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Fly ash refers to the fine ash collected by the flue gas after the coal combustion burned. Fly ash is a major solid waste from coal-fired power plants.

The using advantages of fly ash: mixed with fly ash in the concrete saves a large amount of cement and fine aggregate. Improve the workability of concrete mixing. Enhance the permeability of concrete. Reduce the creep of concrete. Reduce the hydration heat, heat expansion. Improve the ability of concrete permeability. Increase concrete modification.

Grade standard:

National standard level 1: adopting the high quality of fly ash and high-efficiency water reducing agent of composite technology in the production of high-grade concrete in modern concrete technology is developing rapidly in the country.

National standard level 2: high-quality fly ash especially suitable for the preparation of pumping concrete, mass concrete, the impermeability of concrete structure, sulfate resistance of concrete and soft water erosion resistance and underground, underwater engineering concrete, concrete grouting concrete, and RCC

National standard level 3: fly ash concrete has good workability, pumpability, impact-resistant ability improves, frost resistance enhancement, etc.

Fly ash is a good raw material to produce blocks, it can save the cost of raw materials, and also can do high-quality blocks, it is the good choice of the customers.

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