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  • ECO BRAVA Soil Brick Making Machine - LONTTO
  • Lontto LT2-40 Soil Brick Making Machine
  • LONTTO LT2-40 Automatic Soil Brick Making machine
  • LONTTO LT4-10 Soil Brick Making Machine
LT2-40 Manual Clay Soil Brick Machine

LT2-40 is a manual clay soil brick-making machine. It has a high build quality and a high production rate for small soil brick business owners.  The machine is operated by hand without connecting to any power source. It is a cost-effective solution for soil brick manufacturing on a small scale.

Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 40 secs
  • Input Power: Manually operated by hand
Eco Brava Clay Soil Brick Machine

Eco Brava is a partially automatic clay soil brick-making machine with a control mechanism for material feeding and mold pressing. It can produce different types of soil bricks depending on the type of mold used. 30+ variants of soil brick molds are available.

You can choose according to your client’s demands. Small and medium-sized businesses can invest in this model for sustainable soil brick production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mold Cycle: 20-25 secs
  • Input Power: 2kW Electric Motor or 6Hp Diesel Engine
  • Raw Material: Clay, Soil, Cement, Sand, Water
ECO BRB Clay Soil Brick Machine

ECO BRB is a semi-automatic clay soil brick-making machine that is capable of producing two bricks per mold. It is easy to handle and operate. It produces high-quality soil bricks using a hydraulic pressure molding system. You can also produce cement bricks. Small investors can invest in this model for soil brick production.

 Technical Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 20 secs
  • Input Power: 2.2KW Electric Motor or 6Hp Diesel Engine
LT4-10 Automatic Soil Brick Machine

LT4-10 is an automatic clay soil brick machine that is integrated with a PLC control system, automatic material feeding, and mold pressing. If you have a medium to large-sized brick business, LT4-10 is the best choice for you. LT4-10 is for sale at a reasonable price.

Technical Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Pressure: 21 MPa
  • Molding Cycle: 8-10 secs
  • Brick Capacity: 8000 soil bricks per 8 hrs.
LT5-10 Automatic Clay Soil Brick Making Machine

LT5-10 is a fully automatic model of a clay soil brick-making machine. It is a well-built production line soil brick machine that guarantees high production with low maintenance. Medium to large scale brick businesses can invest in LT5-10 for round-the-clock soil brick production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Pressure: 60 MPa
  • Molding Cycle: 5-10 secs
  • Production Capacity: 14400 soil bricks per 8 hrs.
LT7-10 Automatic Clay Soil Brick Making Machine

LT7-10 Automatic clay soil brick machine has added functionality than LT5-10 in terms of more solid build quality and higher brick production rate. A robust hydraulic system ensures efficient performance and high brick production with smooth functioning.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 15kw
  • Capacity: 20160-40320 pcs/8 hrs.
M7MI Red Soil Brick Machine

M7MI is a diesel engine-operated red soil hydraulic brick machine. You can move M7MI in between construction sites or plants. The machine can produce good quality bricks for small soil brick businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Power: 12 Hp Diesel Engine
  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs
M7MI TWIN Red Soil Brick Machine

M7MI is a diesel engine-operated red soil hydraulic brick machine. You can move M7MI in between construction sites or plants. The machine can produce good quality bricks for small soil brick businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Power: 12 Hp Diesel Engine
  • Molding Cycle: 15-20 secs

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Lontto Soil Brick Making Machine

LONTTO is a quality supplier when it comes to soil brick-making machines. With clients spread across the whole globe, LONTTO has excelled in the art of manufacturing soil brick machines. Soil brick machines range from manual to partially or fully automatic models.

Manual models cost less and come with low production capacity, suitable for small soil brick business owners. Automatic machines on the other hand cost higher but guarantee high production and good returns in profit.

LONTTO is the name of trust and high-performance as it has been serving the brick businesses with highly engineered and sophisticated brick machines. Machines that can produce quality bricks in a small duration of time.

LONTTO depends on highly qualified engineers and field technicians who work for perfection and excellence. LONTTO has set itself apart from the competition by delivering high-quality brick machines for reasonable prices.

LONTTO has entertained clients in multiple continents and achieved appreciation by offering free installation and training for machine operators.

For 30 years, LONTTO has served the brick businesses locally in China and internationally. You can trust LONTTO if you need a soil brick-making machine or compressed earth block machine for your business. Our customer care is always there to share complete product information with you before you make a decision.

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Soil Brick Making Machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Soil Brick-Making Machine?

Soil Brick making machine is a piece of specialized equipment, used for soil brick manufacturing of different types of bricks. Material soil is fed into the machine, it then mixes it using a mixer. When a homogeneous mixture is prepared, a mold is then utilized to produce bricks of definite shape and size depending on the configuration of the mold.

Molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also have them custom-made from LONTTO as you require. LONTTO specializes in the production of brick machines and has a vast variety of brick-making machines available for you.

