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Lontto is 30+ years of experience block making machine manufacturer, we have all types of block machine sale. We supply free installation and training. If you want to know and buy the block machine, apply the price today. Let Lontto skyrocket your business.

  • The block making machine is higher efficiency and quality, easy to operate.
  • Any size block can be produced, you send us the size, we design it.
  • Professional sale and aftersale team, 24/7 hours service for you.

Eco Brava Clay Brick Machine is clay and cement brick machine, it is very suitable for produce clay bricks and cement blocks, which no need pallet, ECO Brava can be produce One Block/Mould

Eco Brava Clay Brick Machine is clay and cement brick machine, it is very suitable for produce clay bricks and cement blocks, which no need pallet, ECO Brava can be produce Two Block/Mould

LT2-40 clay manual brick machine is small clay brick machine, Two clay bricks can produced one time. So it is higher capacity than 1-40 manual clay brick machine.

LT2-10 clay automatic brick machine is automatic, just equipped with mixer, screen, belt machine. So it is high-efficiency and labor-saving. 2pcs clay bricks/mould

LT4-10 Automatic Clay brick machine is one hydraulic brick machine, as one of best-selling machine, 4pcs clay bricks/mould.

M7MI Hydraform Mobile Clay Interlocking Brick Machine ,The machine is equipped with a mixer, and the machine is equipped with a wheel that can be free from the use of the site.

M7MI TWIN clay and earth brick machine is the newest design, which has two mould, two operation platform, can produce two bricks one time. M7MI TWIN brick machine has two oil cylinders, and the cylinders motor and valve imported from Japan and Italy.

LMT4-40 sand brick making machine

LMT4-40 Brick Machine, This is small brick machine is to meet the demand of many investors with small investment.

Lmt4-35 Brick making machine equipped with super vibration motor, The production of Bricks are of good quality,large density and high strength.

LMT4-26 semi-automatic hollow block machine is small manul block machine, easy operation, easy to maintenance. With the best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price.

The model of QT4-25C brick machine has automatic pallet-supplying system, material-distributing, and brick-discharging.

QT3-20 Paving Block Making Machine is Hydraulic block making machine. It is quick in product forming, high in product density and strong in pressing power.

QT4-15 Concrete Block making machine

QT4-15 concrete block machine With the best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price. Our Block making machine adopts famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to ensure the good quality of the machine.

QT4-18 Block Making Machine is equipped with PLC control system, JQ400 pan concrete mixer, 8m belt conveyor, block stacker. The machine can produce concrete block include hollow block, paver block, interlocking block, solid block.



We focus more on quality, price, and service. We treat you not only as a business partner but also as our friend. This fly ash brick machine is vibrating and hydraulic fly ash bricks machine, specialized for burned – free fly ash bricks.

QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine is full automatic,High thickness and rectangle steel frame, four guidance column,solidity structure and prolonged life.

QT10-15 concrete block machine produces 10pcs hollow block/mold (400*200*200mm), the key parts equipped with famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to guarantee good quality.

QCM4-30 Mobile block machine is special for the cement blocks .the raw material of concrete mixture has adopted the cement, sand, and grave. The advantage of finished goods has high quality, cost saving, and the block weathering.

QMJ4-45 Movable block making machine: Small volum,less work place,less work people,so less investment. Very simple,easy to operate, Only one person can operate and work No need block pallet,save the cost.

QMJ 4-30 movable hydraulic concrete block machine produces concrete blocks produced in our factory possesses the characteristic of particular materials, reasonable design, reliable quality, easy operation.

QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Making Machine is Mobile block making machine, it works on cement surface from mobile. It has the characteristic as: Without pallets, time-saving effort. Using the vibration mode box, forming a short time. High-density productions.

Curbstone Block machine could run automatically. This could save labor intensity, power, space, etc.

Hydraulic Paving Block machine uses of advanced dual hydraulic proportional control technology. This could branch of the oil hydraulic system pressure and regulate fuel efficiently.

Lontto Block Making Machine for Sale

Lontto block making machines is a smart decision that will revolutionize your construction business.


  • Unique Design. The machines are highly compact design, easy to transport.
  • Easy to Operate. Lontto block making machine uses a hydraulic system which automates all its operations
  •  Wide Variety. Whichever type of blocks you want, Lontto has specific machines for any type of assignment that you have. You can choose to make concrete hollow blocks and fly ash bricks, compressed earth blocks and paver blocks.! Just make an order of the machine based on your preference
  •  High capacity. Lontto block making machines have a high output. You can produce up to 50,000 high-quality blocks in 8 hours!
  •  Fuel Economy. The Lontto block making machines save on fuel without compromising the quality of blocks produced


  • Gain from Lontto Expertise. Lontto has been operational for more than 30 years. The company endeavors to provide top-notch block making machines
  • Full Installation and Training. Immediately after purchasing the block making machine, you’ll get incredible after-sale services including free installation and training on how to use it
  • Best in the Market. Lontto block making machine is durable, efficient, and the leader in the construction industry.