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QT5-15 Automatic Hydraulic Concrete Brick Machine

QT10-15 Concrete Block Maker Machine Can produce 10pcs hollow block/mould(400*200*200mm),the key parts euipped with famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider, Siemens, Calyca to guarantee good quality.

  • Multi-use, Any size of concrete blocks can be made.
  • Strong performance, you can use more 5 five years or 10 years.
  • The many kinds of products with difference form and size can be made when using the difference mold, such as wall block, honeycomb type block, road paving block, and slope block.
  • Small and Manual Type with Cheap Price.
  • Automatic and Hydraulic Type with Competitive Price.

QT10-15 Concrete Block Machine

Model QT10-15 block making machine, which has big capacity of block production, which can produce 10pcs/mould(400*200*200mm), only 10-15s can get the block, it is operated without worker.

It is equipped with PLC control system. And all the mould can be made by customers’ drawings. The key parts are famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to guarantee good quality. So if you need a high capacity and fully automatic block making machine, the model QT10-15 is the best choice for your block production project.


Technical Features of QT10-15 Block Machine :

  1. Recycle material feeding system: Economize in material for different or same density products.
  2. Reliability design of the The machine frame is made of super- strength steel and by special welding technology, the imported elements are applied widely, so that the stability and reliability of the machine in long term running are insured.
  3. Mould frames are made of 55# Manganese steel, and the tamper head is made of 16# manganese steel. After carburizing, the hardness can reach 60 degrees, lifespan can use over 100000 times. Standard brick mould can double-side use, lifespan can use over 120000 times.
  4. Hydraulic parts and seals parts on hydraulic pressure system are from Japan or Taiwan, which protects pressure discharging or leakage.
  5. Multi use; Strong performance; The many kind of products with difference form and size can be made when use the difference mold, such as wall block, honeycomb type block, road block and slope block.


Choose The Block Which You Want To Produce


Block Samples of QT10-15 Block Machine:


Famous Brand as Lontto QT10-15 Block Machine parts

No. Component Brand
1 PLC Control System Schneider or Siemens
2 Travel Switch Omron
3 Photoelectric Switch Omron
4 Hydraulic Reversal Valve Yuken, Rexroth or Atos
5 Touch Screen Siemens
6 Frequency Converter Emerson
7 Vibration Motors ABB or Siemens

The spare parts of QT10-15 block making machine.

100T Cement Silo Technical Data

cement-silo-100T Capacity 100T
Total Height 10.5m
Leg Height 2m
Diameter 3m
Conical Shell Of Height 2.2m
Total Weight 5T

Cold Aggregate Bbatching Machine Technical Data

cold-aggregate-batching-machine Capacity 60m³/h
Batching Circle 40s
Hopper Volume 3x3m³
Power 16kw
Batching Precision ±1%
Overall Size 3500x2200x900mm

JS750 Concrete Mixer Tech Data

JS750-concrete-mixer Feeding Capacity 1200L
Output Capacity 750L
Production Capacity 37.5m³/h
Power 38.6kw
Total Weight 5.5T
Overall Size 6300x3650x5000mm

Block Stacker Tech Data

block-stacker Control Method Automatic
Stacking Speed Adjustable
Voltage Adjustable
Power 3.5kw
Total Weight 1.2T
Overall Size 2300x1800x2100mm

Technical Data of QT10-15 China Block Machine:

Raw Material Sand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste.
Usage To Produce Hollow Block, Solid Brick, Porous Block, Paving Brick, Interlocking Brick and Paver Through Exchange the Mould
Pallet Size 1300×900x30mm
Hydraulic Pressure 21Mpa
Forming Cycle 10-15 Seconds
Vibration Type Platform Vibration
Power 44kw
Vibration Frequency 5000/min
Workers 5 Persons
Land Area 1000m²
Weight 9800kg
Block Machine Size 9350×2320×2950mm

The Components of QT10-15 Block Making Machine:

No. Components Pcs
1 B500*8 Belt Conveyor (For Raw Materials) 1 Set
2 JS-750 Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer 1 Set
3 QT10-15 Block Making Machine3.1 Hydraulic Station of Forming Machine3.2 Pallet Storage and Pallet Feeder3.3 Green Blocks Transfer System3.4 Demoulding System3.5 Raw Materials Feeder3.6 Block Mould: 400×200×200 mm 1 Set
4 The Electrical Control System of Production Line (PLC Control System) 1 Set
5 Spare Parts/Tools 1 Set
6 Manual Block-transportingCarts/Push-carts 3 Sets
7 Block Stacker Machine 1 Set
Optional Items
1 PLD-1200 Raw Materials Batching Machine 1 Set
2 219*8m Cement Screw Conveyor 1 Set
3 100T Cement Silo 1 Set
4 Water and Cement Measure System:

  • Automatic Water Measure System
  • Automatic Cement Measure System
  • Pneumatic Station
1 Set
5 Second Layers Forming System:

  • 350 Color Material Mixer
  • 6m Color Materials Belt Conveyor
  • Second Layer Forming Machine
1 Set
Block Picture Size(mm) Qty/Mould Cycle Molding Per Hour Per day(10 Hours)
Hollow Block 8′ inch /Hollow block for 8inch 400x200x200 10 10-15s 2400-3000pcs 24000-30000pcs
Hollow block 6′ inch Hollow block for 6 inch 400x150x200 14 10-15s 3360-4200pcs 33600-42000pcs
Hollow block 4′ inch Hollow block for 4 inch 400x100x200 20 10-15s 4800-6000pcs 48000-60000pcs
Standard block standard paverblock 240x115x53 51 10-15s 12240-15300pcs 122400-153000pcs
Interlock Brick paver block 245x130x60 24 10-15s 5760-7200pcs 57600-72000pcs
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