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Red Brick Making Machine

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  • LT2-10 Automatic Red Brick Making Machine LONTTO
  • LT2-40 Manual Red Clay Brick Making Machine LONTTO
  • ECO BRAVA Manual Red Clay Brick Making Machine lontto
  • ECO BRB Manual Red Clay Brick Making Machine lontto
LT2-10 Automatic Red Brick Making Machine

LT2-10 is a fully automatic red brick making machine. It’s furnished with a mixer, screen, conveyor belt, and a PLC system.

Two bricks can be produced per mould. Hence, it’s very efficient and saves labor. You’ll need to employ only a few workers who don’t need any prior training.

Apart from red clay bricks, this machine can also produce cement bricks, blocks, and many more. However, you’ll have to change the mould before you do so.

  • Size: 1050*1260*2200mm
  • Production capacity: 9000 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: Electrical engine
  • Shaping cycle: 5-10 seconds
LT4-10 Automatic Red Brick Making Machine

Higher hydraulic pressure, production capacity, and lower cycling speed, makes this clay brick making machine an upgrade over LT2-10.

The mould produces 4 blocks at a time: you produce more blocks in less time. The moulds are wielded with precise techniques and subjected to heat treatment to make them last long.

  • Size: 2100*1400*2200mm
  • Production capacity: 11200 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: 11kw
  • Shaping cycle: 10 seconds
LT5-10 Automatic Red Brick Making Machine

This clay brick making machine is far more efficient than the model LT4-10 as a result of an enlarged hydraulic pump. This modification makes the hydraulic pressure it produces higher than the former (30-40 MPa).

It has a dual power option: a diesel engine and electricity. Whatever option you decide to go with, you’re sure of getting optimum quality and density of the brick.

It is very easy to operate even without having any technical knowledge.

  • Size: 1050*1260*2200mm
  • Production capacity: 9000 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet:
  • Power: Electrical engine
  • Shaping cycle: 5-7 seconds
LT7-10 Automatic Red Brick Making Machine

This clay brick making machine is larger than LT5-10. Although it’s more expensive, production capacity, shaping cycle, and hydraulic pressure far exceeds the LT5-10.

It is very easy to operate even without technical training. Apart from clay bricks, LT7-10 can produce other types of brick by replacing the mould to one that fits the required brick. One mould can produce seven (7) bricks at a time. Hence, it’s highly efficient.

You are sure of getting blocks of high quality and density from this red brick making machine.

  • Size: 2260*2300*2380mm
  • Production capacity: 20160-40320 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: 15kw
  • Shaping cycle: 7 seconds
LT2-40 Manual Red Clay Brick Making Machine

A hand press/lever produces the hydraulic pressure necessary to produce quality red clay bricks. The hand press/lever is operated manually entirely.

Unlike its smaller variant- LT1-40- this machine produces two (2) blocks in one mould. It is very easy to operate it and only one person can operate the machine. The machine doesn’t cost much to purchase.

  • Size: 1600*700*1200
  • Production capacity: 1440 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: manual
  • Shaping cycle: 30-40 seconds
ECO BRAVA Manual Red Clay Brick Making Machine

ECO BRAVA is a semi-automatic clay brick making machine. It can produce different shapes, sizes, and types of bricks.

In an effort to make bricks of high quality, we adopt an advanced hydraulic pressure molding technique. Hence, the bricks so produced are quality in terms of strength, density, adsorption capacity, and many more.

The mould is made using advanced technology and heat treatment. Hence,the moulds last longer than usual without reducing quality.

  • Size: 1000*600*1400 mm
  • Production capacity: 1920-2880 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: 2.2kw or 6Hp diesel engine
  • Shaping cycle: 20-25 seconds
ECO BRB Manual Red Clay Brick Making Machine

This clay brick making machine bears numerous similarities with ECO BRAVA. It produces two (2) clay and cement bricks in a single mould.

Just like ECO BRAVA, it is semi-automatic and the loading of the raw material, pressing and lifting of the mould, and other moulding operations are controlled by a control system.

Diesel or electricity powers it.

  • Size: 1490*980*1800 mm
  • Production capacity: 1920-2880 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: 2.2kw or 6Hp diesel engine
  • Shaping cycle: 20 seconds
M7MI Clay Red Brick Machine

This is a clay red brick machine that’s mounted on robust tyres. You don’t need to restrict usage of this machine to one site only: you can move it from one site to another with ease, either manually or attached to a truck or van.

A pan mixer of over 150 litre capacity, comes with the machine. Hence, you don’t need to spend an extra dime purchasing a mixer.

  • Size: 3800*1900*1500 mm
  • Production capacity: 2400 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: 6.3kw or 12Hp diesel engine
  • Shaping cycle: 15-20 seconds
M7MI TWIN Clay Red Brick Machine

This clay brick making machine has a very unique design: there are two operating platforms which increase efficiency. Each platform has a hopper, mould and an operating handle. There are two oil cylinders and the motor and valve are imported from reputable manufacturers in Japan.

A hand lever controls the up and down movement of the mould. Erratic power supply is not a problem: it runs on diesel and has a special technology that limits diesel consumption to a minimum.

  • Size: 3900*1900*1700
  • Production capacity: 3850-5760 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet: no pallet
  • Power: 12Hp diesel engine
  • Shaping cycle: 15-20 seconds.

