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A brick making machine is a machine that produces bricks used for construction purposes such as pavements, walls, etc. these machines come in different sizes and operation modes. For example, you can get a manual or automatic brick making machine. As the names suggest, the manual machine is operated solely by a human while an automatic model is unmanned.

brick making machine for sale in Sri Lanka

Which type of brick making machines can you find in Sri Lanka?

Well, you can get numerous types in Sri Lanka. Let’s look at some of the most popular.

Manual brick making machine in Sri Lanka

There are different types of manual machines that are for sale in Sri Lanka. They can use different raw materials such as clay, sand, cement, concrete, and fly ash. They are of high quality, ease to operate, durable, and come at an affordable price. Some of the popular models include ECO BRB, LTM4-35, LT2-40, and others.

interlocking brick making machine in Sri Lanka

Automatic brick making machine in Sri Lanka

Another machine that you can buy in Sri Lanka is the automatic variant. It makes brick production easy and professional. Why? Because every process is automated which mitigates any room for human error. Besides, they are made of components from leading tech companies such as Siemens. Another bonus is that you get free installation and training services.

Like the manual models, they are compatible with differet raw materials such as clay, concrete, and cement. And, you can even get them as mobile machines such as the QMY6A. Others to consider are LT7-10, QT4-18, and QT5-15.

automatic brick making machine sale in Sri Lanka

Mobile brick making machine in Sri Lanka

Sometimes you want to move your machine from one site to another. This can be daunting for stationary models given the uninstallation and installation that goes in. Luckily, at LONTTO; we have mobile models that meet this need.

The machine comes at an affordable price and does not need block pallet to form bricks. It is also easy to operate, flexible, economical, and offers dependable performance. You can get the M7MI, M7MI TWIN, QMJ2-40, and more.

small brick making machine in sri Lanka

Semi-automatic brick making machine in Sri Lanka

If you want a balance between human input and automation, a semi-automatic machine is your best bet. The machine, like others, is easy to install and operate and is ideal for small and medium factories. The machine can produce up to 2880 bricks in a day.

Some of these machines are mobile while others are stationary. Some popular models to look out for include the M7MI TWIN, QCM4-30, QMY4-30, and others.

In terms of raw materials, you can get anywhere from fly ash, clay, cement, sand, and concrete brick making machines. The best part, our machines undergo thorough testing before shipping out. As such, you can expect nothing but stellar results. If you are not sure of which machine you need, call or email us and we will recommend the best machine that will suit your needs.

Where can you buy a brick making machine in Sri Lanka?

As a Sri-Lanka-based business, you can buy directly from us. This is to ensure that the machine you get is new and of high quality. We discourage customers from buying from third parties since their machines might malfunction. And when they do, you’ll find it hard to get an expert who can repair it.

On the other hand, if you buy directly from us, not only will we offer free installation but also help you troubleshoot it. As you can see, buying directly from LONTTO comes with numerous benefits. What is more, you can always reach out to use 24/7.

buy brick making machine in sri lanka

How much does a brick making machine cost in Sri Lanka?

As expected, the cost of a brick making machine is dependent on numerous factors such as mode of operation, technology, and raw materials used, among others. As such, the price may vary. For example given the sheer amount of automation and technology incorporated in an automatic machine, it fetches a higher price.

On the flip side, manual and mobile machines cost less. This is because they come with basic parts such as a diesel or electric engine. Which should you buy? Well, this will depend on your budget. As always, you can reach out to us for a detailed quote.

How do you choose the best brick making machine in Sri Lanka?

Choosing the best brick making machine depends on your preferences. Do you want a manual, automatic, or mobile machine? Here are aspects you need to consider for an informed purchasing decision.

  • Production capacity

Do you run a small, medium, or large company? If yours is a small company then you should opt for a small capacity machine and vice versa. This will ensure that the cost of production does not outweigh your revenue.

  • Raw materials

Another aspect to keep in mind is the raw materials you plan to use. For example if you plan to produce concrete bricks, then a concrete brick making machine is what you’ll need.

  • Operation mode

You’ll also need to consider how operations will run in your factory. A manual brick making machine will have you invest in more man power while an automatic machine will have you focus more on production cost.

  • Ease of use

Admittedly, you’ll want to use a machine that is easy to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot. Having a hard-to-use machine can see you scale down production or close your business.

  • Brand

This aspect is often overlooked by many businesses but you should not. Different brands produce machines of different quality. Worst still, you might even buy knockoffs disguising as genuine manufacturers. Luckily, LONTTO is known to produce industry-standard machines for over 30 years.

How to install a brick making machine in Sri Lanka?

Installing our brick making machine in easy. In fact, you might not do it yourself. Why? Because we send a team of experts to help you install it and train your operator. However, this will depend on the type of machine you’ll buy.

Running a manual machine is easy and all you’ll need is an installation guide and a video tutorial. On the other hand, installation and running our automatic machines will require the input of our experts. In the event of a malfunction, you can follow our manual.

How do you ship a brick making machine from China to Sri Lanka?

So, you’ve made a purchase. How do you receive your machine? Well, it’s easy thanks to our collaboration with some of the best shipping companies in the world. Once you have paid for the importation fee, we will ship with the ideal shipping company. The best part, you can track your order.

ship brick machine in sri lanka

How do you choose the best brick making machine manufacturer in Sri Lanka?

To avoid a rip-off, here is what you should look out for in brick making machine manufacturers.

  • Reviews: what do other customers say of the quality of their products/
  • Certification: a genuine company should publicly show its various certifications. This is to show that the relevant industrial bodies recognize the company and they approve of their products.
  • Online presence: in current times, genuine companies know how online presence is of essence. As such, they might have social media accounts or a website. This is not true for dubious manufacturers.
  • Global presence: do they ship to other continents or countries?

how to choose brick machine in sri lanka

What should you consider when starting a brick making company in Sri Lanka?

Before you can start producing bricks for your customers, you should consider:

  • Widely used raw material: if most construction companies use concrete bricks, you should consider buying a concrete brick making machine. You can then gradually introduce other forms of bricks.
  • Licenses: to avoid colliding with the authority, get the right licenses and certifications.
  • Manpower: ensure that your workforce is well-trained to operate the machine at hand. Without this, you might run into losses.
  • Voltage: the machine should be compatible with the voltage ratings of Sri Lanka.

Fortunately, LONTTO can guide you into starting a profitable brick making business.

Why should you buy from LONTTO?

Well, besides our longevity in the marketplace, here are other aspects that qualify us to be your go-to brick manufacturer and supplier.

  • Qualified personnel: our team is made of experts in their fields. This ensures that you get nothing but quality machines that are intended to meet your needs.
  • 24/7 customer support: you can reach us anytime. We are here to answer your questions and reply to your comments.
  • Wide range of machines: At LONTTO, we provide you different types of machines so you can meet the needs of different customers.
  • Quality products: when we combine experts and futuristic technology, we produce some of the best machines in the world.
  • Global footprint: for over three decades, LONTTO has served clients spanning from Africa, Asia, Europe, and beyond. We have warehouses in different locations to facilitate fast shipping.
  • Certified: relevant bodies in our industry recognize LONTTO. This is to attest that our products are of high quality, safe, and free to use in other countries. Try us today!

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