Cameroon is located in the southeast of Nigeria on the African continent. With an urban population of more than 56%, the construction industry is on rising in this central African country. The raw material for various businesses like brick making and construction are available in abundance. Cameroon is rich in natural resources.

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To help various brick-making units in Cameroon Lontto is ready to supply with their high tech, robust, and global technology.

What brick-making machines in Cameroon are supplied by Lontto?

You can get three levels of machinery by Lontto which are high-tech brick-making mahcines in Cameroon.

These mahcines require more workers with manual models. With semi-automatic and automatic models, the need for manual effort is very less.

Fully automatic equipped with hydraulics require more power, but operating them is fun as electrical circuits do all the control functions.

Lontto’s Manual and Mobile brick making machines in Cameroon

These machines are very lightweight and you can easily move them on site.

Brick Making Machine in Cameroon Manufacturer & Supplier Brick Types Power(kW)
QCM4-30 Lontto Hollow 4
QMJ2-40 Lontto Both solid and hollow 5
QMJ4-45 Lontto Hollow 6.5
QMY4-30 Lontto Hollow 6

Small mobile brick making machine video in Cameroon

Lontto’s Semi-automatic brick making machines in Cameroon

Some of the operations are required by the workers.

Brick Making Machine in Cameroon Manufacturer & Supplier Brick Types Power(kW)
LMT4-40 Lontto Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous 9.3
LMT4-35 Lontto Solid, Hollow, Paver, and Porous concrete bricks 9.7
LMT4-26 Lontto Hollow and solid concrete bricks 11.6

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Lontto’s Hydraulic & Automatic brick making machine in Cameroon

These machines save labor costs by huge margins and are best suited for the continuous production of the bricks.

Brick Making Machine in Cameroon Manufacturer & Supplier Brick Types Power(kW)
QT4-18 Lontto Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous bricks 27.5
QT4-15 Lontto Solid, Hollow, Interlocking, Paver, and Porous bricks 27.5
QT5-15 Lontto Standard, Hollow, and Porous bricks 32
QT8-15 Lontto Wall and Paver 51
QT10-15 Lontto Standard, Hollow, and Porous bricks 67

How to start a brick-making business in Cameroon?

You can start by understanding brick making process and the raw material required. It’s best to choose the material locally available for brick making. Then understand the following factors.

The demand

You have to understand the demand for bricks in the urban construction industry. Analyze the supply needs, and base your manufacturing speed on that. Many kinds of bricks are needed in construction projects like

concrete blocks in cameroon

Cinder bricks

Hollow Bricks

Paver bricks

Interlocking bricks

Cement bricks

Fly ash bricks

Concrete bricks

Solid bricks

Demand can also be created by small induction of stylish and colorful bricks from the catalog of Lontto’s bricks molds. These bricks can be stylish and colorful according to the aesthetics of the place being constructed. Some of these designs can be offered to construction projects. Choose from more than 50 mold types from Lontto.

Importance of technology

Lontto is collaborating with many high-tech brands to give you the best product possible. This development did not happen overnight but took years of hard work and research. You can benefit from their research in the field of brick-making machines.

Every business needs dedication and enduration to beat the competition. That’s where technology becomes so crucial in the modern age. Businesses equipped with the latest tech will sustain more than the outdated techs.

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Choosing the best manufacturer

For procurement of the latest machines, it is suggested to focus on service as well. Lontto gives you the latest machines with the latest services after the purchase. It’s a long-term relationship-building process where customer satisfaction is the top priority.

What can I use as raw material in brick-making machines in Cameroon?

Cameroon has huge deposits of laterite soil, clay, and sand. Concrete can be made from crushed igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. Other materials like fly ash, gravel, cinder, and cement can also be used for making high-quality bricks.

Where can I use brick-making machines in Cameroon?

As the cities in Cameroon are expanding, the demand for construction machinery is increasing. There are two major uses of brick-making machines in Cameroon for you.

Construction Sites

Manual to Automattic both kinds of machines can be used for big construction projects where the road connectivity is not that good. Sometimes the road infrastructure is not present in the newly developing areas. These areas can use an onsite brick-making plant to reduce the cost of transportation of the bricks.

Brick Manufacturing Units

This is the traditional way of manufacturing bricks. Businesses use the brick manufacturing plant to take orders from construction companies. Companies with less space for construction can opt for buying bricks from these units. This way you can supply the bricks on demand.

Why Lontto’s technology is the best for brick-making machines in Cameroon?

Lontto is a leading manufacturer of brick-making mahcines in China. The Chinese technology along with the technologies from Japan and France are incorporated into the machines.

All the technologically advanced equipment and experience in brick-making machine manufacturing. Clients from all over the world including the African continent are highly praising Lontto’s machines and services.

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How can Lontto supply me with the brick-making machine in Cameroon?

There is a process for getting brick-making machines from Lontto’s factory in China. The process is easy. Just place the order online or visit their factory in China. Decide on the payment methods and place your order. In normal operating conditions Lontto’ through their shipping partners delivers the machines in 7 days.

What is the price of high-tech brick-making machines in Cameroon?

Lontto prepares the machinery for all types of needs and within the price limit of everyone. Their models start from as low as $1000. Everyone is welcome to buy their machinery. No matter the size of the business large or small, delivery is done.

One thing to keep in mind that small machines might be cost-effective but require more human effort. Therefore they are good for small construction projects. Whereas for large construction like apartment buildings and infra projects, automatic machines are very cost-effective.

Lontto's Machines in Cameroon Cost in USD Cost in XAF
QMJ2-40 (Manual mobile) 1,000 – 1,350 5,36,930 – 7,24,856
LMT4-40 (Manual) 2,500 – 3,500 1,342,325 – 1,879,255
QCM4-30 (Manual mobile) 3,000 – 4,000 1,610,790 – 2,147,720
QMJ4-45 (Manual mobile) 3,700 – 4,500 1,986,641 – 2,416,185
QMY4-30 (Manual mobile) 3,800 – 4,700 2,040,334 – 2,523,571
LMT4-35 (Semi-Automatic) 4,500 – 6,000 2,416,185 – 3,221,580
LMT4-26 (Semi-Automatic) 6,000 – 9,000 3,221,580 – 4,832,370
QT4-18 (Fully-Automatic) 12,000 – 16,500 6,443,160 – 8,859,345
QT4-15 (Fully-Automatic) 30,000 – 40,000 16,107,900 – 21,477,200
QT5-15 (Fully-Automatic) 40,000 – 50,000 21,477,200 – 26,846,500
QT8-15 (Fully-Automatic) 50,000 – 65,000 26,846,500 – 34,900,450
QT10-15 (Fully-Automatic) 60,000 – 70,000 32,215,800 – 37,585,100


By 2050 urbanization in Cameroon will see 70% of the population living in the cities. This opens the grounds for the opportunity for small to large brick-making businesses in Cameroon. Most of the African continent is seeing large-scale development projects, same is the case with Cameroon.

Lontto supplies all the high-tech machinery to the African countries including Cameroon. They have several clients that visit their factory for ordering brick-making machines. Many satisfied clients are from more than 100 countries.

Lontto can easily supply quality brick-making machines for business in Cameroon. Order either by online means or factory visit. After the purchase, you get training and 24/7 customer support for any issues.

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