Concrete Block Making Machine QT8-15

QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine is fully automatic, High thickness and rectangle steel frame, four guidance column, solidity structure, and prolonged life.

QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine is full-automatic hydraulic block machine, which is can be composed into block automatic production line, just equipped with batching plant, concrete mixer, cement silo, main block machine, block stacker. It is controlled by PLC system, which can save labor. If you need to choose automatic block production line, and also need high capacity of blocks, so you should choose hydraulic concrete block machine, QT8-15 concrete block machine can meet your requirement.


The materials choosing are a wide range, such as slag, fly ash, building rubbish, coal gangue, cement, sand, and so on. You just need the correct ratio of materials. Then the concrete block can be of high quality. For example, fly ash block ratio:

  1. Normally: fly ash 50%、gravel 35%、cement 8% and sand 7%
  2. Or fly ash 50%、gravel 42%、cement 8%

QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine Parts:

1.Control System of Concrete block making machine:

Electric control system: compose of import color touch screen and programmed PLC with data input and output device, including safety logical control and troubleshooting system.

Vibration analyzing system: detecting the vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, vibration acceleration and noise of the whole machine, so as to adjust the vibration to optimum efficiency.

2.Hydraulic System of Concrete block making machine:

The system composes of import components and seals with high dynamic performance proportional valves. The action of key cylinders can be operated through the regulator of flow and pressure according to the working requirement.

The mainframe is wide for the convenience of mold filling, so more blocks can be made.

3.Frequency conversion motor of concrete block making machine:

Drive the vibrating case,easy to obtain ideal vibration force, vibration frequency, and amplitude can produce high-quality block.

Unique double-vibration box drives all in one vibration table to make the deviation of amplitude lower, more even so as to guarantee the consistency firm and durable.

4.Adopts more advanced material-feeding technology of concrete block making machine:

Materials from the hopper fall into the mold case rapidly and evenly, make the weight error less than ±5%, the intensity error less than≤±15%.

5.Low power consumption of concrete bock making machine:

Compared with the common Block Making Machine, this equipment investment has increased by about 18%, but output has been improved by 35%, unit consumption has been reduced by about 5%.

6.The product is high quality

The high thickness and rectangle steel frame, four guidance columns, solidity structure, and prolonged life.

concrete block making machine



The Components of QT8-15 Block Making Machine

1B500*8 Belt Conveyor (For the concrete materials)1 Set
2JS-750 Twin-shaft Raw Materials Mixer1 Set
3QT8-15 Block Making Machine3.1 Hydraulic Station of Forming Machine3.2 Pallet Storage and Pallet Feeder3.3 Green Blocks Transfer System3.4 Demoulding System3.5 Raw Materials Feeder1 Set
4The Electrical Control System of Production Line (PLC Control System)1 Set
5Block Stacker Machine1 Set
6Spare Parts Boxs1 Set
7Block Mould: 400*200*200 mm1 Set
Optional Items
1PLD-1200 Raw Materials Batching Machine1 Set
2219*8m Cement Screw Conveyor1 Set
3100T Cement Silo1 Set
4Water and Cement Measure System4.1 Automatic Water Measure System4.2 Automatic Cement Measure System4.3 Pneumatic Station1 Set
5Second Layers Forming System5.1 350 Color Material Mixer5.2 6m Color Materials Belt Conveyor5.3 Second Layer Forming Machine1 Set


  1. The QT8-15 Block Making Machine is easy operation and low investment.
  2. This price includes 1 set mould freely.
  3. Customer could choose the other optional component: PLD-Aggregate Batching Machine, Cement Silo, Screw Conveyor and Block Stacker etc.
  4. Our block making machine can make different dimension concrete tiles, brick, concrete blocks by exchange the mould.

Technical Data of QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine:

Technical Name
Technical Parameter
Hydraulic Pressure
Forming Cycle
15~20 Sec
Pallet Size
Power Source
Hydraulic Pressure
Vibration Frequency
4500 r/min
Vibration Power
Power of the Main Machine
Usage Extension
Wall Block and Paving Brick
Machine Size
8300×3000×1860 mm
BlockDescriptionSpecification (mm)PcsMouldPcsHourPcs8Hours
Hollow Block400×200×20081440~192011520~15360
Porous Block240×115×90213780-504030240-40320
Paving Brick200×100×40/60/80284032-504032256-40320
Interlocking Brick225×112.5×60/80213024-378024192-30240
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