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Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Hydraulic brick making machines are designed to make concrete and clay bricks. The forming principle of the brick is to use hydraulic cylinders to press the mold. There are Taiwan Calyca hydraulic system, Siemens PLC system, batching system, mixing system. The raw materials are fly ash, sand, cement and aggregate.

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  • LT4-10-Clay-Hydraulic-Brick-Making-Machine
  • QMY18A-Hydraulic-Brick-Making-Machine
  • QT3-20-Hydraulic-Brick-Making-machine
  • QT6-15-Hydraulic-Brick-Making-Machine

LONTTO ECO BRAVA hydraulic brick making machine can produce clay bricks with high strength and density, and also with good shape, the finished bricks can bear more than 12-15Mpa pressure.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: Clay Brick: 1920-2880pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 4kw or 6HP diesel engine.


LONTTO ECO BRB hydraulic brick making machine is a very hot model in small clay brick machine, the bricks are formed by static hydraulic pressure, which is environmentally friendly and easy to operate.

 Main tech data:

Capacity: Clay Brick: 3840-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 5.5kw or 8HP diesel engine.


LONTTO LT4-10 Hydraulic brick making machine is an automatic clay brick production line, it is controlled by PLC control cabinet and no need pallet.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick: 11520-23040pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 10kw


LONTTO has a large production capacity of automatic clay brick machine for sale, like LT5-10 Hydraulic brick making machine, it can produce various types of clay brick by change mould.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: Clay Brick: 14400-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 11kw


LONTTO LT7-10 Hydraulic brick making machine can produce various types of interlocking clay bricks automatically, and the hydraulic pressure can be as high as 60Mpa, so the bricks are of high strength and density.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick: 20160-40320pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 15kw


LONTTO M7MI hydraulic brick making machine produces clay bricks by static hydraulic pressure, and it is equipped with a soil mixer to make the machine more convenient to use.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 1920-2880pcs/8hours

Pallet size  no need pallet

Power: 6.3kw or 8HP diesel engine.


LONTTO M7MI Twin hydraulic brick making machine has two separate moulds, so it can produce two bricks with different types per time. And it is equipped with a liftable hopper for easier to put the raw materials into the mixer.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick: 3840-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 8.5kw or 12HP diesel engine.


LONTTO QMY4-30 hydraulic brick making machine is an egg laying type, the blocks are formed by vibration and hydraulic pressure, and the machine can move automatically.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’solid block: 3840-4608pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 6kw


LONTTO QMY6-25 hydraulic brick making machine no need pallets, automatic move and formed by platform vibration and hydraulic pressure.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 8640-11520pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 9.6kw


LONTTO QMY10A hydraulic brick making machine is also an automatic egg laying concrete block machine, it can produce bricks while walking on the flat ground without pallets.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’hollow block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 16kw


LONTTO QMY12A Hydraulic brick making machine is controlled by PLC control system, and it not only can produce hollow block, solid block, but also can produce paver block.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8 ’solid block: 34560pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 16kw


LONTTO QMY18A hydraulic brick making machine is an automatic egg laying block machine with big capacity, and the hydraulic pressure can be as high as 20Mpa so that the finished blocks are very durable.

 Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’ hollow block: 34560-51840pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 24kw


LONTTO QT3-20 Hydraulic brick making machine is equipped with the second color layer machine with itself, so it is good at producing paver blocks with color, and the hydraulic pressure makes blocks stronger.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Solid Block: 38400pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 680x550mm

Total Power: 20.75kw


QT4-15 hydraulic brick making machine is of compact structure and high quality steel. Adopted German hydraulic station and PLC control system for stable performance and safe operation.

Tech Data:

Capacity: solid Block: 86400pcs/8hours

Pallet size:1020x570mm



LONTTO QT4-18 hydraulic brick making machine is medium sized automatic block machine and controlled by PLC, it is automatic in material feeding, material distributing, material scraping and carriage plate placing .

Tech data:

Capacity: Solid Block: 49920pcs/8hours

Pallet size:850x550mm



LONTTO Machinery Co., Ltd has specialized in block making for more than 29 years, we have independently developed and manufactured many large brick production lines, like QT5-15 Hydraulic brick making machine, and have many invention patents.

 Main Tech Data

Capacity: Solid Block: 92160pcs/8hours

Pallet size:1100x570mm



LONTTO QT6-15 hydraulic brick making machine has novel feeding system, it gives material exactly and average to assure the products having a high density and big strength.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Solid Block: 92160pcs/8hours

Pallet size:900x700mm



QT8-15 hydraulic brick making machine is big fully automatic block production line, It can produce bricks of various types and sizes to meet the different needs of customers, and more mechanical automation, higher capacity.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Solid Block: 120960pcs/8hours

Pallet size:950x900mm



Many parts of LONTTO QT10-15 Hydraulic brick making machine are all well-known brand at home and abroad ensure the high quality, low energy consumption and long life of our machines.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet size:1100x900mm



LONTTO QT12-15 hydraulic brick making machine adopts German SIEMENS PLC intelligent control system, the hydraulic station is Taiwan CALYCA Brand, and the electric components are Schneider Brand. It is a multifunction, high capacity and fully automatic block machine.

