Indian and other countries’ customers prefer to use hollow brick machines . At the same time, when you want to purchase a hollow brick machine, you are also very interested in knowing the price of the machine. Price is an important factor for you when buying a hollow brick machine. But how do they know the price of the machine?

If you want to quickly find out about the price of hollow brick machine, you can only get an approximate price range. The reason why it is an approximate price is because the price of hollow block machines is influenced by many factors. I will list some factors that affect the price in the text.


How can you know the price range of a hollow brick machine?

Contact manufacturers directly.

When you directly inquire about prices from a supplier, most suppliers will be on guard and won't directly tell you the prices. So, you need to know some strategies for inquiring about prices.

Good ways to talk about price are important, especially when the seller doesn't easily tell the price. Here are some ideas to help you get a price for the brick machine:

Show you really want to buy: Sellers like to give prices to real buyers.

For example: "We want to work with a hollow brick machine company for a long time. Can you tell us about your products and their prices?"

Tell them what you need: If you say what you need clearly, sellers know you're serious and they can give a better price.

For example: "We want a hollow brick machine of LMT4-40 type that makes 4000PCS bricks every hour. Can you tell us the price for this machine?"

Ask for a price idea, not the exact number: This way, the seller might feel more relaxed.

For example: "Can you tell me roughly how much this type of hollow brick machine costs?"

Say you're talking to other sellers too: This might make the seller want to give a better price to compete.

For example: "We're checking prices with other companies. Can you give us a good offer?"

Be nice and respectful:

For example: "If it's not too much trouble, can you please tell us the price for this brick machine? We really want to work with you."

Ask if they show their products somewhere: Showing real interest can make sellers more open about price.

For example: "Are you going to any events or showing your products soon? I really want to see the product and talk about the price."

Lastly, keep talking to them and be nice. Make sure they know you're serious, not just asking the price for fun.


  • Browse online marketplaces like Alibaba or IndiaMART,Made in China.

For Alibaba, You can directly search "hollow brick machine price" on Alibaba's website, but what you need to keep in mind is that the displayed price is not the actual accurate price of the brick machine. You need to consult the manufacturer for that.


For indiamart, Similar to operating on the Alibaba website.


For Made-in-china


  • Engage with local hollow block machine distributors or suppliers in the construction machinery sector.

engaging with local hollow brick machine distributors or suppliers in the construction machinery sector can offer several advantages and opportunities. Here are some detailed points on why and how you should do it:

Engage with local hollow block machine distributors

Advantages of Engaging with Local Distributors:

  • Proximity: Local distributors are nearby, making it easier for face-to-face meetings, demonstrations, and troubleshooting if needed.
  • Understanding Local Regulations: They are aware of local regulations, standards, and requirements, ensuring the machinery you get is compliant.
  • Quicker Delivery and Support: Being local, the lead time for delivery and any post-sales support or maintenance is typically faster.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced shipping costs, customs duties, and other import-related expenses.
  • Local References: They can provide references of other local businesses who have purchased and used the machinery, allowing for real-world feedback.
  • Cultural and Language Similarity: There's a shared understanding of local business etiquette, cultural norms, and language, reducing potential misunderstandings.

How to Engage with Hollow Block Machine Local Distributors:

  • Research: Start by researching online for local suppliers of construction machinery. Websites, industry forums, and trade directories are good places to start.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attend local trade shows or exhibitions related to construction and machinery. This is a great place to meet multiple suppliers, see the machinery in person, and compare offerings.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Speak with other businesses in your industry or area. They might have recommendations based on their experiences.
  • Request a Meeting: Once you've shortlisted a few distributors, request a face-to-face meeting. This allows you to get a feel for the company, assess the machinery firsthand, and discuss specific needs.
  • Ask Detailed Questions: In your meetings, ask about warranties, service plans, spare parts availability, training (if required), and any other post-sales support.
  • Negotiate Terms: Remember to discuss payment terms, delivery schedules, and any potential discounts or offers.
  • Trial or Demo: If possible, ask for a demonstration of the machinery or a short-term trial. This allows you to assess the machinery's performance before committing fully.
  • Establish a Relationship: Beyond the initial purchase, aim to establish a long-term relationship with the distributor. This can lead to better service, quicker support, and potential discounts on future purchases.

Engaging directly with local distributors can be an effective way to ensure you get the right machinery for your needs while also benefiting from local expertise and support.

  • Attend trade fairs or exhibitions related to construction equipment.

Trade fairs related to construction equipment offer firsthand knowledge about hollow brick machine prices and more. Here's why:

  • Direct Pricing Information: Exhibitors typically provide immediate pricing details.
  • Negotiation Opportunities: Direct engagement can lead to better deals.
  • Comparative Analysis: Compare prices of different machines at one venue.
  • Promotional Deals: Special prices or offers are often available during the fair.
  • Understanding Pricing Factors: Understand why machines have their respective price points.

Maximizing Your Trade Fair Visit:

  • Research Ahead: Identify exhibitors with hollow brick machines before attending.
  • Engage with Sales Reps: Discuss machine pricing, features, and services.
  • Take Notes: Document machine details for comparison later.
  • Attend Product Demos: Live demos offer a clear perspective on machine value.
  • Ask for Brochures/Price Lists: Obtain detailed machine info and prices.
  • Follow Up: Connect with sales reps post-event for more opportunities.

This following hollow brick machine price list from Lontto block machine supplier


There are nine models of hollow block making machines from lontto. Their automation levels range from semi-automatic without hydraulic features to fully automatic with hydraulic functionality. The price ranges from USD2500 for the least expensive model to USD65000 for the most expensive one.

Automation Level:

Semi-Automatic (No Hydraulic): LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26

Automatic (No Hydraulic): QT4-25C

Automatic (Hydraulic): QT4-18, QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15

Price Range:

USD2500 – USD3500: LMT4-40

USD4500 – USD6000: LMT4-35

USD6000 – USD9000: LMT4-26

USD9000 – USD13500: QT4-25C

USD12000 – USD16500: QT4-18

USD30000 – USD40000: QT4-15

USD40000 – USD50000: QT5-15

USD45000 – USD55000: QT6-15

USD50000 – USD65000: QT8-15

In conclusion:

The above just tells you about the price of the hollow brick machine and how to inquire about the price from other manufacturers. But price is often not the most important thing. When you make a purchase, you need to judge the reputation of a manufacturer, the quality of their machines, the performance of the hollow brick machine, and the very important after-sales service.


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