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Paver Block Machine

LONTTO paver block machine is also called paver brick making machine or paver making machine. LONTTO Paver block machine comes in many models of paving brick machine for sales, like hydraulic paver block making machine and automatic paver block making machine.

  • Hydraulic integrated technology – 20% raising in output
  • Suspension Type Vibration – 10% Reduce In Noise Pollution
  • Fault Alarm System – 30% Time Saving In Troubleshooting
  • Intellectualized Starting – 20% improvement in working efficiency
  • QT3-20-paver-block-machine
  • QT4-25C-Paver-Block-Machine
  • QT6-15-Paver-Block-Machine
  • LT4-10-Clay-Paver-Block-Machine

LonttoLMT4-26 Semi-Automatic Paver Block Machines small paver block production line includes block conveyor, concrete mixer and blocks conveyor and manual cart.

  • Pallet size:850x550mm
  • Power:11.6kw
LMT4-35-Paver block Machine

Lontto LMT4-35 Small Manual Paver Block Machine is manual and semi-automatic type, not is hydraulic. Which is can be equipped with belt conveyor, JQ350 concrete mixer.

  • Pallet size:850x450mm
  • Power:9.7kw

LMT4-40 Manual Paver Block Machine produces paver blocks, solid blocks, hollow blocks. All blocks size can be designed by your requirement. This is manual and semi-automatic type. Lontto is the top manufacturer in China.

Main Tech Data

  • Vibration Type: Platform vibration
  • Pallet size:850x450mm
  • Power:9.3kw

Lontto QT3-20 Paver Block Machine is high efficiency for color paver block manufacturing. It is automatic type and hydraulic, and it has the color feeding system in standard configuration. It is hot model for paving bricks machine sale.

  • Pallet size:680x550mm
  • Power:20.75kw

Lontto QT4-15 Paver Block Machine is fully automatic and hydraulic type. Forming time:10-15s.All the electrical components is famous brand. Siemens motor, yuken hydraulic station.

  • Pallet size:1020x570mm
  • Power:27.5kw
QT4-18-Paver Block-Machine

Lontto QT4-18 Paver Block Machine is hydraulic and automatic type. You can equip with the color feeding parts for color block.

  • Pallet size:850x550mm
  • Power:22kw

Lontto QT4-25C Paver Block Machine is automatic, not is hydraulic type, which cannot equip with color feeding system. If you want produce color paver block, choose the hydraulic type paver block machine.

  • Pallet size:850x550mm
  • Power:20.6kw

Lontto QT5-15 Automatic Hydraulic Paver Block Machine is high capacity and efficient, with the strong vibration motor. Different block size can be designed according your requirement.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size:1100x570mm
  • Power:32kw

Lontto QT6-15 Paver Block Machine is hydraulic and automatic model from us. We adopt the advanced technology and high-strength steel. We supply the best paver block machine with various types.

  • Pallet size:900x700mm
  • Power:32kw

Lontto QT8-15 Paver Block Machine has sell to many countries, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda. This hydraulic pressure and strong vibration for block forming.

Main Tech Data

  • Pallet size:950x900mm
  • Power:51kw

Lontto QT10-15 Paver Block Machine is widely used to produce paver block solid block, hollow block. This is large scale hydraulic and automatic equipment with competitive price.

  • Pallet size:1100x900mm
  • Power:67kw

Lontto QT12-15 Paver Block Machine is multifunctional. Not only produce paver block, but also hollow block, interlocking brick, solid block. It is high reliable and high stable.

  • Pallet size:1100x900mm
  • Power:67kw

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Lontto Paver Block Machine

The models of paver block machines are LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT3-20, QT4-25, QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15. QT8-15, QT10-15, and QT12-15. Different models of paver block machines have varying prices. If you need the paver block machine price list, we can send you via email. LONT TO paver block machine price list includes all parts price, the technical data and the capacity of paver block.

LONTTO Paver block machine can make all types of paver blocks, the“工” shape or wave brick, these are interlocking paver blocks. LONTTO paver block machine can also produce square and rectangle paver blocks with all sizes, and irregular shapes of interlocking paver blocks.

LONTTO paver block machine mainly produces2 interlocking paving blocks, but also hollow blocks, porous blocks, solid blocks, curbstone, grass planting block and so on. You only need to exchange the mold. LONTTO paver block machine can adapt to your diverse needs.

LONTTO paver block machine can be automatic and hydraulic. LONTTO is the professional paver block making machine manufacturer in China with 30+ years of manufacturing experience, 1000+ workers in the factory, 300+ processing machinery, and 30+ paver block machine patents. We offer full support for both installation and training. We give you all solutions for paver block machine.

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