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Diesel Brick Making Machine

  • All spare parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers
  • Workers that take part in the production of the machine, are well trained and experienced.
  • All machines are affordable but of the highest quality.
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ECO BRAVA diesel brick making machine

ECO BRAVA is a big diesel-operated clay brick making machine. It does not rely on electricity and hence, is well suited for areas where there are problems with electricity or in remote regions.

The mechanism employed in this machine is a high hydraulic pressure system. This system produces high pressures that result in quality clay bricks: high quality, strength, and density. It also comes with a robust mixer that also helps to conserve raw materials.

  • Power: 2kw or 6HP engine
  • Shaping speed: 20-25 seconds
  • Size: 1000*600*1400mm
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Production capacity: 1920-2880 pieces/8 hours
ECO BRB Diesel Engine Clay Brick Making Machine

Due to the wide range of shapes, sizes, and types of clay bricks this machine can make, buying this machine is a good investment. It supports different types of bricks: all you need to do is change the mould. Two bricks are made with a single mould.

In addition, the moulds are strong and long-lasting as a result of the special moulding techniques that are used to make them.

The high hydraulic pressure – which reaches 60 Mpa- produces compact, strong, and high-quality bricks. There’s no need for a pallet since clay bricks are produced directly to the concrete floor.

  • Power: 2kw or 6HP engine
  • Shaping speed: 20 seconds
  • Size: 1490*980*1800mm
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Production capacity: 3800 pieces/8 hours
M7MI Diesel Engine Clay Brick Making Machine

M7MI is a mobile, compressed brick making machine. It has a robust structure, compact design, and is mobile. You can tow it to wherever your worksite is, by attaching it to a truck or towing van: which is very advantageous if your worksite is remotely located. Even more, it is easy to operate.

If you want to save money on buying an extra mixer, M7MI is a good choice. It comes with a large mixer that’s above 150 litres.

  • Power: 12HP engine
  • Shaping speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Size: 3800x1900x1500mm
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Production capacity: 2000 pieces/8 hours
M7MI TWIN Diesel Engine Clay Brick Making Machine


The addition of the word ‘twin’, is because this machine comes with two operating platforms: it’s the only machine with such uniqueness. To make it even better, the tyres makes it easy to move the machine around, with ease.

The two operating platforms means that it comes with two moulds and two material hoppers. Hence, the production capacity and volume are larger than M7MI.

In a bid to preserve the engine, the machine is turned off by a temperature control cooling system when it’s overheated.

  • Power: 12HP engine
  • Shaping speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Size: 3900x1900x1700mm
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Production capacity: 2400 pieces/8 hours
QMJ2-40 Diesel Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Despite the low investment it takes to purchase this machine, it’s still very efficient. It’s better fitted for fly ash brick manufacturers, who are just starting out or still operating on a small scale.

It’s also easy to operate and needs just a concrete floor to operate: fly ash bricks are laid directly to the floor. Hence, you’ll only need a limited amount of space to keep this machine.

  • Power: 12HP engine
  • Shaping speed: 40-45 seconds
  • Size: 1100x700x1300mm
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Production capacity: 1440 pieces/8 hours
QCM4-30 Diesel Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

This is an egg-laying machine, that’s strong, durable, and worth every cent of your investment. If you have a small company or face power outages, the QCM4-30 is a good fit for you.

It’s very easy to operate. Just 2-3 people can operate it.

  • Power: 12HP engine
  • Shaping speed: 30-40 seconds
  • Size: 2400*1300*1600 mm
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Production capacity: 200-2500 pieces/8 hours

Diesel Block Making Machine Manufacturer in China, Block Machine with Diesel Engine.

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Lontto Diesel Brick Making Machine

When it comes to brick making machines, lontto are the expert.

Our years of existence shows that we can be trusted for quality. For 16 years, we have manufactured, and supplied the best diesel brick making machines, to regions across the world. Our brand has come to be associated with quality and experience.

The key to our remaining in business for as long as we have is the way we place our customers above anything else.

We have a customer service team that’s on hand 24/7, to answer whatever queries you might have and help in any way possible. We also offer free installation and training on maintenance, operation, and repairs of the machines. For those who prefer to see the machines in person, we already have arrangements to accommodate you for free.

The diesel brick making machines we have are:

Diesel engine clay brick making machine: ECO Brava, Eco BRB, M7MI, M7MI TWIN

Diesel engine fly ash brick making machine: QMJ2-40, QCM4-30.

To make a purchase, you should contact our customer service desk. They will send you a free quotation and guide you along the buying journey.

lontto diesel brick machine catalogue

Diesel Brick Making Machine: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What is a diesel brick making machine?

Just as the name implies, it is a brick making machine that relies on diesel for power. Such machines are ideal for areas with frequent power outages, remote regions, and brick manufacturers who want to cut down on electricity bills.

Diesel brick making machines are made with a view to reducing the amount f diesel, it consumes.

What are the advantages of a diesel brick making machine?

