In January, 21st, 2016, our customers come to visit our factory, test their QT4-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine, wonder about our scale of the workshop, and believe in us after the visiting, after a happy meeting, based on our good quality machine, we sign the CONTRACT on the scene

TO make the block mould And Discuss the mould design with our engineer


discuss the mould design with our engineer

QT4-15 Block Machine is one fully automatic block machine, could do hollow block, solid brick and pavement brick through exchange the moulds, upon on the higher configuration, has the big capacity, could satisfy the market demand on the blocks.

Sign The Contract To Order The Block Making Machine On LONTTO Factory

sign the contract to order the block machine


Through the visiting, our customers give a high evaluation to our machine, and sign a long term cooperation contract with us, for celebrating our business, we have a pleasant dinner.

Have A Dinner With Vietnam Customer

Vietnam customer come to our block factory

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