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LMT4-35 Brick Making Machine

LMT4-35 concrete brick making machine is equipped with super vibration motor, The production of bricks are of good quality, large density and high strength. You can also call it small manual hollow block making machine.

  • A reformed machine on the base of the former model LMT4-40.
  • The machine is more capacity than LMT4-40.
  • Strong steel frame and durable.
  • Suitable for small concrete production business.

Concrete Brick Making Machine Model LMT4-35 Introduction

The model of LMT4-35 Concrete Brick Making Machine is a little different from LMT4-40, it has the materials hopper, so LMT4-35 can be equipped with the belt conveyor, so the block production efficiency is higher than Model LMT4-40. The capacity:2880pcs/8hours hollow block(400*200*200mm). If you want to improve efficiency than LMT4-40, The model LMT 4-35 is suitable for you, this is a smaller brick production line.

So the model is saving labor. And more block capacity.

concrete block machine QT4-35

Technical Features

  1. A reformed machine on the base of the former machine.
  2. The block making machine with professional design, a nice feature.
  3. Have a super-strong vibration motor to make sure the density and intensity of the brick.
  4. The machine can produce different kinds of blocks with different mould, the mould can be produced according to customer’s requirement.

concrete block machine QT4-35 details


  1. LMT4-35 is a small manual brick making machine, it works on the cement surface.
  2. It has the characteristic of: time-saving effort, could produce hollow Brick, solid brick and paving brick though exchange the mold.
  3. Low investment, easy operation, and maintenance. Using the vibration mode box, forming a short time. High-density productions.
  4. LMT4-35 equipped with a super vibration motor, The production of Bricks is of good quality, large density, and high strength.
  5. Adopting manual push-pull mold also can be electric. artificially packing material, simple operation, save energy, finished brick faster, low labor intensity.


The Power

Total Power18.2 KW
The Up and Down Motor of the mould2.2kw 970r/min
Vibration Motor in the mould1.5KW (YZU20-2B)
Vibration Motor in the Vibration Table2×3KW (YZU20-2B)
The Motor in the 350 Pan Mixer5.5 KW
The Motor in the 6m Belt Conveyor3 KW

The components

1LMT4-35 Brick Making MachineTo make the hollow Brick, solid brick and pavement brick1
26m Belt ConveyorTransport the raw materials from the mixer to the Brick making machine1
3350 Pan MixerTo mix the materials: water, sand, aggregate and cement1
4Hollow Brick MouldTo make different size and shape bricks by changing moulds1
5Manual CartTransport the Bricks from the Brick machine to the yard2
6Spare Parts BoxPut the Spare Parts (Belt, Bolts, Screws and wires) into it1

Technical parameters

ModelLMT4-35 Brick Making Machine
The Size of the Pallet850*450*30mm
Vibration Force32KN
Vibration Frequency2800/min
Forming Cycle35 Seconds
Brick machine size2050×1660×1900mm

Production Capacity

Brick PictureDescriptionForming CyclePcs/MouldPcs/HourPcs/8Hour
Hollow-BrickHollow Brick
porous-blockPorous Brick
pavement-brickPavement Brick

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