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Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine

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  • ECO-BRB-Semi-Automatic-Brick-Making-Machine
  • LMT4-26-Semi-Automatic-Brick-Making-Machine
  • LMT4-35-Semi-Automatic-Brick-Making-Machine
  • QMY4-30-Semi-Automatic-Brick-Making-Machine

LONTTO ECO BRAVA can produce 1 piece of clay brick in one cycle. It can be diesel engine power or electric motor.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: Clay Brick: 1920-2880pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power:4kw or 6HP diesel engine.


Lontto Model of ECO BRBBrick Making Machine is semi automatic type. 2 pcs clay bricks can be produced per cycle.

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 3840-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size:no need pallet

Power:5.5kw or 8HP diesel engine.


Lontto LMT4-26 is a small brick production line, including concrete mixer and belt conveyor. It is very hot sale model of brick machine.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4448-5248pcs/8hours

Pallet size:850x550mm



Lontto LMT4-35 brick making machine is smaller than LMT4-26, bigger than LMT4-40. It is also can be a small brick production line with belt conveyor and JQ350 concrete mixer.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 3360-3840pcs/8hours

Pallet size:850x450mm



Lontto LMT4-40 brick making machine is a very delicate design, and one person can operate it. And it is cheap and of good quality.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 2880-3296pcs/8hours

Pallet size:850x450mm



Lontto Semi Automatic M7MI brick machine produces clay brick, this is soil press machine, it is mobile is easy to move.

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 1920-2880pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 6.3kw or 8HP diesel engine.


Lontto M7MI Twin Brick Machine is similar to M7MI, but it is two hoppers, two persons can operate it at the same time. It is mobile and hydraulic.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 3840-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 8.5kw or 12HP diesel engine.


QCM4-30 Brick Making Machine is mobile type, 4 pcs hollow block 400x200x200mm can be produced per mould. It is a diesel engine or electric motor, the diesel engine is a famous brand changchai or weichai.

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 3840pcs/8hours

Pallet:no need pallet

Power:4kw or 6HP diesel engine


QMY4-30 Brick Making Machine is hydraulic and semi automatic type. It produces 8’hollow blocks 4 pcs/mold, which no need pallet just cement ground.

Mobile brick making machine no need pallet, only need cement ground.

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 3840-4608pcs/8hours

Pallet:no need pallet


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Lontto Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine

LONTTO semi-automatic block making machine can also be called semi-automatic brick making machine. LONTTO Group offers a wide range of advanced semi-automatic brick making machines to our customers at very competitive prices. LONTTO semi-automatic block making machine includes the concrete block machine, clay brick machine, and both are all multi-function brick making machine.

LONTTO semi-automatic block making machine has the characteristics of simple structure, easy to operate and maintain, durability, etc. It is usually small in size, feeding raw material require manpower. Also, workers transfer finished blocks from the machine. There are also some LONTTO semi-automatic block machines that use a lever or button instead of a PLC-controlled automatic one. Making it a semi-automatic type, so that more customers can buy smarter machines at a lower price.

LONTTO semi-automatic block making machine can produce hollow block, solid block, paver brick, porous block, curbstone, and interlocking brick. It can adapt to the diverse needs of different customers. If you want to know more about these types of brick making machines, please contact LONTTO Group now. We’d like to provide a price list for your reference!

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Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine: Definitive Guide

LONTTO semi-automatic block making machine has many models, like the small and easy type with LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26 electric type, ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, M7MI, M7MI Twin hydraulic clay brick making machine; and bigger type with QT3-20, LT2-10 hydraulic one, etc. These machines can be either electric or diesel powered. These are block machines with a wide variety of types and all prices will surely fit your choice.

LONTTO Machinery Co., LTD was built in 1990, with nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, now leading the industry. Our range of block machines is complete, including automatic block production line, semi-automatic block making machine, egg laying block machine, clay brick machine, semi-automatic block maker and small manual block making machine.

LONTOMachinery has three factories, covering an area of more than 500 acres and more than 1,120 engineers, technicians and workers. We have more than 300 various types of precision machine tools and advanced broad scale, abundant technical force and best product quality. LONTTO Group produces more than 7,000 sets of brick machines per year.

LONTTO paver block machine has passed CE certification, ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification. And LONTTO Group has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.

LONTTO semi-automatic block making machine has been exported to more than 50 countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries; Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Somalia and other African countries; and Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and other South American countries. LONTTO Block machine provides you with the best quality and good after-sales service.

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