Main Tech Data:

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet size:1100x900mm


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Lontto Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

LONTTO Machinery Co., Ltd can provide you with high quality and the best range of hydraulic brick making machines. Semi-automatic hydraulic brick making machines, fully automatic block making machines, and small types of hydraulic block machines that work efficiently are on sale now!

LONTTO Group has specialized in hydraulic brick making machine for more than 28 years. We can provide you with the most advanced technology, highest quality and the best after-sales service.

About theadvanced technology:

LONTTO Hydraulic brick making machines are produced by our AAC production line, the mould production adopts German line-cutting and heat treatment technology. These are industry leading treatment processes.

About quality:

All the accessories used in LONTTO Stationary block making machines are from famous brands, both at home and abroad. The brand of our hydraulic station is CALYA, which is a famous brand of Taiwan. The PLC control system and the electronic systems are SIEMENS brand, it is very famous brand in Germany.

About the after-sale service:

Warranty period is 12-15 months. If there is any damage and quality problems during this period, we will provide the components for replacement free of charge. In addition to man-made damages and operational errors, we will provide the corresponding accessories at an ex-factory price for problems such as wear and tear of parts that occur after the warranty period.


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Hydraulic Brick Making Machine: The Definitive Guide

What is Hydraulic Brick Making Machine?

Hydraulic brick making machine uses slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement, etc. as raw materials, hydraulic pressing of high-strength cement bricks, hollow blocks by hydraulic brick machine or colored paving bricks.

The hydraulic brick making machine is a non-burning brick machine that uses hydraulic power, and it is the main model of large brick machines.

It is also necessary to distinguish between bricks by mechanical vibration.

hydraulic brick making machine

But don’t think that the hydraulic brick machine doesn’t need to vibrate. All the brick making machines rely on vibration to make the raw materials fully combined.

In this type of machine, there is transmission of high pressure hydraulic fluid throughout the machine to various hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders which makes production faster than other brick making machines.

The hydraulic brick making machine is just the perfect machine for the production of bricks because it renders the fastest, easiest and cheapest means of producing bricks.

How does a Hydraulic Brick Making Machine Operate?

First, the raw materials are mixed, and then passed through raw materials by a belt conveyor, and blocks are formed by vibration and hydraulic pressure.
The overall operation can be fully automated and unmanned, or it can be set to manual operation.

These hydraulic machines can produce a multiplicity of bricks by changing different molds. It is mainly designed into bricks by hydraulic transmission.

What Types of Hydraulic Brick Making Machine for Sale?

This is a hydraulic brick making machine that works automatically.

This is a hydraulic brick making machine that gives the concrete blocks as its output.

This is a hydraulic brick making machine that produces clay blocks.


This is a paver block making machine that uses the hydraulic system in its production.

This is a type of hydraulic brick making machine that uses the hydraform to produce interlocking bricks.

What Size of brick can be produced?

A hydraulic brick making machine can produce a vast number of bricks of different sizes depending on the manufacturer’s choice.

The accomplishment of the hydraulic brick machine to produce different bricks of different sizes is its ability to change mold.

Therefore, there is no limit to what size a hydraulic brick making machine can produce. You are in control of that.

What is the Capacity of Hydraulic Brick making machine?

Though the capacity of Hydraulic Brick making machine varies per product from different companies.

However, the average capacity of hydraulic brick making machine should be 1500 – 2000 bricks per hour, which makes 12,000 – 16,000 bricks per 8 hours and 18,000 – 24,000 blocks in 12 working hours.

What parts are included in Hydraulic brick making machine?

  • Steel Body

It is the outer part of the machine that covers all internal structure of the brick making machine.

  • PLD Materials Batching Machine

This is the ingredient machinery in the brick making machine. It is the part of the machine that dispatch the materials into the concrete mixer.

  • Concrete mixer

This is one of the important parts of the hydraulic brick making machine, it deals with the homogenous mixing of materials to form concrete.

  • Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor is mainly used to transport the mixed raw materials and enter the hopper of raw materials.

  • Finished Blocks Transfer Cart

This part transfers the finished blocks to the awaiting region where the blocks are collected for storing.


  • PLC control System

This is one of the advantages of the Hydraulic brick making machine. The PLC is an electronic device that receives information from connected sensors and triggers outputs based on pre-programmed parameters. It is capable to show run time, operating temperature, start and stop processes, ability to detect malfunctions and lots more.

  • Hydraulic Station

This consists of the hydraulic power network which is a system of interconnected pipes carrying pressurized liquid used to transmit mechanical power from a pump which serves as a power source.

  • Block Stacker

This is somewhat like the final stage in the production of the hydraulic brick making machine. The block stacker stacks the blocks made on to pallet so that they can easily be transported to the drying shed using a forklift.

What are the advantages of Hydraulic brick making machine?

