• What is a Brick Making Machine:

It is a machine that makes use of great pressure which can be mechanical or hydraulic pressure to mold bricks.

The machine molds the bricks in approximately 20-40 seconds but solely depending on the model of the brick machine used.

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  • Types of Brick Making Machine for sale in Zambia:

There are quite a number of brick making machines sold in Zambia.

The availability of these machines depends on their demand and affordability.

Some types of brick making machines sold in Zambia include:

  • QT4-25c Hollow Brick Making Machine
  • QT4-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine
  • QT5-15 Hydraulic Hollow Brick Machine
  • QMY10-15 Mobile Brick Making Machine
  • QT6-15 Paver Brick Making Machine
  • QMY4-45 Mobile Brick Making Machine
  • LMT4-35 Brick Making Machine
  • QT10-25C Brick Making Machine
  • LMT4-26 Paver Block Machine
  • The Cost of Brick Making Machine in Zambia:

The cost of brick making machine in Zambia varies in relation to the different types of the machines available and their durability.

The prices range from a minimum of $10,000 for QT4-15 Machine to about $45,000 for QT5-15 Hydraulic Hollow brick making Machine.

Other Brick Making Machine sold in Zambia fall within this price range and also vary in durability and reliability.

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  • Installation of Brick Making Machine in Zambia:

Installation of brick making machine in Zambia mostly requires basic industrial technical expertise, for mostly hydraulic brick making machine, and less for mechanical brick making machine.

For both types of brick machine, it is essential to deeply understand the user guide and manual, for successful installation in cases where post sales services are not rendered or when the machine was procured through a dealer.

However, in any case brick making machine installation is in no way rocket science, which can be easily carried out by anyone who has a basic technical expertise and clear understanding of the manual.

More reason to go for manufacturers with a detailed pictures and online video manual and guide for customers.

QT5-15 Automatic Concrete Block Machine

  • Shipping Brick Making Machine from China to Zambia:

Shipping Brick Making Machine into Zambia could be quite easy, it is advised to deal with the verified suppliers with favorable policies.

There are quite a number of suppliers available to help ship in brick making machine into Zambia.

The policies for each of these suppliers differ and it’s quite important to consider these policies before choosing a supplier.

  • Finding the best brick making machine manufacturers in Zambia

Finding the best brick making machine in Zambia is not too difficult a task as long as you understand your prioritized needs.

Needs like cost-effectiveness, duration of supply, customer relations, post-sales customer assistance, among many others.

Since there are many suppliers in this industry, you might need to work with those who have deep industrial and experiential knowledge like LONTTTO Group China that has established and proven business credibility over the years and in diverse countries, Zambia inclusive.

Once you have established and clearly understood your prioritized needs as a manufacturer or dealer, then in this digital age, the internet will be of great help to you.

However, getting physical contact is also of great essence in Zambia, in order to avoid the irregularities of some internet transactions.

QT4-25C AUTOMATIC Brick Machine

  • Things to pay attention to when starting into the Brick Making Production:

Brick Making Industry is a capital intensive manufacturing Company.

There are several very important factors to consider when starting up a brick making industry as these factors could determine the completion of this industry and also the productivity of the industry.

Some major factors to consider include:

  • Location: The site for the company really goes a long way to ensuring proper productivity for the brick making company. The closer the site to the target market, the faster and less expensive the bricks gets to the buyers. The standard location should be not more than 30-50KM from the target market.

Also, there will be a great need for water. Availability of water is very important for the running of the brick company.

Bricks absorbs lots of water because by its absorption, air is released such that when the brick is used over a wet mortal it will not absorb water any longer.

Therefore, the availability of water is very important in the production and quality of the bricks before it gets to the market.

  • Choice of Material for the brick Production: The quality of the material used would determine the quality of the brick manufactured. The choice of sand, quality of cement and maybe granite dust, would determine the quality of bricks manufactured.
  • Machinery choose: The choice of machinery used is another important factor to consider while starting a brick making company. This is mainly because the machine service life and production rate. Most top brick machinery company have longer service compared with small block machinery company.
  • Block Storage. A good storage facility is required for the brick making industry. A lot of bricks break before customers get them due to poor storage. Also, due to unfavorable or bad weather, some bricks become unattractive to the customers and some losing their quality. Hence, good storage facility is crucial in the brick making Industry.

QT4-25C AUTOMATIC CONCRETE Brick-Machine for Sale

  • LONTTO in Zambia:

LONTTO is a Chinese based brick making machine manufacturing company with some branches in Zambia. There are quite a number of brick making machines sold by LONTTO in Zambia. Some of which are QT10-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine, QT4-25C Hollow concrete block making machine, LMT4-26 Paver Block Machine and QT5-15 Hollow Hydraulic Brick Making machine


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