How much does it cost to invest in a brick factory? how to choose the block machine?

Many customers ask us how to invest in a brick factory? What the lowest cost investment brick machine? A lot of friends because of less money on hand, but they would like to open a small scale hollow brick factory, but do not know what benefits they will get? LONTTO GROUP will answer you one by one.

Before investing in a block factory, you should choose a suitable block machine. Because of many types of block machine for sale in China. Mobile block machine or stationary block machine. Mobile block machine no need pallet, stationary type has high capacity. Each has its own advantages. You can choose the suitable model type to abase your condition.

Little investment could also open one brick factory,  Lontto suggests you can combine with the money you own and your local market to choose to appropriate yourself the hollow brick machine. Our company produces small brick machine for sale, such as QTJ4-40 block machine, QTJ4-35 brick machine, QTJ4-26 concrete block machine, these three kinds of brick making machine have the lower cost and small production, although their production is small, the making bricks principle is the same to the automatic brick machine. So, please do not worry about the quality of the finished bricks.

QT10-15 Hollow block machine

Automatic Hollow Block Machine

The advantages to choose a small hollow brick machine is to have the small investment, the lower cost, and even tens of thousands of dollars, you can build a brick factory, then money back quickly. Small equipment is easy to operate. Once you choose the suitable concrete block machine and do not worry about the delivery of machine, we have much experience for exporting. We make sure the block machine come to your site on time.

In the early period of the investment for the small hollow brick factory, you need to look at the local market, the main investigation aspects are:

  1. The type and price of raw material to make blocks, also need to take the transport cost into consideration.
  2. When choosing the place to build a brick factory, you need to consider the water, electricity and traffic factors.
  3. The local brick factory existing number and size.

Lontto Group has 20 years about the brick machine for sale and produces experience, to provide you with the advanced equipment, at the same time, supply you with the professional technical guidance, we sincerely welcome you to come to our company and learn more details of block machine.

chao zhang

Author: Chao Zhang

I am Chao Zhang, I have been working in the brick making industry for over 10 years. I have a deep understanding and research on various models of block making machines, especially automatic brick machines, concrete block machines, compressed earth block machines, clay brick machines, cement brick machines. I have a special understanding of this industry. I can help my clients choose the suitable brick machine and assist them in designing and building a brick production factory. If you want to know everything about brick making machines, please contact me. I am happy to help you.