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Brick Making Machine for Sale

  • All spare parts are from highly regarded manufacturers
  • The mainframes are made of strong steel
  • They are time saving. More blocks at less time.
  • Moulds are heat treated to ensure durability
  • Lmt4-26 brick making machine sale now
  • LMT4-35 concrete brick machine for sale lontto
  • LT2-40 Clay brick machine for sale
  • ECO BRB Interlocking brick making machine for sale
LMT4-40 Manual Brick Making Machine for Sale

This brick making machine is highly sought after by brick manufacturers across the world because of its efficiency, affordability, and small size. It is a great fit for brick manufacturers with a small budget, space, and poor electricity supply (it is manual). It can produce different types of blocks and supports different raw materials.

For you to operate this machine, you must not have significant technical training. It requires only 2-3 workers to operate it. Hence, you wouldn’t need to spend much on labour.

  • Cycling speed: 40 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2240 (hollow blocks), 4480 (porous blocks), and 6720 (pavement bricks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Power: 5kw
  • Size: 1500x1750x1900mm
LMT4-35 Semi Automatic Brick Making Machine for Sale

This brick making machine makes use of strong vibrations at high frequency, to produce bricks of high quality. Unlike the model LMT4-40, this machine comes with a materials hopper. Just like LMT4-40, this model also comes with a hand cart, a free set of moulds, and a mixer.

To ensure the machine’s durability, the brick making machine manufacturers have used strong steel and special welding techniques for the body.

  • Cycling speed: 35 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2880 (hollow blocks), 5760 (porous blocks), and 9920 (pavement bricks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*450*30mm
  • Power: 7kw
  • Size: 2050x1660x1900mm
LMT4-26 Concrete Brick Making Machine for Sale

Some brick making machine manufacturers name this machine as QT4-26 or QT4-24. It is easy to operate and maintain. The design and strong steel frame makes it last long. The efficiency, production capacity, and low manpower requirement is far higher than the price it goes for. It has a 6m conveyor belt, a materials hopper, a mixer, 2 manual carts, and a spare parts box.

It is ideal for brick manufacturers who are just starting out or those that want an upgrade over the other manual models.

  • Cycling speed: 20-26 seconds
  • Production capacity: 3200 (hollow blocks), 6720 (porous blocks), and 12000 (pavement bricks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Power: 6kw
  • Size: 2150x1660x2500mm
QMJ2-40 Hand Brick Making Machine for Sale

Just like the model QCM4-30, this brick making machine is also mobile and fitted with four wheels. By purchasing this machine, you’ll be cutting down on labour costs since it is operated by only 1-2 people. Apart from that, it has a high efficiency which helps you produce more bricks in less time.

It is powered by electricity and a powerful diesel engine.

  • Cycling speed: 40-45 seconds
  • Production capacity: 1440 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: 5kw or 12hp diesel engine
  • Size: 1100x700x1300mm
QCM 4-30 Mobile Concrete Brick Making Machine for Sale

This model is a mobile concrete brick making machine. It is fitted with wheels and therefore can be moved from one site to another without stress. The machine produces blocks directly to the concrete floor which eliminates the use of pallets.

If you have power outages or you just wish to conserve electricity, this brick making machine is for you. It is completely powered by a diesel engine that consumes just a little fuel.

Machines can be so noisy but not this one. A special technique has been adopted by the brick making machine manufacturers to ensure that the noise is kept at a minimum.

  • Cycling speed: 30-35 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2000-2500 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: 12hp diesel engine
  • Size: 2400*1300*1600 mm
QMJ4-45 Mobile Concrete Block Machine for Sale

This mobile brick making machine features an upgrade over the previous brick making machine. Instead of the previous one time vibration, the brick making machine manufacturers upgraded the moulding core to a two time vibration. Hence, the bricks are of greater quality, compressive strength, and thicker density.

Apart from being efficient, this brick making machine is affordable.

  • Cycling speed: 40-45 seconds
  • Production capacity: 3000 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: 8kw
  • Size: 1600*1500*1200mm
QMJ4-30 Brick Machine for Sale

This mobile brick making machine has advantages that can be compared with other big stationary machines. It is automatic; everything is controlled with the push of a button. You don’t need to move it manually: it can be moved forward and backwards automatically. It is easy to operate, durable and reliable, and produces quality bricks.

