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LMT4-40 Brick Machine

LMT4-40 Brick Machine is a small-sized model. 4 pcs 8′ hollow blocks/mould. And also can produce 4′, 5′, 6′ blocks. The model is concrete brick machine and hollow brick machine. The price is cost saving, it it suitable for small investment. Contact us for the latest price today.

  • Small type
  • Cost saving
  • High vibration
  • Strong design

The model of LMT4-40 Brick Machine is the smallest concrete brick making machine. You can also name it small hollow brick making machine.

The LMT4-40 Brick Machine is a small, manual concrete block making machine that can produce up to 4pcs (400x200x200mm) hollow blocks per pallet. It is suitable for small-scale construction projects, and can make a variety of concrete blocks, including solid blocks, hollow blocks, and paving stones. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, and it comes with a 24-month warranty.

Not included belt conveyor. But the machine is equipped with concrete mixer.

The machine is small, the capacity is 2240 pcs hollow blocks (400*200*200mm) per day. Though it is small, but the quality of block is good, can meet the international standard.


The Superiority of LMT4-40 Brick Machine:

  1. This small-sized block making machine is to meet the demand of many investors.
  2. The brick machine is of simple and compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance.
  3. It requires little manpower and investment but makes high output and quick economic returns.
  4. It is especially suitable to produce standard bricks, the strength of which is higher than that of clay bricks.
  5. Various types of bricks can be produced with different molds. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for enterprises with small investment.


Total Power 9.5 KW
The Up and Down Motor of the mould 2KW 1380r/min
Vibration Motor in the mould 1.5KW (YZU20-2B)
Vibration Motor in the Vibration Table 2×3KW (YZU20-2B)

The Components:

Technical Data:

Raw Material Sand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste.
Usage To Produce Hollow Block, Solid Brick, Porous Block, Paving Brick, Interlocking Brick and Paver Through Exchange the Mould
Power 9.5kw
Workers 2~3 Persons
Land Area 500m²
Weight 2T
Block Machine Size 2050×1660×1900mm
Package LMT4-40 Block Machine can be Packaged in LCL.
Or 10 set of LMT4-40 packaged in 20′ container

If you want to know other size of block capacity, you can contact us.

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