Maintenance Of Hollow Block Mould

Our block moulds with wear, strong demand, to meet the requirements of production process finished size precision, at the same time also has a low price, economic applicability and long service life. About the maintenance of hollow block mould:

  1. Lubrication and cleaning in hollow block mould occupies an important position. The lubrication of mould is in order to prevent the adhesion of the brick, directly affect the size and shape of hollow brick
  2. Always check the size of hollow block mould and welding binding site condition. When find weld crack, should be timely repair. When find wear fast, should adjust the aggregate size. Excessive wear affect the quality of hollow block, should make new moulds.


Carefully adjust hollow block mould gap. Including the mold head and the mold core, the mold frame and wire plate spacing etc, the relative motion shall not interfere with, touch. If the deviation is bound to cause friction, each plane, This will damage the plane, The hollow block produced slight deformation.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of hollow block mould. When the hollow block mould changing down, it needs to clean water, when cleaning to use soft tools, cannot use a hard object hitting. After cleaning and oil it, then it must be kept in a cool, dry place, on a flat, do not put heavy pressure on it, to prevent gravity deformation.

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