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Lontto is the 30+ years of experience block making machine manufacturer in china. We have sell the block machine to 60+ countries, including Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Botswana, Bangladesh, Philippines.


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Block Making Machine

Block making machine is used to produce various sizes blocks, one set of block machine can make concrete hollow blocks, solid blocks, paver blocks, interlocking blocks by changing block molds. Also, the raw materials of blocks are cement, fly ash, stone gravel, cinders and building garbage.

Lontto has automatic concrete block machine, semi-automatic block machine, manual block making machine for sale.  All the machines are high efficiency and long service life.

Not only supply you high-quality block making machine but best services. Such as full supporting installation and training, 24/7 service, best after-sale service.

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small block making machines

The LMT4-40 is a manual type block making machine that is produced by LONTTO Company, one of the top manufacturers in China. It comes in a small yet compact design that is suited for small spaces and small production. It can produce 4’, 5’, and 6’ blocks meaning you have a variety to choose from.

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm or 850x550mm
  • Power: 9.5kw
  • Weight: 2T
  • Size: 1500x1750x1900mm
QTJ4-35 block making machine

The LMT4-35 hollow block making machine are similar with the LMT4-40, but comes with improved features and produces more bricks. It comes with a robust vibrator motor that enables the production of quality bricks that can withstand tear and wear. The strong steel construction is durable and resistant to rusting allowing you to use it for extended periods.

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm or 850x550mm
  • Power: 9.7kw
  • Weight: 3.2T
  • Size: 2050x1660x1900mm

The LMT4-26 is a semi-automatic block machine that is used to make concrete and hollow blocks. It is also referred to as the QT4-26 or QT4-24 depending on the manufacturer. It comes in a robust and sturdy design that is ideal for long term block production in a small business. It comes with three main parts: a 6m belt conveyor, a 350 concrete mixer, and a single mold for free.

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm or 850x550mm
  • Power: 11.6kw
  • Weight: 4.2T
  • Size: 2150x1660x2500mm

The QT3-20 is a hydraulic brick making machine that is a staple in many factories thanks to its ability to produce bricks in record time, pocket-friendly price, and its unmanned operation. The machine can produce bricks of different sizes, shapes and colors to meet your customers’ needs such as pavement, hollow, porous, and color paver blocks. The bricks produced are of high quality and international standards.

  • Pallet Size: 680x550mm
  • Power: 20.75kw
  • Weight: 4.8T
  • Size: 5990x4260x2620mm
4-25C block making machine

The QT4-25C is a medium-sized automatic block making machine that is intended for medium-sized brick production businesses. Although larger than the LMT4-26 model, it has a compact design that is suited for small-medium spaces in a factory. With it, you’ll enjoy precise automation throughout the brick production process.

  • Pallet Size: 850x550mm
  • Power: 20.6kw
  • Weight: 4.2T
  • Size: 5600x2240x2400mm

The QT4-18 is an automatic block making machine features top-tier technology that significantly bolsters its performance and production rate. Equipped with an ultra-powerful hydraulic system, the machine produces high quality and dense blocks that are ideal for numerous construction applications. What’s more, the machine can automatically load pallets, load materials, and distribute materials. Also its brick conveying and brick stacking is automatic.

  • Pallet Size: 850x550mm
  • Power: 30kw
  • Weight: 6T
  • Size: 5600x2240x2400mm
QT4-15 Block making machine - lontto

The QT4-15 block making machine is a product of LONTTO Company that is revered for the production of modern and high-efficient brick making machines. It comes with unmatched technology and hydraulic system for seamless automation and block making. And the price is pocket-friendly giving it a competitive edge in the market. It can be used to make bricks not limited to hollow and porous blocks.

  • Pallet Size: 1020x570mm
  • Power: 27.5kw
  • Weight: 5.6T
  • Size: 7310x2500x2810mm
QT5-15 Block Making Machine For Sale

The QT5-15 is a high-efficiency block making machine that utilizes state-of-the-art technology for automation. It is equipped with components such as hydraulic station and PLC system that when combined, significantly improve the output of the machine. The QT5-15 consist of five main parts PLC system, Green block conveyor, pallet feeder, and hydraulic station. These components enable production of high density and high quality bricks that can be used in various applications.

