Which type of brick making machines can you find in Ethiopia?

Well, we sell many types of brick making machines. The most common include:

Clay brick making machine in Ethiopia

This is a versatile machine that produces interlocking and paver clay bricks.

You can even customize it to meet your needs.

It has higher efficiency and hydraulic pressure.

Models range from LT2-40 to LT4-10 and LT5-10. Contact us for more information.

Manual brick making machine in Ethiopia

We also have a manual brick making machine in Ethiopia.

This type is easy to operate and very economical.

LONTTO tests its products before shipping. As such, you’ll get a quality machine.

Hollow block machine in Ethiopia

Our hollow block machine produces perfect hollow blocks as well as paver and solid blocks.

Besides, you can always change the mould of the machine to suit your needs.

It comes with top-tier technology and produces high quality and dense hollow blocks. And, you can get it at a competitive price.

Paver block machine in Ethiopia

If you are looking for a low-noise brick making machine in Ethiopia, then this is the machine for you.

It comes with a suspension type vibration that reduces noise pollution by 10%, intelligent starting mode that significantly improves working efficiency by 20%, and many more stellar features.

Models include LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT3-20, and others.

Automatic brick making machine in Ethiopia

Although expensive, it produces the best bricks you can imagine.

When you purchase this machine, you’ll receive installation support and training.

LONTTO will also make sure you get quality spare parts from global brands.

You can rest assured that you’ll receive much-needed after-sales services.

Popular models include LT5-10, LT4-10, and QMY6A, among others.

Where can you buy a brick making machine in Ethiopia?

As LONTTO, we advise our customers to buy directly from us.

Why? Because you’ll buy it at a reduced price, you are sure of quality, and we follow up till it reaches your destination.

Having exported our products to over 60 countries, you can be sure that you’ll get the machine within the stipulated time.

Currently, we do not have an agent in Ethiopia, but shipping is extremely easy.

All you need is an importing license. Then you can pay for shipping.

Once you have it at your site, we can help you install and use it.

How much is a brick making machine in Ethiopia?

Well, prices vary depending on the model of the machine.

For example, an automatic brick making machine is expensive compared to a manual machine.

If you are not sure which to buy, contact us, and we will guide you.

How do you choose the best making machine in Ethiopia?

This will depend on your needs and budget.

As earlier mentioned, you can contact us, and we will ensure we sell you the ideal machine.

Don’t stress yourself; LONTTO is here to help.

Before we can recommend the perfect model for you, we need details such as:

The scale of your operation

How big is your project? With this answer, we will quickly recommend several machines that can produce the needed bricks.

What do you plan to use?

In short, what is your raw material? Is it clay, cement, fly, cinder, perhaps sand?

Whichever the case, LONTTO has the ideal brick making machine for you.

What is your desired output?

How many bricks do you estimate to produce per day?

With this in mind, we will recommend several brick making machines in Ethiopia.

Do you need automated production?

Well, we have automatic and manual brick making machines in Ethiopia.

We recommend automatic machine since it saves production cost.

What is your country’s voltage?

Countries come with different electric voltages.

With this information, we can tailor your desired machine to fit your voltage requirements.

How to install the brick making machine in Ethiopia?

Upon purchasing our brick making machine, we can either send you an installation video or send our well-versed engineers depending on the complexity of the machine.

The best part? Our engineers will train your local operators.

Besides installation and training, the engineers will ensure that everything is running smoothly.

We recommend that you follow the provided manual by LONTTO experts.

This can help you troubleshoot the machine during emergencies.

Nonetheless, you can always contact us if you feel stuck.

How to ship the brick making machine from china to Ethiopia?

Now, you may ask, how do I ship the brick making machine to Ethiopia?

Well, we will handle the shipping for you.

All you have to do is cater to the transportation expenses.

Ensure that you have an importing license.

Once everything falls into place, we will use some of the trusted shipping brands and ensure your brick making machine reaches you in due time.

You can even track your order right from the comfort of your home. Pure bliss!

How to find the best brick making machine manufacturers in Ethiopia?

We are by far the best brick making machine manufacturers in Ethiopia.

Don’t take our word for it; check out what our satisfied customers are saying.

With over three decades of experience, we are arguably the best in manufacturing brick making machine in Ethiopia.

You can reach us via WhatsApp, email, or visit our head offices in China.

If I start a brick-making business in Ethiopia, what should I pay attention to?

There are many things you need to consider to run a successful brick-making business. They include:

  • Choose the ideal type of machine depending on output and the raw material.
  • Ensure your operators are well trained to avoid machine damage. LONTTO provides training upon purchasing a brick making machine in Ethiopia.
  • Ensure the machine is tailored to suit Ethiopia’s electric voltage.
  • Carry out consistent maintenance to increase the lifespan of your machine.

Finally, ensure that the output is of high quality. So, make sure you employ the best brick making practices.

Is there a brick machine sold by LONTTO in Ethiopia?

Yes, LONTTO sells many brick making machines in Ethiopia. There are numerous models of brick making machines we sell here. You can find the full catalog on our site.

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