LONTTO Red Brick Making Machine Manufacturer, The Top Clay Red Brick Machine Factory

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Lontto Red Brick Making Machine

For over 30 years, lontto has stood heads above other clay brick making manufacturers. Our machines have won us this status.

In recognition of the quality of our machines, we got our ISO 9001:2008 and CE certifications in 2012. This proves that we pay attention to quality and never compromise on it.

We continue to seek new ways to better our quality. Hence, we have a research team for this purpose. They have already gotten over 30 machine patents.

Installing a machine can be hard. To make things easier or you, we have a technical team that is available to install our machine for free in your company. If your location is quite far, we could do so virtually. We also offer free training on installation, maintenance, and operation of our machines. If you decide to visit our company in China, there is free accommodation available.

The red clay brick making machines we have include LT2-10, LT4-10, LT5-10, LT7-10, LT2-40, ECO BRB, ECO BRAVA, M7MI, and M7MI TWIN.

To make enquiries, you should contact our customer service desk. They would send you a free price quotation and guide you along the purchase process.

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Red Block Making Machine: The FAQ Guide

What are clay Red brick making machines?

Clay brick making machines are machines that produce clay bricks. Unlike the past, the clay bricks don’t need to be fired.

As per any other machine, there’s a little amount of human intervention. Hence, it’s every entrepreneur’s dream to get one. You’ll spend less on labour while increasing ROI significantly.

lontto all red brick making machine

What are the types of red clay brick making machines?

Red clay brick making machines, exist in two three major classes:

  • Small, manual clay brick making machines

The name alone, gives away the description of the machine itself. These machines are hand-operated and characteristically small in size. Just as you would expect, the efficiency and production capacity is comparatively smaller than the semi-automatic and fully automatic variants.

However, these machines are a strong match for clay brick manufacturers just entering the business. They are low-priced but still produce more blocks (all are of high quality) than if the process was entirely manual. To add to that, the manpower requirement is little.

Manual clay brick making machines include LT2-40. This machine is available at lontto at affordable prices and high quality.

  • Semi-automatic clay brick making machine

Although they are automated to an extent, their level of automation is still lower in comparison to those that are fully automated. Their efficiency and production capacity, although lower than than their fully automated variants, is still higher than the manual machines.

Instead of going for the fully automated machines, it is better for small to medium scale brick manufacturers to go for these machines.

Examples include ECO BRAVA, and ECO BRB. The good news is that Lontto has these machines: we manufacture and also supply quality brick making machines across the globe. Contact us for a price quotation now.

Now, Let’s move to the big one.

  • Fully automatic brick making machines

When you talk of clay brick making machines, these are the “beasts”. They are big, and cost far more than manual machines. They are not big for nothing: their production capacity and speed matches their size.

A programmable control (PLC) system is used to control the machine. Every brick making process is automated: button-operated. To make quality blocks, enormous hydraulic pressures ranging from 21 mpa to as high as 60 mpa is produced by large hydraulic pumps. The high hydraulic pressure is also combined with super strong vibrations. The production capacity and shaping cycle is graduated- from low to high- depending on the size and cost of the machine. Also, the PLC system makes it very easy to diagnose faults or chance signals.

Because of the cost and the area they consume, these clay brick making machines are better fitted for large scale clay brick making industries.

Examples of fully automatic clay brick making machines include LT2-10, LT4-10, LT5-10, and LT7-10. Just like the other clay brick making machines, we also have these machines here at Lontto. You should make an order and we will send you a price quotation immediately.

What are the advantages of using red clay brick making machines?

  • Increases quality of clay bricks

The combination of high hydraulic pressure and super-strong vibrations, result in quality clay bricks. They are able to withstand pressure and last far longer.

  • Faster

These days, building projects finish in no time. This is due in part to block making machines. In previous times, such projects would have lasted until “god knows when”.

Brick making machines have a large production capacity and low shaping cycles but still produce quality bricks.

  • More profit

As an entrepreneur, you agree with me that labour costs can make a hole in your balance sheet. However, the labour required to operate brick making machines is far lesser than doing so manually. In most cases, you’ll only need to hire at most 5 workers to operate the machine with ease.

The money that would have been used for labor, can be transferred to other aspects of your business. What a relief!

  • Ecologically advantageous

Burning bricks in kilns has been a huge ecological concern globally. The carbon released is detrimental to the earth. Not only that: even the fumes it produces, is dangerous to one’s health.

Clay brick machines relieve you of that concern. The clay bricks don’t need to be burned. They are exposed to sunlight to dry and can be used immediately after drying/curing.

  • Variety

These days, there are different shapes, designs, and types of clay bricks. This is as a result of the use of clay brick making machines. To produce any type, shape or design, you’ll only need to make sure that the mould is designed to fit the specifications of the brick you require. Once that is done, you’re good to go.

What are the prices of clay brick making machines?

The prices differ. As expected, the fully automatic brick  making machines cost the most followed by semi-automatic machines, the manual variants cost the least.

The type you choose to go for, is entirely dependent on what you require. Our customer service desk is always available to answer your questions, send you a price quotation, and help in whatever way possible.

How can I get a clay red brick making machine?

There are numerous companies selling clay brick making machines and making a choice can be mind boggling. However, Lontto stands out. You can request a price quotation from our sales rep. Whatever choice you make, you should be sure of getting a qual;ity clay brick making machine.

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