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Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Concrete Pipe Making Machine can make concrete pipes with diameter from 300-3000mm and with length from 1000-3000mm.

Brief introduction:

Concrete Pipe Making Machine can make concrete pipes with diameter from 300-3000mm and with length from 1000-3000mm. We can design many kinds of pipe joint, including flush joint(flat mouth type), groove joint, socket and spigot joint(socket and plug mouth type) ect. And all the concrete pipes are widely used in admistrative drainage, agricultural field irrigation, road culvert and deep water well .

Concrete pipe machine

Concrete pipe machine

 Working principle of concrete Pipe Making Machine:

Roller hanging type concrete pipe machine is a kind of machine to produce concrete pipes and Pre-stress concrete pipe. This machine use the roller to support the pipe mould,and produce roller force to the concrete in the mould. When the roller rotate at a high speed, the concrete in the mould will spread in the inner wall of the pipe mould and form a cement pipe with the centrifugal force. And when the mould with the inner concrete pass on the roller, the concrete between the mould and roller will be compacted solid to form a pipe(This machine uses the rotation of roller axle and steel mould to produce rolling pressure and centrifugal force and makes the mixed cement material shape into a pipe).

concrete pipe making machine

concrete pipe making machine

Advantages of concrete Pipe Making Machine:

(a) short production cycle :because of the good effect of the roller to compact the concrete, every pipe just need 10 minutes with high speed roller rotation.
(b) This pipe use the dry cast material, there will no waste cement mud, then it will not pollute environment .
(c) During the production, the noise is very low, it is about 80-90 dB
(d) The concrete pipe is with high pressure load and with high production efficiency.
(e) This machine is simple in operation, rotates steadily, is reliable and durable in use, is low in fault rate .

pipe making machine mould

pipe making machine mould

Features of concrete Pipe Making Machine:

The adoption of integrated design is reinforced design of leakproof slurry, no rough edges on which the mouth of pipe joints, easy mold-opening.

The friction rings in the molds are all made of 45 cast steel with durablity.

The steel plate we use is produced by Laigang which is one of the four major steel mills, and its abrasion resistance will be guaranteed.

The carbon-dioxide arc welding is applied into the all welding. The plasma cutting machine is used for cutting. Welding seam is smooth and nice, and the cutting seam is very exquisite. All above ensure the mold tough and durable and extend the service life greatly.

Gantry Crane: To transport the pipes and the moulds


Product diameter200-3, 000mm
Hang axis diameter144-216mm
Product length1000- 3, 000mm
Power15- 125kW
Hang axis speed62-618rpm
Machine size4, 100 x 2, 350 x 1, 850mm
There have different capacity of making machines

How to choose the model of concrete pipe making machine?

The machine model as follow:

LT-1000 :Length 1 meter :

LT (300-600)*1000mm,

LT (600-1200)*1000mm

LT (1200-1500)*1000mm,

LT-1500 :Length 1 meter :

LT (300-600)*1500mm,

LT (600-1200)*1500mm

LT (1200-2000)*1500mm,

LT-2000:Length 2 meter :

LT (300-600)*2000mm

LT (600-1200)*2000mm

LT (1200-2000)*2000mm

LT (2000-2500)2000mm

LT-2500:Length 2.5meter :

LT (300-600)*2500mm

LT (600-1200)*2500mm




LT-3000: Length 3meter :

LT (300-600)*3000mm

LT (600-1200)*3000mm




Note: we can produce the machine based on the customer requirements(the diameter and length )


  1. Delivery time:within 15 days after receipt of the deposit
  2. Spare parts: 1 set of the spare parts and 1set of the tools.
  3. We will supply the design layout; we will dispatch the engineer to your side for the installing    machine, training your workers.