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  • QT4-25C-Interlocking-Brick-Machine
  • QT6-15-Interlocking-Brick-Machine
  • QT3-20-Interlocking-Brick-machine
  • LT4-10-Clay-Interlocking-Brick-Machine

LonttoECO Interlocking Brick Machine is clay brick making machine, produces clay brick 1 pcs/mould. it is hydraulic pressure.

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 1920-2880pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 4kw or 6HP diesel engine.


Lontto ECO BRB Interlocking Brick Machine is bigger than model ECO BRAVA.2 pcs clay brick/mould. Forming time:5-10s.

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 3840-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 5.5kw or 8HP diesel engine.


Lontto LMT4-26 Paver Block Machine is small paver block production line includes block conveyor, concrete mixer and blocks conveyor and manual cart.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4448-5248pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 850x550mm

Power: 11.6kw

LMT4-35-Interlocking-Brick- Machine

Lontto Interlocking Brick Machine has two bottom vibration motors, which is simultaneous vibrating. The interlocking blocks are good quality, large density, and high strength.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 3360-3840pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 850x450mm

Power: 9.7kw


LMT4-40 Manual Interlocking Brick Machine is low cost and cheap machine, it is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The mould can be pushed-pulled by electric motor.

Main Tech Data

Vibration Type: Platform vibration

Pallet size: 850x450mm

Power: 9.3kw


Our LT2-40 clay bricks machineproduce clay bricks 2 pcs/mould. This is completely manual operation. No need electric and diesel.

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 1280-1440pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: manpower .


Lontto LT4-10 can produce clay brick 4pcs/mould. And clay brick machines no need pallet. It is PLC control system, you can equipped with Siemens Motor.

Capacity: Clay Brick: 11520-23040pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 10kw


Lontto LT5-10 Clay Brick Machine produces clay bricks 5pcs/cycle, this is hydraulic press machine, the materials are soil or clay or earth, no need cement. Plc automatic brick machine.

Capacity: Clay Brick: 14400-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 11kw


Lontto model of LT7-10 interlocking brick machine specialized in clay bricks production, it is hot sale in Africa, saving cost for raw materials. And no need pallet

Capacity: Clay Brick: 20160-40320pcs/8hours

Pallet: no need pallet

Power: 15kw


Lontto Interlocking Brick Machine is hydraulic and mobile brick machine, the pressure is 16MP, the clay has high density and strength. Equipped with soil mixer on the machine.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 1920-2880pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 6.3kw or 8HP diesel engine.


Lontto M7MI Twin Interlocking Brick Machine has 2 hoppers, two persons can operate it at the same time. It is easy to move and operate. The hydraulic system to forming the clay bricks.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 3840-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: no need pallet

Power: 8.5kw or 12HP diesel engine.


Lontto QT3-20 Interlocking Brick Machine is equipped with color face material feeding system, it could make various color interlocking bricks. Siemens motor, CALYCA hydraulic station.

Heat treatment and carburizing block mould.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4320-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 680x550mm

Power: 20.75kw


Lontto QT4-15 Interlocking Brick Machine is equipped with Siemens brand PLC control system, Japan Omron and France Schneider switch. So it is high stable when working.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 7680-11520pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 1020x570mm

Power: 27.5kw


Lontto QT4-18 Interlocking Brick Machine is automatic and hydraulic machine with famous brand parts. Adopts German technology, make sure the high quality of brick machine.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 5760-7680pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 850x550mm

Power: 22kw


Lontto QT4-25C Interlocking Brick Machine is electric type, not hydraulic. Adopting advance technology, the parts using famous brand. Siemens motor, France Schneider and Japan Omron switch.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 4608-5760pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 850x550mm

Power: 20.6kw


Lontto QT5-15 Automatic Hydraulic Paver Block Machine Interlocking Brick Machine adopts Taiwan CALYCA hydraulic system, High strength block mould.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 9600-15040pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 1100x570mm

Power: 32kw


Our QT6-15 Interlocking Brick Machine has exported 100+ countries, more capacity than QT4-15, QT5-15, QT4-25C.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 11520-17280pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 900x700mm

Power: 32kw


Lontto QT8-15 Interlocking Brick Machine is easy to operation with PLC control, can realize automatic control, good quality has longer working life.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 15360-23040pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 950x900mm

Power: 51kw


Lontto QT10-15 Interlocking Brick Machine is a fully automatic machine, materials feeding, pallet feeding, block transfer is automatic. Saving labor and improving productivity.

