.

  • Turning Waste into Wealth

As you may have known, fly ash could have passed off as a wasted material. However, the role of the machine is to convert this otherwise “wasted material”.

This is done by mixing it with other materials to produce fly ash bricks.

  • Boosts Production

Every manufacturer wants to meet up with the customers’ demands. Having the latest automatic brick making machine is the perfect way to achieve that.

Unlike human input that tends to drag into hours, the automatic bricks machine is faster. It is capable of pressing materials into the desired shape in a few minutes.

  • Product Quality and Quantity

It is true that quality is preferred over quantity in the area of production. But you can’t help but fall in love with the combination of the two when using a fly ash block machine.

The idea is that the machine produces quality bricks. It also has the capacity to press many of these bricks at a go. That is if the sizes are compatible with the specifications of the machine.

  • Multi-Purpose Automatic Machine/Versatile

Another advantage of having the machine is versatility. It is capable of making different types of bricks product(including interlocking bricks), hollow blocks, and paving blocks.

  • Saves Cost

The machine comes in handy for manufacturers that want to save some costs. The beauty of the concept is that it doesn’t stop at cutting down on human costs. It also uses low-cost materials to produce the bricks.

Latest brick making machines also tend to have low consumption of energy. This saves you additional costs of paying electricity bills.

  • Durable

The machine also gives the guarantee of serving you for long. This is because of the special welding technology and strong shaped steel body that makes it shockproof and hard.

How to Choose The Suitable Model of Automatic Brick Machine?

You’re now ready to buy the automatic machine but have a problem with choosing the best model. Ideally, a brick making plant utilizes green technology to save the immediate environment from degradation.

It is also a money-making venture. However, it is important to consider specific features to look for before buying one.

Autoclaved fly ash bricks machine

 “Used for Autoclaved Bricks Production”

We encourage you to read the hints below to arrive at an informed buying decision:

  • Consider Your Budget

Manufacturers want the best automatic machine that would improve their production of building units. Yet, they fail to consider their budgets.

The budget here doesn’t stop at the overall cost of the machine. It also includes the cost of raw materials, the construction site, and electricity.

automatic-Fly Ash-brick-machine-QT10-15

“Used for Cement Fly Ash Bricks Production”

  • Buy from a Reliable Brick Making Machine Manufacturer

It is important to buy from an established brand that has many positive reviews. This gives you the assurance of the efficiency and duration of the machine.

  • Capacity

Determine the number of fly ash bricks that the machine can produce over a period.

Ideally, you should go for one that can press the materials in a few minutes. Also select one that can produce solid fly ash bricks at the end.

  • Purpose of the brick Machine

You need to understand that automatic fly ash brick making machine come in different sizes. Each of these has an area of strength.

It is important to define the type of bricks you need. You can then use that to choose the machine that has that capacity.

How to Choose the Best Brick Machine Manufacturer?

Choosing automatic brick machine is one side of the coin. Locating the best fly ash bricks manufacturing machine suppliers is another side of it.

Here are the tips to choose a manufacturer of the machine:

  • Feedback of Customers

It is ideal that you go through the reviews dropped by previous customers.

The rule is simple:blocks machine manufacturer with lots of positive feedback is the best to choose.

  • Customer Support

Another step is to check the response of the manufacturer to the feedback or questions asked by customers and prospects.

That way, you would determine if the targeted fly ash brick manufacturers would be there to attend to your concerns.

  • After-Sale Service

The machine is what they are  – “machines”. Therefore, your proposed fly ash brick machine may break down in the course of working.

Hence, it is important to choose automatic  blocks machine manufacturer that offers after-sale services. This would help you fix your machine in good time whenever an issue arises.

When it comes to choosing the best fly ash brick making machine, look for manufacturers that have the best equipment.

You can trust the fly ash bricks machine from LONTTO to give you quality machine.

What Is The Price of Fly Ash Brick Machine? Why Is The Price Different?

The price of the machine influences the choice of brick making plant. On the other hand, the prices tend to differ for a number of reasons.

The first thing you should note is that the properties, the efficiency, and the type of machine you choose determine the cost of the machine.

The first point to note is that the prices of these machines differ depending on the machine you are going for.

For instance, a fully automatic brick plant wouldn’t have the same pricing as the semi-automatic fly ash brick making machine.

fly ash brick making machine for sale

In the same way, the prices tend to differ by the specifications or attributes of the machines.

Therefore, it is important that you check the prices on the manufacturer or suppliers’ websites. Ensure that the price doesn’t primarily take prominence over the features you are looking for.

As a rule, go for a fly ash brick machine that the features you need with affordable rates.

The Buying Guide of Brick Making Machine: What Do You Need to Pay Attention to??

You would need to take a critical evaluation of the different models in the market. This would help you choose a fly ash brick machine.

It doesn’t stop at the selection. You would need other tips to make a good choice.

Below are some of them:

  • Durability

It is important to choose a machine that is rust-free. This would serve you for many years.

Ideally, you may want to go for a fully automatic version. You can also choose one that has a variety of properties that enhance the operations.


  • Production Levels

The essence of the machine is to facilitate work. But you need to understand that some are faster than others are.

Hence, you may need to choose a brick machine that produces more bricks.

  • Purpose

In this instance, it is expected that you should define the purpose of the machine. This implies choosing the type of brick you want to produce.

With that in mind, you can then go for a brick machine that is specially designed for that purpose.

You can check LONTTO where you have the assurance of getting quality brick making machine at affordable prices.

The company has many years of experience in making block making machine, and their machines are of standard.

Final Words

Fly ash is pretty amazing. It’s used in lots of different things now.

When people found new ways to use fly ash, it became really helpful. It’s now a big part of making lots of products. We use a special machine to do this.

This machine is not just good at turning fly ash into bricks. It also helps keep our world clean and green.

Want to know more? Talk to us at LONTTO! We can help you find the newest fly ash brick making machine. And guess what? We have the best prices, too.

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