  • Pallet Size: 1100x570mm
  • Power: 32kw
  • Weight: 6.6T
  • Size: 7310x2600x2890mm

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concrete block-machine-for-sale -lontto

Lontto Block Making Machine

A block making machine is a machine used to make blocks used in construction sites. This can be a wall building construction. Depending on the block bricks machine, the blocks can be of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, these machines can use different types of raw materials ranging from sand, clay, cement, fly ash, concrete, and more.

There are also manual, semi-automatic, and automatic brick making machines. Manual machines require input from the operator, semi-automatic type automatically carries out some of the processes while others require human input, and automatic machines require little to no human input. While choosing the most ideal rests on your preferences, we recommend using an automatic type.

At LONTTO, we have a wide array of brick and block machines such as hollow and paver block machines. Most of these block equipment use hydraulic pressure and vibration to make blocks. A complete version comes with a mixer, conveyor belt, hopper, block mould, pallets, pallet feeder, manual cart, and Green belt conveyor.

All our machines come at a competitive price and feature top-notch technology, sturdy frames, powerful motors, and are easy to install and operate.

eBookImg -buidling block machine

Block Making Machine – The Ultimate Guide

How To Making A Block Making Machine?

Want to make a bricks block making equipment? Well, in this section we look at what you need and we’ll share definitive steps to making your block equipment. So, let’s dig in!

What you will need

  • Stock steel
  • Hydraulic components
  • Automated control unit

With at least $4000 you can purchase most of the components ranging from pallets to the block mould. To fabricate your steel material, you can get the necessary tools from your local hardware store. You’ll require to carry out assembly on a flat surface with at least four people to help if you are assembling an automatic type.

As a safety measure, all should wear gloves, hardhat, and eye protection. Before you can start making the block equipment, ensure you have the grate, hopper, shaker assembly, block mould, arms, and other crucial components.

  • Assemble the main block making equipment. Ensure that the hydraulic components and the block mould are well-secured.
  • Now, assemble the base which will hold the machine. Ensure the leg frames are in the right positions. Note: the ground should be even. Attach the secondary and primary arms to the legs.
  • Lower the main block bricks machine between the primary arms using a hoist. Ensure that all components are tightly fixed.
  • After this, mount the hopper sit on top of the mainframe assembly. Bolt it securely into place and then mount the hopper holders to the primary arms.
  • Using a hoist, raise the hopper and lower it onto the hopper sit and bolt it as needed.
  • Now, raise the grate and lower it onto the grate assembly so that it sits on the hopper.

Finally, connect it to the conveyor belt. Also, attach the pallet feeder and Green belt conveyor to the primary arms.

What is Concrete Block Making Machine?

A concrete block brick making machine is a machine that uses concrete, as the main raw material, to make quality blocks. It is ideal for making hollow, porous, interlocking blocks, and paver blocks, among others. You can choose between a manual and an automatic block making machine.

While manual machines tend to be cheaper, they are not efficient compared to their automatic counterparts. Besides, manual brick and blocks machines do not produce quality bricks and require intense labor. On the other hand, automatic machines, ensure the mixing is as pre-determined and most take an average of 25 seconds to form the bricks.

LONTTO presents you numerous concrete brick and blocks making machines that feature stellar technology, powerful vibration, and come at a competitive price. They come equipped with a mixer and a conveyor belt for improved performance.

automatic block making machine lontto

Some of the options include:

  • Automatic concrete block making machine: They are automatic and require little human input. They include QT4-25C, QT4-15, QT4-18, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, and more.
  • Semi-automatic concrete block making machine: They require human input to carry out certain tasks. They include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, and LMT4-26.
  • Hydraulic concrete brick making machines: They utilize vibration and hydraulic pressure to produce high-density bricks. Popular models are QT12-15, QT10-15, QT8-15, QT3-20, QT4-15, QT8-15, and more.

Mobile concrete block making machine: These machines are easy to move from one place to another and produce quality bricks. They are QMY18A, QMY10A, QMJ2-40, QMY12A, QCM4-30, and QMY4-30, among others.

What Is Cement Block Making Machine?

