Lontto Supply Concrete Block Machine In UK
Types of Concrete Block Machines

You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The concrete blocks capacity per day
  • The concrete blocks dimensions
  • Your site area
  • Best concrete brick machine manufacturer in UK
  • Choose the right model
  • Concrete block machine price in the UK
  • Cost of transporting the machine

Lontto can help you with all the questions

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Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale in UK

No matter whether you want to buy brick machines in the UK, or want to import brick machines from other countries to the UK, or you want to transport brick machines from the UK to African countries such as South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, etc.

Here you can get the answer you want and Lontto will also list all the models of concrete brick machines.

  • QT3-20-concrete-hollow-block-machine-UK
  • block-making-machine-in-uK
  • concrete-block-making-machine-in-UK
  • concrete-block-making-machine-UK
LMT4-35 block making machine IN UK

If you want open one small block production factory in UK, this type machine is suitable for you, This machine no need for a large space, just need to not exceed 100 square feet, but its output can reach about 3000 pieces of 8-inch concrete bricks.

The main parameters:

  • Capacity:3000pcs(400x200x200mm)
  • The pallet size:850x450mm
  • Forming Cycle:30-35
  • The machine size:2050×1660×1900mm
LMT4-26-Semi-Automatic-Brick-Making-Machine IN uk

LMT4-26 model is one level higher than LMT4-35, the main difference is that it has an additional rack for transporting bricks, which can improve efficiency and increase the efficiency of brick transport.

The main parameters:

  • Capacity:3500pcs(400x200x200mm)
  • The pallet size:850x450mm
  • Forming Cycle:20-25s
  • The machine size:3600×1730×2560mm

LONTTO model QT3-20 machine is the smallest hydraulic press machine, this machine can produce any size of color paver blocks, the hydraulic station can supply the high pressure. So the blocks are very strong.

The main parameters:

  • Capacity:4600pcs(400x200x200mm)
  • The pallet size:680x550mm
  • Forming Cycle:15-20s
  • The machine size:4000×3500×2300mm

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