Block Making Machine

LMT4-40 Brick Machine

LMT4-40 Brick Machine,This small-sized brick machine is to meet the demand of many investors with small investment.

QTJ4-35 BricK Making Machine

Lmt4-35 Brick making machine equipped with super vibration motor, The production of Bricks are of good quality,large density and high strength.

QTJ4-26 Hollow Block Making Machine

LMT4-28 Hollow Block Making Machine is small manul block machine, easy operation, easy to maintenance. With the best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price.

QT4-25C Brick Machine

The model of QT4-25C Brick Machine has automatic pallet-supplying, material-distributing, and brick-discharging. 

QT3-20 Block Machine

QT3-20 Paving Block Making Machine is Hydraulic block making machine. It is quick in product forming, high in product density and strong in pressing power.

QT4-15 Block Making Machine

With the best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price. Our Block making machines use famous brand electrical parts,such as Schneider to ensure the good quality of the machine.

QT10-15 Concrete Block Machine

QT10-15 Block Machine Can produce 10pcs hollow block/mould(400*200*200mm),the key parts euipped with famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to guarantee the good quality.

LT100 Paving and Curbstone Block machine

Paving and Curbstone Block machine Simply Operation It usually just need one person to make the machine stable performance, safe and reliable.

QM4-45 Mobile Block Machine

QM4-45 Mobile block machine is special for the cement blocks .

QMJ4-45 Movable Block Making Machine

QMJ4-45 Movable block making machine: Small volum,less work place,less work people,so less investment. Very simple,easy to operate, Only one person can operate and work No need block pallet,save the cost.

QMJ 4-30 Mobile Hydraulic Block Machine

QMJ 4-30 movable hydraulic concrete block machine produce concrete blocks produced in our factory possesses characteristis of particular materails, reasonable design, realiable quality, easy operation

QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Machine

QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Making Machine is Mobile block making machine, it works on cement surface from mobile. It has the characteristic as: Without pallets, time-saving effort. Using the vibration mode box, forming a short time. High-density productions.