A cement block making machine is a machine that enables you or companies to make quality cement bricks for various construction needs. While this type is expensive compared to other machines, when used properly, the profits will outweigh the initial investment in a few months.

With it, you can produce numerous types of bricks such as hollow, paver, channel brick, and solid concrete bricks. You can also form interlocking bricks which are a favorite of many construction companies since they require no additional cement to hold them in place.

cement block making machine lontto

Besides, you can make bricks of different sizes and shapes using the cement block making machine. All you need is to change the block brick mould. Most of LONTTO cement brick and blocks machines can make up to 120960 pieces in eight hours.

Here are options to choose from:

  • Automatic cement brick making machine: It comes in an automated design that requires no human input. It uses mineral slag, furnace cider, and other raw materials.
  • Manual cement block making machine: This type requires human input to form bricks. For example, you are required to feed it water, sand, slag, pebbles, and more.
  • Cement hollow block making machine: It is specifically suited for making hollow blocks. It comes in automatic and semi-automatic versions.

Mobile cement block making machine: As the name suggests, it facilitates movement from one place to another as it makes bricks.

What Is Manual Block Making Machine?

As you guessed it, it is a machine that produces bricks manually. It is labor-intensive and lacks modern technology compared to the automatic and semi-automatic options. What’s more, it comes in a smaller design.

As such, it is less expensive. However, it produces quality bricks that are of high density. That said, the cost of production is reduced since no input energy is required. This is ideal for small brick making companies that are on a budget, or in places without electricity.


Some of the bricks you can produce using this machine include:

  • Clay blocks: The machine is well-suited to produce clay bricks of high density. You can make hollow blocks, interlocking clay blocks, and solid clay blocks.

Popular models are: LT2-40, ECO BRAVA, LT2-40, LT1-40, ECO-BRB, M7MI, and more

  • Concrete blocks: Like the hydraulic machines, this type can also produce concrete blocks such as concrete paver, concrete hollow blocks, interlocking bricks, and conventional concrete blocks.

Popular models include QCM4-30, QMJ2-45, and QMJ4-45.

LONTTO also presents you mobile manual block brickmaking machines that you can move from one yard to another as you make bricks. This type does not need pallets to move the bricks, which significantly saves on production cost.

Most manual brick machines can produce anywhere between 1920 to 5760 pieces of bricks in eight hours. Some of the most popular mobile machines are M7MI, M7MI TWIN, QMJ4-45, and QMJ2-40.

What Is Small Block Making Machine?

These are small brick making machines that come in a compact design that can fit in small factory spaces. But let not the size fool you since they produce bricks of high quality and density. They are especially ideal for small companies on a budget.

LONTTO has two variants: small concrete brick making machine and small clay brick making machine.

small block making machine vs automatic block machine

  • Small clay brick making machine

This type is used to make clay blocks and is either semi-automatic or manual. Some of the models are mobile, have mixers, and come with removable block mold. Others are entirely manual. Popular models are LT2-40, LT1-40, ECO-BRAVA, and M7MI TWIN, among others.

  • Small concrete block making machine

This type produces concrete bricks of different variants such as interlocking brick, paver, solid brick, porous brick, and curbstone. They are known to produce bricks of higher density compared to the clay model. Models include LMT4-26, LMT4-35, QMJ2-45, LMT4-40, and QMJ4-45.

Generally, these machines have a small design, and the loading of raw materials is manual. That said, modern models come with control cabinets and buttons for convenient use. So if you are a company on a budget, you should get yourself this type.

What Is Hollow Block Making Machine?

A hollow block making machine is a machine used to make hollow blocks for various needs in the construction industry. Also referred to as the block maker machine, it is suited for making not only hollow blocks but also paver bricks and solid bricks.

LONTTO produces a wide array of models ranging from manual, semi-automatic, and automatic to mobile hollow brick machines. The automatic type significantly saves on labor costs since it does not require intense human input.

hollow block making machine

These machines use various raw materials. The most common are: cement, fly ash, gravel material, sand, and others. Let’s look at some of the models you’ll find at LONTTO.