  • Perfect for electricity volatility

Many arrears of the world, experience challenges with power supply – be it none at all, or an erratic power supply. In such cases, using an electric brick making machine will either slow down work or make it impossible.

That’s where diesel brick making machines co e into play. These machines can operate on diesel which removes the need for electricity. Hence, you can work despite the absence of a power supply.

  • Weather is not an obstruction

Bad weather like rainstorms, floods, and so on can knock down power supply lines and make it impossible to work. In such a case, having a diesel brick making machine can come in handy.

  • Easy to use

A novice can operate these machines with ease. Al you’ll require is the operating manual and a little help.

  • Only a few workers are needed

The headache of every entrepreneur, ways to cut down on expenses. With diesel brick making machines, you can cut the budget for brick making machines drastically.

  • More work in less time

In the current technological dispensation, time is essential. With diesel brick maki9ng machines, you can increase your production output significantly. The time taken to produce 100 blocks with a diesel brick making machine, is far lesser than when it’s done manually.

What is the price of a diesel brick making machine?

The prices of brick making machines differ. That’s why you’ll have to do in-depth research before choosing the machine to go for. So what are the prices?

ECO BRAVA 2000-3000 USD
ECO BRB 2500-3000 USD
M7MI 4200-6500 USD
M7MI TWIN 5800-8450 USD
QMJ2-40 1000-1350 USD
QCM4-30 3000-4000 USD

When compared to other manufacturers, Lontto has the lowest rates. Hence, you are guaranteed of getting the best deal when you purchase from Lontto.

It’s important to note that the prices may vary, due to shipping cost which varies per the distance of your location, the amount levied by the ports authority in your country, method of shipping, payment method, additional accessories and spare parts, etc.

How to choose a diesel brick making machine?

When it comes to choosing the right brick making machine, making a mistake can be costly.

However, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve got you covered: these tips will guide you to making the right decision.

  • Company

The notoriety of a company goes a long way to determine the quality of the brick making machine you’ll be purchasing. In this technological age, you can do a google search to get all the details you wish to get, about a company.

Aside from that, the service you receive from the company when making your order should also be a benchmark for determining the quality of the company. A company that takes customer relations, will be there for you when you have problems and will probably attach that same seriousness to maintaining the quality of their machines.

diesel brick making machine factory

  • Pocket/budget

How much do you intend to spend on a diesel brick making machine without making a hole in your capital?

In case you’re not sure, you can consult a financial advisor who will take a look at the money in your business, and advise you on the way forward. Moreover, if you spend all you have on getting a machine that makes you run out of business, it becomes a mere shining object.

  • Size of company

A bigger company corresponds to a larger customer base, and are more trustworthy than smaller companies. Hence, it’s advisable to go for larger companies like Lontto (we have warehouses and customers, across different continents).

  • Specifications

All diesel making machines have different specifications.

The specifications you’ll decide to go for, depends on the number of bricks you’ll need, how fast you’ll need them, and the type you’ll need.

So how should you make this decision?

Take a look at the market, know their needs, and adapt to them. If you expect a large demand, then go for machines with a higher capacity

  • Spare parts

A machine, is simply an assortment of different spare parts, working together.

To this end, make sure whatever spare part is used in the machine is from a reputable manufacturer. That way, you can find the spare part easily when it’s damaged, and you’re guaranteed that it will last long.

  • Quality of the steel

If low quality steel is used for the frame, the machine is bound to have a very short lifespan. Check with the technical details to know the quality of the steel.

Even better, Lontto already has diesel brick making machines whose frames are of the highest quality.

How can I import diesel brick making machines from Lontto?

You should contact our customer service desk for a free quotation. After a free quotation has been sent, you can make your order and we will ship it to your location.

imported diesel brick making machine from china lontto group

How to operate a diesel brick making machine?

Bricks are made from brick making machines in two (2) major steps: mixing, and moulding.

When mixing, the required proportions of fly ash or soil (as the case may be), water, and aggregates are fed into the mixer. The mixers have a rotor at the bottom, that mixed the raw materials thoroughly.

After mixing, the mixture automatically moves to the mould where it’s subjected to high hydraulic pressure, in order to form quality bricks.

How to maintain the diesel brick making machine?

To make sure your diesel brick making machine lasts long, do these things:

  • Check all the parts before every use and if the oil level is low, replace it before turning the machine on.
  • Clean the machine before and after every use.
  • Oil moving parts the moment you discovered that any parts don’t move with ease. You could do this before every use
  • Take note of little deviations from its normal operation. It could be a weird sound, slow shaping speed than normal, etc. whatever it is, just turn it off and get it checked out.
  • You should only allow professionals to service or do any repairs on your machine.
  • Perform a full check on the machine before each use. Be on the lookout for things that are out of place, tighten loose bolts and nuts, etc.

Diesel brick making machine VS electric brick making machine

Both diesel and electrical brick making machines have their advantages.

The major difference between the two of them is that you can use diesel brick making machines if you face an epileptic power supply. However, if the power supply in your region is regular, then using an electrical brick making machine will do.

In essence, the two machines are good, depending on the power situation in your area.

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