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Diesel Block Machine

The diesel block machine mainly uses a diesel engine to drive the vibrating motor for making blocks. Different types of machines use different diesel engines. It is suitable for areas with limited electricity supply.

It allows for convenient brick production in any locations. Due to the diesel engine as the power source, small-scale brick machines are generally more suitable than large fully automatic machines, as the latter require too much power for stable working with diesel engine.

  • QCM2-40 Diesel Block Machine lontto
  • ECO BRAVA diesel brick machine
  • M7MI TWIN diesel brick machine
  • QC4-30 diesel block machine lontto
QCM2-40 diesel mobile block machine lontto

LONTTO QCM2-40 diesel engine block machine is the smallest mobile brick-making machine. It can produce two standard hollow bricks per cycle, and it is a very popular and best-selling machine.

Its main advantage is that it doesn’t require electricity, allowing for convenient brick production anywhere. This model is also designed to be simple and compact, making it extremely easy to operate. It can be fully operated by a single person.

However, its downside is the limited production capacity, with only about 1,000 bricks producible per day.

Main Tech Data

  • Capacity: 8 inch block: 1280pcs/8hours
  • Power: 1.5kw

Compared to the model QCM2-40, this machine offers different production capacities. The 2-40 model produces two hollow blocks per cycle, while LONTTO QCM4-30 diesel mobile block machine model can produce four hollow blocks per cycle.

The QCM4-30 is a portable and mobile machine that does not require pallets, offering easy operation. This machine is an economical solution, helping you save on pallet costs. Contact us now for a quote.

  • Production capacity: 2000-2500 pieces/per day
  • Demolding time: 30-40 s/per cycle
  • Installed power: 7.5kw/8.5HP(diesel engine)
QC4-30 diesel mobile block machine lontto

LONTTO QC4-30 is a diesel-engine concrete brick-making machine. It’s not mobile, but it offers higher production efficiency. It utilizes hydraulic technology, ensuring that the bricks formed are more robust, durable, and have a higher compressive strength.

This model is a suitable choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective investment. It ensures efficiency while being affordably priced, making it an excellent option for those with limited capital.

  • Production capacity: 3840 pieces/per day
  • Demolding time: 25-30 s/per cycle
  • Installed power: 15HP(diesel engine)
  • Hydraulic press: 21MPA
  • Pallet size: 850x450mm

LONTTO diesel brick-making machine that can be powered by a diesel engine. However, unlike the previous models, it is not a concrete brick-making machine; instead, it is a CEB (Compressed Earth Block) Machine.

It uses a mixture of clay, sand, and a small amount of cement as raw materials. The bricks are formed by extruding the mixture through molds. The ECO BRAVA model, however, can only produce one earth block per cycle.

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 1920-2880pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size: no need pallet
  • Power: 8.5 HP diesel engine.
LONTTO-EOC BRB -diesel brick machine

The LONTTO ECO BRB is similar in design to the ECO BRAVA, with the key difference being its capacity to produce two bricks per cycle. The BRB model can also be equipped with a diesel engine, offering an alternative to electric power. Most users prefer the BRB model because, for a similar price, it can produce more bricks. I would recommend this model to my customers.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: It can produce 3840-5760 clay bricks in an 8-hour shift.
  • Pallet size: There is no need for a pallet.
  • Power: It has a 5.5kw motor or can be powered by an 8HP diesel engine.
M7MI diesel brick machine lontto

LONTTO M7MI is a diesel-engine-powered brick machine, ideal for areas with power shortages.

It combines a +/- 150-liter capacity pan mixer with a hydraulic system for efficient, high-density brick forming, and is easily operable without professional training, enhancing its mobility for convenient relocation.

  • Capacity: Clay Brick (350x150x100mm): 1920-2880pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size: no need pallet
  • Power: 8.5HP diesel engine.
M7MI-TWIN-diesel brick making machine for sale lontto

LONTTO M7MI TWIN diesel brick machine, capable of producing two bricks simultaneously, features a sophisticated hydraulic system and components from Japan and Italy, ideal for power-scarce regions.

It efficiently produces high strength, interlocking bricks with excellent insulation properties, suitable for eco-friendly building material production.

  • Capacity: Clay Brick: 3840-5760pcs/8hours
  • Pallet size: no need pallet
  • Power: 8.5kw or 12HP diesel engine.

LONTTO Diesel Block Making Machine Supplier

Diesel engine block making machines can be broadly categorized into diesel concrete brick machines, diesel clay brick machines, and diesel engine CEB (Compressed Earth Block) machines. These machines share a common characteristic of using diesel engines as their power source, hence classifying them under diesel engine brick-making machines. Their main features include mature technology, stable operation, no reliance on fixed sites, and independence from electrical power sources. However, they consume diesel fuel, with consumption varying based on the engine’s power. Here are some specific fuel consumption data for reference:

  • M7MI: 4L fuel tank capacity, 2L per hour fuel consumption.
  • M7MI Twin: 4L fuel tank capacity, 3.5L per hour fuel consumption.
  • ECO BRAVA: 4L fuel tank capacity, 1.6L per hour fuel consumption.
  • ECO BRB: 4L fuel tank capacity, 1.6L per hour fuel consumption.
  • QC4-30: 16L hydraulic diesel tank capacity, 3.6L per hour fuel consumption.
  • QCM4-30 Mobile: 5L fuel tank capacity, 1.5L per hour fuel consumption.

LONTTO provides professional technical guidance and produces high-quality equipment. Customers need not worry about after-sales service, as our sales and service team is always online to answer any questions.


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