  • Semi-automatic: These are machines that require partial human input. They include the LMT4-26, and LMT4-35.
  • Manual hollow block making machine: They entirely depend on human input. The common type is the LMT4-40.
  • Hydraulic block making machine: This type uses the combination of vibrations and hydraulic pressure to form high-density bricks. Some of the best-selling models are QT4-18, QT4-15, and QT3-20.
  • Automatic block making machine: The brick making process is fully automated from mixing to moulding. Options include the QT4-25C, QT5-15, QT6-15, and QT8-15.

With this type, you are guaranteed of quality bricks. Besides, you can easily customize the final product and the forming process is eco-friendly.

What Is Paver Block Making Machine?

Well, as the name suggests, this is a block & brick making machine that forms paver blocks. You can get automatic, manual, and hydraulic paver block making machines that will suit your brick making needs. The machine is intended for making blocks that are used for exterior decorations.

concrete-paving-block-making machine

Some of the applications for paver blocks include roads, pathways, streets, driveways, and more. This type features six main parts namely the vibration table, block mould, machine frame, hydraulic compacting head, hopper, and the material feeding part. To make quality blocks, the machine uses several principles. They are:

  • Aggregate batching: This is where the raw materials are stored in silos before being transported to the mixer through a weighing belt.
  • Mixing: Once batching is completed, the raw materials are fed into a mixer which then mixes them uniformly to form a mixture that will make the bricks.
  • Moulding: The raw materials are then transferred to the hopper where they are fed to the vibrating table. Here a combination of hydraulic pressure and vibration produces high-quality bricks. In fact, more than 1000 blocks are formed in an hour.

Curing: Once the Finger Wagon carries the blocks to a waiting cart, they are transported to a curing facility to be cured through heat.

How Many Models of Block Making Machine for Sale?

LONTTO has numerous models of machines that serve unique purposes. Each model has a code that signifies whether it is automatic, manual, semi-automatic, mobile, or hydraulic. They come in QT Series, LMT Series, and QMY Series.

concrete hollow brick moulding machine

Let’s look at each series.

QT series block machine for sale

These machines are mainly automatic and suited for high capacity production companies. They come with stellar technology and combine vibration and hydraulic pressure. They also require you to train your operator accordingly for the ideal setting of parameters.

This series has models ranging from fly ash, cinder to cement block making machines. They include QT3-20, QT4-15, QT4-18, QT4-25C, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, and QT12-15. Also, automatic hydraulic block making machines are part of this series.

LMT series block making machine for sale

The LMT series is made up of semi-automatic machines that are used to make paver, hollow, concrete, and more blocks. They can produce more than 1000 pieces per hour and come in a compact size that can fit small factory spaces. They are ideal for small to medium companies. They include the LMT4-26, LMT4-35, and LMT4-40,

QMY series brick and block machine for sale

This series houses automatic and semi-automatic block and brickmaking machines that are mobile. They are somewhat larger than the LMT series but dwarfed by the QT series. However, they produce bricks of high quality and density. The popular models are QMY6-25, QMY12A, QMY10A, and QMY6A.

How Does The Block Making Machine Work?

The machine uses a simple process to make bricks. Let’s find out how.

Mixing: The operator feeds the mixer with the right raw materials such as water, fly ash, cement, and concrete. Once the pan mixer is switched on, it mixes the raw materials with an adhesive to create a pliable mixture.

Transportation via conveyer belt: After the formation of a uniform mixture, the mixture leaves the mixer through an outlet and on to the conveyor belt. With the help of powerful motors, the mixture is fed to the hopper which uses a grater to remove unnecessary debris.

Pallet feeding: As the mixture enters the hopper, automatic and semi-automatic block and brickmaking machines automatically position the pallet beneath the vibration table where the bricks will rest.

Moulding: once the mixture is in the main machine, vibrations and hydraulic pressure are used to make the bricks. With the help of the PLC control and hydraulic station, an operator can gauge the amount of pressure and exciting force needed.

Removal of the blocks: After around 15 to 30 seconds, the machine will push the bricks to a simple crane which will then move them to a waiting bay where the operator will pick them up using a manual cart.

For manual machines, mixing, feeding the material to the hopper, pallet feeding, and moulding is done manually. This process is prone to errors, and that’s why we recommend using an automatic brick and block and brickmaking machine.