Main Tech Data

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 1100x900mm

Power: 67kw


Lontto QT12-15 Interlocking Brick Machine use German Siemens motor, and it is multifunction, not only produce interlocking brick, but also hollow block, solid block.

Capacity: 8’Hollow Block: 19200-28800pcs/8hours

Pallet size: 1100x900mm

Power: 67kw

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Lontto Interlocking Brick Machine

LONTTO interlocking brick machine, is also known as LONTTO interlocking blocks machine (some customers would name it interlocking brick making machine). You can also call them interlocking block making machine. LONTTO, as a top supplier of interlocking brick machine has many types of interlocking brick machinesfor sale. LONTTO interlocking brick machines are verified as high quality and high pressure machines, plus their extremely low failure rates. Our interlocking brick machines have obtained good reputation and honors.

LONTTO interlocking brick machine can be divided into concrete interlocking paver block machines and clay interlocking brick machines. There are automatic interlocking brick making machine, hydraulic interlocking brick making machine, semi-automatic interlocking brick machine and manual interlocking brick making machine. And we would love to send you LONTTO interlocking bricks machine price and LONTTO interlocking brick picture for your reference.  If you want to visit LONTTO interlocking brick factory and workshop, we would love to have you here for further discussions.

LONTTO interlocking brick machine can produce both interlocking brick for building personal house or business purposes.  Building companies, production companies, church and government facilities purchase LONTTO interlocking brick machine to build a road, sidewalk, side pavement, etc.

One advantage of LONTTO interlocking brick machine is that our interlocking brick machine can produce interlocking bricks with different colors. For example, yellow interlocking brick for a sidewalk, red, blue or other colors of concrete interlocking paver blocks that can be used for decoration of pavement road, pedestrian overcrossing and so on. LONTTO interlocking brick machine can also produce paver blocks. Some customers would call it a paver or paver brick machine.

Interlocking Brick Machine: Definitive Guide

Technology of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

 PLC control systems of LONTTO interlocking brick machine are from Germany, hydraulic components from German and Taiwan. Advanced control technology of hydraulic system helps realized the automatic control of hydraulic system, which enables the full control of oil and oil path in random branches. Technical parameters are adjustable at any time. Error alarm system and error position display system can both warn the operator and help find out the malfunctioning spot for quick inspection and repair. Material feeding system working at low frequency and vibrating at high frequency solve feeding problem once for all.

Advantage of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

 LONTTO Interlocking brick machine possess the advantages of low cost(upgraded motor and diesel engine), high efficiency, easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair, longer service life, etc.

LONTTO interlocking brick machine adopts heavy steel structure of splitting type for high strength, long service life, easy installation, and maintenance. Moldadopts alloy plate, treated with carburization and quenching for higher strength. LONTTO interlocking brick machine can produce different interlocking bricks with different interlocking brick molds. Besides, LONTTO interlocking brick machinery offers a solid and reasonable price compared to other suppliers in the market.

Certification of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

 Every manufactured LONTTO interlocking brick machine meets the national product executive standard before sale. With our high standard production process and requirements, LONTTO interlocking brick machineshave passed the International Quality System Certification ISO9001-2000, quality certification of CE, SONCAP, SABS and so on. Strict inspections not only help LONTTO guarantee the quality of our interlocking brick machines, but also help LONTTO win the recognition and reputation from our customers.

 Dimension and type of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

 LONTTO interlocking brick machine can produce all types of interlocking bricks of every dimension.

  1. LONTTO concrete interlocking brick:

1)250*250*60mm. 2)250*227*60mm. 3)225*112.5*60mm.4)200*160*60mm.

5)400*200*60mm. 6)400*400*60mm. 7)358*358*60mm.8)250*60*60mm.

And so on.

  • LONTTO clay interlocking brick:

1)300*150*100mm.2)150*150*100mm. 3)250*175*100mm. 4)230*180*115mm.

5)230*220*115mm. 6)230*140*115mm. 7)240*120*60mm.8)260*160*100mm.

And so on.

More information about the interlocking brick, we can send you the photos.

Working principle of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

 LONTTOinterlocking brick machineMixed material is transferred into the hopper through a conveyor belt. Then feeding system gets mixed material into hopper with the help of control motor. Next, the upper mold presses down onto the bottom mold under the control of hydraulic station. At the same time, machine starts vibrating, controlled by vibration motor. After certain seconds, interlocking brick is formed and transported out. Produced interlocking brick is transferred to brick storage unit for curing. Thus one cycle of LONTTO interlocking brick production is complete.

