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QCM2-40 Simple Hollow Block Making Machine

Simple hollow block making machine includes QMJ2-40 mini mobile hollow block machine, LMT4-40 mini concrete hollow block machine.

Why it is simple? Just one main host machine, not need else other parts. It is very easy to operate, just one people hand operating.

It’s basically the smallest hollow block making machine for sa0le in your market, the mini simple hollow block making machine price is USD800-USD3500, the mobile hollow block machine can be cheap, and the LMT4-40 hollow block machine price is slightly expensive.

QCM2-40 simple hollow block making machine is a diesel-powered, it uses molds to vibrate and compress the raw materials of concrete, various sizes of hollow blocks can be produced, including 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.


LOW COST: Hollow block brick machines are usually simple and inexpensive, with straightforward design and compact structure. This results in low production costs, so the selling price is very cost-effective.

Easy to use: The brick machine is very simple, powered by a single diesel engine, with buttons controlling the mold vibration. The machine is relatively small in size, making operation very straightforward; one person can learn to operate it in just 5 minutes.

Movable:  Our QCM2-40 is designed to be mobile, allowing for direct brick formation on flat ground without the need for pallets. It is essentially unrestricted by location.


Model QCM2-40
Hollow block raw materials Concrete
Production Capacity (PCS/8 hours) 1000pcs per day
Hollow block size 400*100*200 mm, 400*120*200 mm, 400*150*200 mm, 400*200*200 mm
Applicable Industries Construction building, small block factory, small business
Place of Origin China
Weight (KG) 350kg


Brand Name LONTTO
Power Diesel engine
Dimension(L*W*H) 1000*800*1300mm
Pallet size No need
Warranty 1 Year
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