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Our Clay Brick Making Machines

Manual Brick Making Machines

The simplest of all brick machines. Requiring no electricity, it relies on the workers to fill molds and make the bricks. Excellent option for rural areas, but they’re labor-intensive and have a low production rate.

lt2 40 manual clay brick machine 3

LT2-40 Manual Clay Brick Machine

A cost-effective solution for small brick businesses, offering good production and premium build quality.

Molding Cycle:40 secs
Input Power:Operated by hand

Semi-Automatic Brick Making Machines

Semi-automatic brick making machines use both manual and automated processes. Workers must load the machines, but the pressing and curing of bricks are automated. They offer a higher output than manual machines and reduce labor costs.

Semi-Automatic Brick Making Machines

Semi-automatic brick making machines use both manual and automated processes. Workers must load the machines, but the pressing and curing of bricks are automated. They offer a higher output than manual machines and reduce labor costs.

eco brava hand clay brick making machine

Eco Brava Clay Brick Machine

A versatile, partially automatic brick machine ideal for small businesses. It produces various high-quality, strong clay bricks using different molds and a hydraulic pressure system.

Molding Cycle:20 to 25 seconds

Input Power:2KW Electric Motor or 6Hp Diesel Engine

Raw Material:Clay, Soil, Cement, Sand, Water

eco brb clay brick making machine

ECO BRB Clay Block Machine

A semi-automatic clay brick machine that produces high-quality clay and cement blocks (2 per mold) using hydraulic pressure. Ideal for small investors.

Molding Cycle:20 seconds

Input Power:2KW Electric Motor or 6Hp Diesel Engine

m7m1 german clay brick machine

M7M1 Clay Brick Making Machine

A mobile diesel-powered clay brick-making machine designed for easy relocation, making it ideal for areas with unreliable electricity.

Input Power:12 Hp Diesel Engine

Hydraulic Pressure:16 MPa

Molding Cycle:15 to 20 seconds

Capacity:2400 pcs Clay bricks/ 10 hrs.

Fully Automatic Brick Making Machines

These are the most advanced types of brick making machines. They are fully automated, from mixing the clay to stacking the finished bricks. These machines are ideal for large-scale production as they significantly reduce labor costs and increase output. They often include advanced features like programmable logic controllers (PLC) and precision tools for consistent quality.

lt4 10 clay brick mouldng machine.jpg

LT4-10 Automatic Clay Brick Machine

A high-capacity automatic clay brick machine with PLC control, automatic feeding, and mold pressing. Capable of producing up to 8000 bricks per 8-hour shift, making it ideal for large businesses seeking an affordable solution.

Hydraulic Pressure:21 MPa

Molding Cycle:8 to 10 seconds

lt5 10 clay brick making machine 1

LT5-10 Clay Brick Manufacturing Machine

A fully automatic, high-capacity clay brick machine designed for large businesses, offering profitable production and low maintenance due to its robust construction.

Hydraulic Pressure:60 MPa

Molding Cycle:5 to 10 seconds

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We build our machines using high-grade materials, robust manufacturing processes, and 30+ years of expertise. They’re engineered with precision, and built to last.

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We ship our clay brick making machines to 100+ countries, worldwide. Wherever you are, if you need a quality brick maker, we’ll get one to you.

How Do Clay Brick Making Machines Work?

1. Clay Preparation

The clay is mixed with water and additives until it’s the right consistency. It’s then aged or pre-treated in specific ways depending on the type of brick you want.

2. Molding or Forming

The clay mixture is shaped into bricks using a mold or an extruder (more common in high-production environments).

3. Drying

Once molded, the bricks are dried in open-air settings or controlled environments, depending on the climate.

4. Firing

Once dry, the bricks are fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. This makes them hard and durable, and also gives the bricks their color.

Clay Brick Shapes Our Machines Can Make

Clay brick shapes our machines can produce

Advantages of Clay Brick Making Machines

Why choose a clay brick making machine for your business? Here’s why they’re an excellent choice of production method.

Higher Efficiency

Automation means higher output and consistent quality. More efficiency leads to more money coming in over time.

Reduced Labor Costs

Mechanization reduces manpower needs. Ultimately, it ends up reducing monthly expenses and maximizing your output.


Most clay brick making machines can produce different types and sizes of bricks. They’re versatile enough to use for multiple projects at the same time.

How to Choose the Right Clay Brick Making Machine

Consider the factors if you’re trying to decide which clay brick making machine to invest in.

Production Needs

Consider whether you need a low or high output. Choose a brick production machine that matches your production requirements. Don’t compromise on this, or you’ll ruin your own efficiency!

Your Environment

Do you have a constant supply of electricity, or are you in a rural area where power is scarce? This will influence which machines might work well for you. A manual machine may be the better choice for places without power.

Brick Types

Make sure the brick making equipment you choose can create the bricks you need. If not, consider ordering a custom mold for specific brick types.

Your Budget

Buy a clay brick machine that you can pay for and gain profit over time. You may need to do some calculations upfront. If you’re a small business, it’s a good idea to start with manual machines and upgrade to an auto brick making machine when you can.

Brick Manufacturing Machine Price

A machine for making bricks varies in price depending on its features. Manual bricks machines are more affordable, while automatic ones are more expensive.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and your budget. We’ll guide you towards the right brick making machinery for you.

Why Choose Us?

Need a top-quality machine for brick making? Here’s why Lontto is a trusted brick machine manufacturer.

Proven Performance

With 30+ years in the industry, we have a proven track record of delivering reliable and cost-effective brick-making solutions.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We partner with you throughout the entire machine-buying process.

Commitment to Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with our always-evolving machines and technology.

Beyond Equipment: Comprehensive Support


Get expert guidance on choosing the ideal machine for your brick type, production goals, environment, and budget.

Installation & Training

We guide you through seamless setup and provide detailed training for your team where needed.

Technical Support

You can rely on our dedicated support team for troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance advice.

Spare Parts & Upgrades

Keep your operations running smoothly with easy access to spare parts and machine upgrades as your business expands.

Find Your Perfect Clay Brick Making Machines

Got your eye on a brick making machine? Contact Lontto today and let our 30-year brick making veterans guide you to the ideal machine for your needs.


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