LONTTO interlocking brick are of high density, high freeze resistance, high permeation resistance, great insulation for noise and heat. Tensile strength of LONTTO interlocking brick reaches 15Mpa.

Raw materials for LONTTO interlocking brick production

 Raw materials for both concrete interlocking brick and clay interlocking brick are easy to find.

For LONTTO concrete interlocking brick machine: Sand, fly ash, aggregate, dreg, industrial waste, old bricks, etc.

For LONTTO Clay interlocking brick machine: Clay, soil, water, cement, adhesive,etc.


LONTTO Hot sale interlocking brick machine model capacity


QT4-25D concrete interlocking brick machine
Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Interlocking 250*250*60 6 20s 1,080
Interlocking 225*112.5*60 12 20s 2,160
Interlocking 200*160*60 12 20s 2,160


QT3-20 concrete interlocking brick machine
Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Interlocking 250*250*60 3 20s 540
Interlocking 225*112.5*60 8 20s 1,440
Interlocking 200*160*60 9 20s 1,620


LT2-10 clay interlocking brick machine
Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Interlocking 300*150*100 2 7s 1,020
Interlocking 150*150*100 2 7s 1,020
Interlocking 240*120*60mm 2 7s 1,020

 Capacity of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

 LONTTO interlocking brick machine can also produce other types of block/bricks. Such as hollow blocks/bricks, solid blocks/bricks, porous blocks/bricks.

Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Hollow block 390*150*190 6 20s 1,080
Solid block 240*112*60 12 20s 2,160
Paver block 200*100*60 20 20s 3,600


Brick type Dimension(mm) Pcs/mold Molding cycle Pcs/h
Hollow block 390*150*190 3 20s 540
Solid block 240*112*60 8 20s 1,440
Paver block 200*100*60 12 20s 2,160

LONTTO Machinery

 LONTTO interlocking brick machine manufacturer, founded in 1977 from a small workshop, is now a top professional interlocking brick supplier, dealer, manufacturer and wholesaler in China. With about 30 years of process optimization and experience, we meet specific needs of customers in every trade.

LONTTO Machinery now is known as a reliable interlocking brick machine partner.

LONTTO Machinery keeps innovation, as usual, to manufacture the most advanced and suitable interlocking brick machine for different markets and customers. With our largest interlocking brick machine workshop, high quality interlocking brick machine, firm host, high strength frame, hot treated interlocking brick mold, refined easy operation mode, excellent after-sales service and so on wins customers from Bangladesh, Philippines, Zambia, Somalia, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Kenya, Fiji, Mozambique, Yemen, India, Cameroon, Peru, Chile, Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mongolia, etc.

Technical Team of LONTTO Machinery

 The number of LONTTO has 36 senior engineers, engineers and assistant engineers. Other professionals, ranging from various types of engineering and technical personnel reaches 1,120. Various types of precise machine tools and testing machines of LONTTO machinery are over 300 sets.  We have over 20 innovation honors of interlocking brick machines domestically.

Service of LONTTO Machinery

 As an interlocking brick machine factory, LONTTO machinery will be at your service 24/7. Our services cover machine installation, troubleshooting, training the interlocking brick maker, operation guidance, siting, budget planning, cost evaluating, raw material analyzing, raw material ratio guidance and so on. We also provide DHL delivery for wearing parts and spare parts.  All in all, you have full support of LONTTO machinery.

Delivery time and Logistics of LONTTO interlocking brick machine

With over 300 sets of specially designed equipment and 1,000 engineers (including technical workers) for the production of various parts, small interlocking brick machine requires 7-15 days. Middle sized interlocking brick machine takes15-22 days. Large interlocking brick production line takes 25-35 days.

LONTTO Machinery has been cooperating with shipping partners for over 28 years.  We are known for timely delivery and excellent after-sale services from our customers.  Each LONTTO interlocking brick machine sold is packed perfectly before delivering to our customers. Besides, we will get every customer informed of the status of the machine out on the sea. A reason LONTTO Machinery is trusted by customers from over 24 countries throughout 4 continents.

LONTTO Machinery welcomes every customer for supervision and advice. And we are looking forward to having the privilege of serving you in the future.

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