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How does Soil Brick Manufacturing work?

For different purposes, bricks are made in varying shapes and sizes. While there are a lot of different bricks available. The brick manufacturing process is generally the same as mentioned below.

The brick-making process involves steps as mentioned below:

  1. Raw Material Mixing

First of all, raw materials are mixed using a specialized mixer. All the materials are taken in the right proportions for the good quality of bricks.

  1. Brick Molding

When the mixture is ready, it is then directed to a hopper which drains the raw material mixture into a mold. Molds are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different kinds of brick manufacturing.

When mixtures are put into a mold, a hydraulic or vibrating press is used to press the mixture firmly into the molds to make uniform-sized good-quality bricks.

  1. Brick Curing

Bricks that come out of the mold are then heat-treated in brick kilns so that the bricks can acquire enough strength to be used in construction. Curing adds extra strength to the bricks and enhances the lifetime of bricks by hardening them.

  1. Cubing

The last process of cubing involves storing the bricks in a block-type arrangement.

Why use a Soil Brick Making Machine?

A soil brick-making machine has several advantages over traditional methods used in brick production. Machines are built by using high-grade material and with precision engineering. After a machine is manufactured and tested, it can produce high-quality bricks with a uniform shape and size.

Soil brick-making machine helps you use the raw material efficiently by minimizing wastage. Soil Brick-making machines operate in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation modes.

Fully automatic soil brick machines let you do the work with low manpower by cutting operational expenses and providing you with autonomous brick production. Such machines offer high production and ultimately good profit margins.

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How profitable is Soil Brick Manufacturing?

The profitability of any brick business depends on the supply/demand ratio. Competitor analysis and complete market research is the first step into any business venture that will help you decide the type of bricks you should manufacture to meet market demands.

Construction in today’s economy is an ever-increasing phenomenon so bricks are always required. Several different bricks are used as a building material. You can research your market for brick demand and usage. This will help you decide which type of bricks you should produce.

With LONTTO’s automatic brick production machines, you can effortlessly produce 19000 to 28800 pcs/day. By considering, the operating cost, raw material price, and manpower expense and subtracting it from your sale you can estimate the profit margin. If the analysis is done right and the market demand is decent, you can have high revenue by choosing LONTTO’s automatic soil brick production machines.

How much does a Soil Brick Making Machine costs?

The cost of a soil brick-making machine varies with functionality. Manual models tend to cost lower than automated machines. Added comfort and ease of operation costs higher but also promises huge profits in less amount of time.

Automatic brick machines are offered at a reasonable price which is higher than manual ones because of the integration of control systems. These machines guarantee high brick production and low operational costs.

Raw material price also adds to the total cost and it might differ from region to region.

Shipping costs are also added if you reside far away in China or any other country.

You can always reach us via the contact info provided on our website for a personalized quote. LONTTO offers competitive prices for the quality it promises.

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How can you buy a Soil Brick Making Machine from China?

You can buy a brick-making machine from anywhere you exist globally. Our DHL partner ensures seamless delivery across the globe with minimum possible delay and tracking is also provided so that you can check where your product is at the time.

Wherever your business exists, LONTTO can deliver the brick machine. You can just order a machine and we will deliver it to you. Free installation and training are also provided to ensure efficient use of the product.

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Why choose LONTTO for Soil Brick Production machines/equipment?

When you choose to buy a soil brick-making machine. You need to check for some factors to make sure you are buying an authenticated product. There are a few reasons you can rely on while considering LONTTO as your brick machine provider.

Firstly, quality is of the essence when you are investing a lot of money into something. LONTTO offers top-quality brick machines at market competitive rates. With 30+ years of experience, LONTTO offers quality products. Brick-making machines by LONTTO promise high production and good returns.

Secondly, LONTTO offers free-of-cost installation and training of your workers for better operation and yield. LONTTO’s machinery doesn’t require much maintenance and machines can endure large cycles of brick production. Quality parts by company leaders like Omron, Emerson, Calyca, Schneider, and Mitsubishi ensure seamless performance.

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Thirdly, customer care at LONTTO is unmatched as compared to other competitors. When you are choosing a product, you need a complete product catalog to see its operation and work, to justify your decision. When you need answers to questions that aren’t already addressed, you can contact our support for a detailed product catalog.

Lastly, LONTTO is an experienced shareholder in this brick machine production market and has excelled in machine production over the years.

You can trust LONTTO’s diligence and high production machines to meet your brick production needs.

How does our Machine delivery work for you?

A soil brick-making machine with a small footprint can take 7-15 days. A middle-sized machine takes 15-22 days. Large production line machines take 25-35 days.

Our shipping partner DHL ensures on-time delivery for our international customers. LONTTO offers tracking of your orders until delivery. So, you can have a better idea of where the order has reached.

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If you need more information regarding any machine model or any relevant info regarding brick production, kindly contact us and our diligent customer care will respond.

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