• QCM2-40 Diesel Block Machine

QMJ2-40 Mobile Concrete Block Machine

QMJ2-40 Movable Type Concrete Block Machine is easy in operating and durable in use. Only with 100—300Sq. meters of concrete floor, it can be installed to use.

  • Small Type Mobile Block Machine
  • Low Investment and High Efficiency
  • Diesel Engine or Electric Motor

QMJ2-40 mobile block machine, it no needs to use carriage plates. For less investment and quicker forming, it is an ideal choice for small-sized block factory. Only with1—2 workers, it is enough for operating this machine.

And this model can also be diesel engine power, If your local power supply is not sufficient, or if your production site cannot provide stable electricity, you need to choose a diesel engine. Therefore, this is a very flexible option. The operation of this equipment is also very simple. It can be operated without the need for training.

QCM2-40 diesel mobile block machine for sale

It can produce 2 pcs 8 inch hollow blocks. It is very easy to operate.

①Pressure bar handle   ②vibration motor switch    ③Upper mold turning handle ④Upper mold decoupling device    ⑤Upper motor ⑥wheel ⑦Down vibrator  ⑧Pressure lever handle hook

Host machine size 1100x700x1300mm
Capacity 400x200x200mm 2pcs/per mould    1440pcs/8hrs
Moulding cycle 40-45s
Power 1.5kw
Weight 215KG
Standards GB/T8533-2208
Documents Lay-out/electric circuit diagram; Chinese-English operation manual ;qualification certification
Products Hollow blocks ,solid blocks
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