How to Make a Block Making Machine

The manufacture of brick machines is mainly divided into the production of small brick machines and the production of large fully automatic brick machines.

Whether it is a small brick machine or a large automatic brick machine, essential components cannot be missing.

The most important one is the overall frame of the brick machine, and another one is the mould used for forming the bricks. Concrete materials are mainly made into bricks of different sizes and shapes through the mould.

In addition to the mainframe and mould, there are other necessary components, such as mixers, conveyors, and stackers. The mixer is used to mix raw materials, including cement, small stones, sand, etc. The conveyor is used to transfer the mixture to the brick machine’s hopper.

The stacker is used to stack the formed bricks one pallet at a time. The height and number of layers of the stacked bricks vary.

First, the steel plate is cut by the plasma cutting machine according to the drawings

steel cutting


Weld the overall frame of the brick machine, and then polish it

 Welding of the brick machine frame


Assembling of the motor 

Bearing Spring Installation

Installation of Bearing Spring Nut

Making brick machine molds

hollow block mould making

The brick machine mould is installed on the main frame

The mould is welded onto the machine frame

Block machine Debugging

Painting of various components of brick making machine

Brick machine is packed into box for shipping


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