  1. Low Machine Cost: The cost of hydraulic brick making machine is relatively low compared to its other counterparts. And this does not affect the great productivity it is capable of.
  2. Strong Parts: Hydraulic brick making machine is known for his strong and reliable parts. A 90% maintenance of a hydraulic making machine can make the machine last for several years without developing any fault.
  3. Fast and Efficient: One of the irreplaceable characteristics of a hydraform block making machine is the ability to produce several blocks in hours. The components and hydraulic part with high technology and high precision makes it suitable to produce vast number of blocks faster and efficiently
  4. Standard Vibrating and Low Noise Mode: Due to the hydraulic pressure system, this type of block making machine is very environmental friendly. It makes less noise and its vibrating mode is standard compared to other traditional block making machine.
  5. PLC control system: Hydraulic brick making machine uses the PLC control, switched HMI and has the function of production procedure and fault diagnosis.


How to choose a good hydraulic brick machine?

However, the cost of a good hydraulic brick making machine is high and buying it correctly is the perfect reward for the high cost.

When choosing a hydraulic block machine product to buy in the market, take note of these below:

  • Referrals and Certifications:

It is always advisable to look at the reviews of that product either online or from people who have bought it earlier.

Furthermore, ask for the supplier’s certifications and check if the information provided about the machine is verifiable.

  • Compare and Contrast technical details:

There should be a technical detail of how the hydraulic making machine would work, so it is advisable to compare and contrast the technical details of several hydraulic machines before deciding which one to buy.


In addition, the presence of a good service engineer when buying your machine is highly important. They are trained for this and they would know the best for you.

Technical details to watch out for include; time of production, time of cycle, no of bricks per speculated time, details of electrical and mechanical parts and the number of production cycles per hour.

  • The Steel

This is one of the determining factors of a good hydraulic brick making machine. The steel is used in the production of the body parts.

It is therefore highly important to check the steel that was used to make the machine because it will dictate the life of the machine.

There are some hydraulic machines that use up to 30-40 years and are still in operation due to the nature of the steel used in their production.

  • The Pressure System

This determines greatly the high quality of the blocks. When the pressure of the hydraulic brick making machine is not good and of high quality, the blocks produced can be cracked and might consequently collapse.

It is therefore mandatory to check the pressure system of the hydraulic machine you want to buy. It must be strong and well built in order to produce high quality blocks.

  • The Concrete mixing unit

When the heart of a body is not functioning well, the entire body is useless. The Machine itself is the body while the concrete mixing unit is the heart. The machine cannot function well if the mixing unit is not of good quality.

Therefore, it is obligatory to make sure the concrete mixing unit of the product you want to buy checked so as to avoid complications after purchase.

  • Have plans for the machine

There are two types of plan to have for your machine; the business plan and the maintenance plan.

Doing your homework on any product of hydraulic block making machine you want to buy makes you purchase a high quality machine at your planned price.


Be realistic in your expectations and note that nothing good comes cheap and easy. Know what you want to produce and the amount of blocks you want to produce in 8 hours. It is necessary

On the maintenance hand, be sure to have a good plan on how to maintain the product you are buying. For a brick making machine to last, a proper maintenance plan is necessary and compulsory.

Also, there are companies that offer after-sale services in terms of maintenance for their customers. Consequently, as a customer be sure to ask for this service on the product you are buying from their company. It helps to increase the lifespan and minimize risk of time loss.

What is the price of hydraulic brick machine?

Generally, hydraulic brick making machines are larger than mechanical vibrations, and the price is also quite different.

The speed and quality of bricks are much better than those of machinery, but they cannot be generalized.

However, hydraulic brick making machine, especially large-scale hydraulic brick machine brick has been the main model.


LONTTO Hydraulic brick machine come in two types: hydraulic clay brick making machine. Its forming process depends on static hydraulic pressure, producing finished clay blocks that can bear more than 15Mpa pressure.

The other type is hydraulic concrete block making machine. Its molding process depends on vibration with hydraulic pressure. Concrete blocks produced this way have high strength and density.

LONTTO Hydraulic brick making machine can produce interlocking bricks, clay blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks, curbstone, and paver blocks. It is the multi-function brickmachine type.

The raw materials for these blocks can be clay, soil, sand, cement, fly ash, cinder, stone chips and so on.

LONTTO hydraulic brick making machines have been sold tomore than 50 countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand.

hydraulic brick machine sale to the world

Southeast Asian countries; Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Somalia and other African countries; and Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and other South American countries.

In order to adapt to the needs of different countries, we have been changing and improving our block making machine.

LONTTO hydraulic brick making machine has passed the CE certification, ROHS standards, Son cap Ghost certification, and SABS product certification. And LONTTO Group has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification. We are still trying to produce the hydraulic brick press machines with higher quality.

LONTTO machinery factory was built in 1990, covering an area of more than 500 acres and more than 1,120 engineers, technicians and workers.


We have more than 300 various types of precision machine tools and advanced broad scale, abundant technical force and best product quality. LONTTO Group produces more than 7,000 sets of brick machines per year.

Contact us for a price list of hydraulic block machine and more information.

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