What The Size Of Blocks Can Be Produced?

The size of the bricks produced depends on the block mould. For example, you can get a 400 X 200X 200MM hollow brick, 240 x 115 x 90mm porous brick, and 200 x 100 x 40mm pavement brick. All you have to do is change the type of the mould.


What Are The Advantages Of Block Making Machine?

Well, there are numerous benefits of using a block and brickmaking machine. With it:

  1. You can make high density and quality bricks that can withstand everyday tear and wear. Besides, they can withstand any type of weather ranging from rain to snow.
  2. The machine allows you to make bricks of different types, shapes, and sizes. You can make hollow, paver, porous, and solid bricks among other variants.
  3. It also provides unmatched automated capabilities. With the automatic type, all crucial processes of brick making are automated. For example, mixing and moulding. As such, the risk of errors and injuries is significantly reduced.
  4. It comes at a competitive price compared to other variants. Whether you go for the manual or automatic model, you’ll enjoy value for your money.
  5. Besides, these machines are energy efficient. This helps reduce the costs of production as you spend less on electricity bills.

  1. They present you with an eco-friendly way of making bricks. How? Because they do not emit greenhouse gases. All they require is electric energy to run the motors and the hydraulic components.
  2. They come in top-notch technology for improved productivity. This technology allows them to make more than 5000 brick in eight hours. As such, in a single day, you can make tens of thousands of bricks.
  3. And when you buy from LONTTO, you receive free installation and operating training in the form of videos or onsite visits.
  4. They have top-tier vibration and hydraulic systems that make the best bricks in the market. And, you can easily adjust the settings using the PLC control system.

What Is The Price Of Block Making Machine?

The price of the block making machine varies depending on the make. That is, automatic block plant is more expensive compared to the semi-automatic and manual block machines. That said, the semi-automatic fetches a higher price than the manual counterpart.


Also, the location of your business affects the overall price when we consider the shipping rates. For example, a person in Malaysia will pay less compared to a person in South Africa. For detailed pricing, you can reach us via our social media platforms or contact us through WhatsApp or email. Alternatively, you can leave and inquiry here.

How to Buy Block Making Machine from China?

Buying a block and brickmaking machine from China is a piece of cake. However, you should research before settling for a supplier. Here are a few sets to successfully purchase a machine from China.

  1. Decide on production capacity

First, you have to decide on production capacity. Do you want 500 pieces or 1000 pieces per hour? Answering this question will help you make the right investment option.

  1. Mode of production

Once you decide on how many bricks you’ll make, the next step is to decide on the production model. That is, manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. As you know, manual production is labor-intensive but cheap to maintain. On the other hand, automatic production is expensive but enables you to make numerous bricks in a short time.

  1. Raw materials

Do you want to use cement, concrete, or fly ash? Consult block making manufacturers and suppliers know which models are available.

  1. Brand

This is the most crucial step since buying from a rogue block making machine manufacturers means running a loss-making block making business. Fortunately, LONTTO provides you high-quality block making machines that feature modern technology, sturdy frame, powerful vibration, and hydraulic system.

  1. Shipping cost

Depending on your location, you might incur high shipping fees. So, ask the supplier or manufacturer how much it will cost you before making the purchase.

how to buy block making machine from lontto

How to Select a Good Block Making Machine?

A good block making machine should make brick making process seamless and convenient. If possible, it should even lower the cost of production while forming high-quality bricks. So, how do you go about choosing the ideal brick? What should you look out for? Let’s find out.

  1. Sturdy frame

The block making machine should come in a sturdy frame that can withstand vibration for an extended period. The construction should also be of quality material such as stainless steel. What’s more, it should be durable and resistant to rusting and yellowing. Fortunately, LONTTO makes machines that come with all the above features.

  1. Ease of use

The operator should not find it hard to operate the machine. In essence, the manual should be easy to read and the controls should be easy to adjust when needed. Likewise, go for a machine that lets you read settings easily.

  1. Energy efficient

As mentioned above, the brick making machine should save energy. Sub-standard brick making machines are known to consume excess energy without offering optimum results, so avoid them.

  1. Powerful hydraulic pressure

The machine should provide adequate hydraulic pressure to produce high-density bricks ideal for numerous applications. Also, the pressure should be able to compress any type of material ranging from cement to concrete.

