What manual and automatic block-making machines are available in the UAE?

  • Manual block making machines

Manual block-making machines require labor to perform various operations. These operations vary from mixing the material, feeding the machines, carrying the mixture, and transporting the blocks. Some of the machines are without hydraulics and need workers for demolding as well. A few of the models of manual block-making machines are QMY4-30, LMT4-35, QCM4-30, LMT4-40, LMT4-26, QMJ2-40, and QMJ4-45.


  • Fully automatic block making machines

Fully automatic brick machines use PLC and various control devices to operate block making. The operator has to give the commands to the input devices to make the machines perform repetitive tasks. Some examples of automatic block-making machines are QT10-15, QT4-15, QT8-15, QT5-15, and QT4-18.

automatic brick making machine in UAE DUBAI

What is the price of block-making machines in the UAE?

The price of block-making machines in Dubai varies from 3670 AED to 256,900 AED. Fully automatic machines can be purchased from 44,040 AED.

Block Making Machines USD AED
QMJ2-40 1000 - 1350 3670-4955
LMT4-40 2500 - 3500 9175-12845
QCM4-30 3000 - 4000 11010-14680
QMJ4-45 3700 - 4500 13579-16515
QMY4-30 3800 - 4700 13946-17249
LMT4-35 4500 - 6000 16515-22020
LMT4-26 6000 - 9000 22020-33030
QT4-18 12000 - 16500 44040-60555
QT4-15 30000 - 40000 110100-146800
QT5-15 40000 - 50000 146800-183500
QT8-15 50000 - 65000 183500-238550
QT10-15 60000 - 70000 220200-256900

What hollow block sizes are made by block-making machines in UAE Dubai?

The block types can be hollow, solid, paver, porous, and colored. The size of the blocks depends on the type of molds used in Lontto’s machines.

Block making machine Block Size
LMT4-40 4’ to 8’
LMT4-35 8’
LMT4-26 400x20x200mm
QCM4-30 400x200x200mm
QMJ2-40 8’
QMJ4-45 8’
QMY4-30 400x100x200 mm
QT4-18 400x200x200 mm
QT4-15 400x200x200 mm
QT5-15 400x200x200 mm
QT8-15 400x200x200 mm
QT10-15 400x200x200 mm

How to choose the best manufacturer and supplier of block-making machines in UAE Dubai?

First of all, brand name matters a lot in deciding the machinery manufacturer. You can choose Lontto from China to buy the machinery after checking their website and brand. Lontto has a customer base all over the world.

They provide service and delivery to most parts of the world. Their machines are not very expensive. Any business can afford to buy their machinery. Even construction companies themselves can buy their machines to use them on site.


How to order online the block-making machines in UAE Dubai?

Place the order online and wait for a reply. After the order is placed the payment formalities like choosing the payment gateway and location of the nearest sea are done.

Based on the info the delivery time is estimated. Once that is cleared the machine is delivered to the customers.

order brick making machine from China to UAE

Used or brand new, which block-making machine is better?

Heavy machinery sees heavy wear and tear during short periods only. Therefore it is always wise to choose brand new machines and brand new parts. To save the cost choose the models that are not very high in capacity but cheap.

Even a low output brand new machine is better than a high capacity old one. Old machines can put the operation of manufacturing blocks in jeopardy.

What is the capacity of various block-making machines by Lontto?

You can use any type of mold in Lontto’s machines to manufacture high-quality blocks. These blocks can be of any shape and size. Solid blocks with small dimensions are produced in large quantities as the number of blocks per mold increases. The area in the machine where molding is done is the same for all the block types only the molds are changed.

A single machine can make solid blocks with the proper molds. The same machines also produce hollow blocks.

Model Blocks per hour
LMT4-40 280
LMT4-35 480
LMT4-26 556
QCM4-30 480
QMJ2-40 180
QMJ4-45 320
QMY4-30 1008
QT4-18 960
QT4-15 10080
QT5-15 11520
QT8-15 15120
QT10-15 18720

What are the various block types used in UAE Dubai?

  • Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks are modern blocks in the world of construction. If there is a requirement to build a large size construction structure then hollow blocks are used. They reduce the construction cost by consuming less raw material. These blocks can be used to build boundary walls of long lengths.

  • Solid Blocks

Solid blocks are more traditional blocks used for construction. These are solid in form and can withstand high pressures. Therefore suitable for making structures for high strength and more force per square meter.

  • Porous Blocks

Porous blocks are generally used to make floorings where the surface is exposed to natural elements. They don’t allow the surface to become slippery and absorb more water.

  • Paver Blocks

Paver blocks are used for making different types of pavements and ground surfaces. They are laid flat on the surface with or without the binding agent to give a smooth design to the surface.

  • Interlocking Blocks

The shape of these blocks makes them interlocking. They don’t require cement or mortar to fix themselves in patterns. They are just laid on the surface in an interlocking manner. You can usually see them in public places like parks, outdoor activity places, and walkways.

  • Colorful Blocks

Colorful blocks are the latest addition to the modern construction industry. Not only the buildings and structures are being designed with new looks, but colorful blocks are used to change the look of the whole surface. They save the cost of painting the surface.

How to check the quality of block-making machines in UAE Dubai?

To check the quality of the machines, know about the material they are made of and the manufacturing process. This may not look like a big deal but it is. The material and manufacturing techniques can make the machine bodies last longer and remain robust through their lifespan.



The construction industry has always flourished in Dubai and the demand for high-tech construction machinery is always there. With the steady growth, the businesses related to the construction industry are flourishing.

Lontto is delivering high-tech machines to parts of the UAE and Dubai. They have a proven track record when it comes to quality and service.

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