QMJ4-45 Movable Block Making Machine

QMJ4-45 Movable block making machine: Small volum, less workplace, fewer work people, so less investment. Very simple, easy to operate, Only one person can operate and work No need block pallet, save the cost.

  • Mobile Type
  • No need pallet
  • Energy saving

QMJ4-45 Movable block making machine is manufactured on the base of technical modifications. to the original block shaping machines, that is, changing the former.one-time-vibration into twice-vibrations of molding core, so, the block density becomes higher, shaping speed quicker and block strength more even, this model of the machine can suitable to the customers who have any kinds of ceasing concrete working sites, and the consumption carriage can be reduced.


  1. Small volume, less workplace, fewer work people, so less investment.
  2. Very simple, easy to operate,
  3. Only one person can operate and work
  4. No need block pallet, save the cost.
  5. Low power.
Nine characteristics compared with clay brick:
1. Not using the clay as raw material to destroy any field.
2. Making use of three industrial wastes to change wastes into valuables
3. Not using fire to bake blocks and not building the kiln to save the energy sources and fields.
4. No chimney to protect the environment and avoid pollution.
5. The production process is simple, they can be made everywhere
6. Low investment and achieving much faster results, customers can profit in half a year after investing.
7. The block can be produced all around the year.
8. Good looking, construction convenient, low-floor real jigsaw puzzle, and the high buildings do filler and cheap.
9. Technical criteria is better than those of red brick and green brick.

QMJ4-45 Mobable Block making machine

Frame 1pices
Reducer 1 piece
Motor 1 piece
Mould 1 piece
Overall Dimension 1600(L)×1500(W)×1200(H)mm
Exciting force 35kn
Cycle Time 45 seconds
Vibrating Frequency 3000 r/min
Carriage Size no carrier
Electrical source 380V/50Hz
Total Mass 1200kg
Pallet Size No need pallet
Raw Materials crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, expanded perlite, and other industrial wastes.
Applied Products Concrete hollow block.
Data Size mm Cycle molding QTY/Mould Per hour
Hollow brick 400*200*200 45s 4 300pcs
400*150*200 43~45s 5 400pcs
400*120*200 41~45s 6 480pcs
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