  1. Automatic

Yes. It’s no doubt that automatic block equipment produce high-quality bricks in a short period. As such, as a brick-making business, you aim to buy such high capacity machines. Besides, and automated model will reduce the cost of labor.

lontto block making machine factory

Why Buy The Block Making Machine From Lontto?

Well, LONTTO has decades of experience when it comes to brick making machines manufacturing. But this is not all. Here are more reasons why LONTTO should be your preferred manufacturer.

  1. High-quality products

Our products meet international standards and are certified and recognized by numerous engineering bodies. Also, we use top-grade stainless steel to make different parts of the brick making machine to present you top-notch products. Our electric components are from respected brands such as Siemens.

  1. Experience

As mentioned above, our company has been producing brick making machines for more than three decades. That means, we strive to produce machines that will not only serve you today but are compatible with future engineering.

  1. Worldwide shipping

We ship to at least nations in the world. From Kenya, United States, Germany, South Korea, to Chile. In short, we have a footprint in every continent. Also, our shipping rates are competitive compared to other players in the market.

  1. Highly qualified staff

Our staff are well-versed in engineering and are dedicated to champion Industry 4.0 in brick making. With over 100 qualified engineers and 1000+ skilled personnel, you can rest assured of top-notch products.

  1. Wide range of products

Our product catalog ranges from concrete, fly ash, automatic, semi-automatic, manual, mobile, sand, clay, and others to meet specific production needs.

  1. Trusted brand

LONTTO is a revered block machine supplier by many for producing task-specific brick making machines. We have been able to attract retainer customers from all over the world.

  1. Free training

Finally, when you buy from us, expect free training that will help you become conversant with the machine. Besides, our team of engineers will visit your site for installation purposes.

  1. Competitive price

Our block and brickmaking machine price list is competitive compared to other block making machine suppliers.

Why buy block making machine from lontto

How To Ship Block Making Machine?

At LONTTO we have partnered with some of the most reputable shipping service providers from China. They include COSCO, MSK, CMA, and others. These companies will even help you track your order. And to ensure your product reaches in due time, we recommended to you the most convenient based on your place of residence.

How to Install Block Making Machine?

You can expect installation to be a walk in the park when you buy from us. Why? Because we send you definitive installation videos that will take you through every process. Ensure to test the machine before embarking on production.

What’s more, we send engineers to your location should you buy a sophisticated block making machine such as the QT series. And we also train your operator for free so that they can be well-versed in operating it.


How to Maintain Block Making Machine?

To ensure the longevity of your machine:

  1. Entrust it on trained personnel

Never let unskilled persons operate the machine since this might cause more harm than good. Therefore, consult a technician well-versed in such machines. You want to keep it in good condition so it can serve you for long.

  1. Do regular checkups

Make sure all the motors are rotating as needed. Check on the hydraulic system and PLC control to ensure they are performing as needed. Also check whether the mixer is mixing the raw materials uniformly.

  1. Consult manual

Before you start using it, ensure that you read and understand the manual to avoid unnecessary injuries and machine breakdowns. Be sure to understand the operating procedure, ambient conditions, and when you should do a thorough maintenance procedure.

  1. Maintain low temperature

Considering this is a heavy-duty machine, aim to keep temperature levels low. This prevents it from overheating which can affect its performance. When using it in seasons such as winter, use antifreeze material to lubricate the moving parts.

block making machine lontto

How to Open A Block Production Factory?

Want to open a block production factory? Below are simple steps you can take.

  1. Have a detailed business plan

It is recommended that you start with a business plan which outlines your mission, vision, operating plan, marketing plan, and more. You can use it to attract capital from investors.

  1. Get the right equipment

Fortunately, LONTTO has a wide range of equipment to choose from. This varies from cement, fly ash, concrete, to sand brick making equipment .

  1. Get the right licenses

Each country has different regulations. Be sure to check with your local authority before embarking on starting a block production factory.

  1. Get qualified personnel or train

Ask people qualified in operating brick making machines to apply for jobs in your company. Alternatively, you can train people to handle the block equipment. The point is to have a skilled workforce.

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