  • Cycling speed: 23-25 seconds
  • Production capacity: 4000-4600 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: 6kw
  • Size: 1300×1500×1000 mm
LT2-40 Hand Mini Clay Brick Making Machine for Sale

This brick making machine is completely hand-operated. You don’t have to use diesel or electricity. Unlike the LT1-40, you can produce two blocks in one mould which makes production faster and more efficient. The pressing power for making the bricks is generated by a hand lever which has to be moved up and down to mould the clay bricks.

  • Cycling speed: 30-40 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2800 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: manual
  • Size: 1600*700*1200mm
ECO BRAVA Manual Interlocking Clay Brick Machine for Sale

This is a clay or compressed earth brick making machine. Unlike most manual machines, it relies primarily on hydraulic pressure to provide pressing power. It is suitable for small/micro brick making enterprises.

The benefits far outweigh the cost of this brick making machine. It produces many quality blocks in just a little time. It has dual sources of power: diesel and electricity.

  • Cycling speed: 20-25 seconds
  • Production capacity: 1440-1920 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: 2kw or 6hp diesel engine
  • Size: 1000*600*1400mm
ECO BRB Hand Clay Brick Making Machine for Sale

Eco Brb produces quality bricks with a hydraulic pressure that can go as high as 6ompa. The moulds are subjected to heat treatment and the manufacturer uses precise welding techniques. Due to the heat treatment and precise welding, the moulds are guaranteed to last long.

  • Cycling speed: 20 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2800 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: none
  • Power: 2kw or 6hp diesel engine
  • Size: 1490*980*1800mm
LT4-10 Automatic Clay Brick Making Machine for Sale

LT4-10 is a fully automatic brick making machine. For maximum brick quality, the hydraulic pressure is greatly increased. It has a PLC control system, a soil crusher, a mixer, a conveyor belt, and a fast block transfer system. All of the above listed combine to make this machine very fast, efficient, and highly productive.

This machine produces different types of blocks with just a change of mould.

  • Cycling speed: 10 seconds
  • Production capacity: 8000 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Power:11kw
  • Size: 1800*1500*2210mm
LT5-10 Automatic Soil Clay Brick Making Machine for Sale

LT5-10 is an automatic brick making machine manufactured by Lontto, for the production of burnt-free bricks.This brick making machine is not restricted to the production of only bricks, it also produces hollow blocks, solid blocks, etc. hence, instead of buying several machines, you can use just one machine and simply change the mould.

It has a higher production capacity than the LT4-10: the hydraulic pump has been increased to produce a bigger hydraulic pressure of 60mpa (30-40mpa in LT4-10). The increased pressure makes it easier to produce bricks of greater quality, compressive strength, and density.

  • Cycling speed: 5-7 seconds
  • Production capacity: 14400-28800 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Power:11kw or 12hp diesel engine
  • Size: 2300*1900*1600mm
M7MI Diesel Interlocking Soli Clay Brick Machine for Sale

This is a mobile brick making machine fitted with two wheels. Due to its wheels, you can move it from one site to another. It has a 150 liter mixer, which has a hydraulic motor that mixes the cement thoroughly. You can produce any type of clay brick by simply changing the mould to fit the brick you require.

It is powered by a strong diesel engine which produces a power of 12hp (sufficient to power the machine).

  • Cycling speed: 15-20 seconds
  • Production capacity: 2400 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Power:11kw or 12hp diesel engine
  • Size: 3800x1900x1500mm
QT4-18 Automatic Brick Machine for Sale

This is a completely automated brick making machine. The material feeding, movement of pallet, mixing, and moulding are all controlled by a PLC control system. You can use a forklift instead of a manual cart, to carry the bricks to the curing section.

  • Cycling speed: 15-18 seconds
  • Production capacity: 7690 (hollow blocks), 23040 (porous blocks), and 46080 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 850*550mm
  • Power:19kw
  • Size: 4800×1650×2400mm
QT4-15 Hydraulic Automatic Brick Machine for Sale

This brick making machine uses robust asynchronous vertical vibrations to produce high quality bricks. The PLC control system makes it easy to diagnose faults and fix them before they become something serious. Apart from cutting labour costs, buying the machine will help you reduce wastage of raw materials; it has a recycle material feeding system that helps you to use little raw materials to achieve high density bricks.

  • Cycling speed: 15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 7200-9600 (hollow blocks), 25200-33600 (porous blocks), and 59290-67200 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 1020×570×30mm(Wood Pallet) and 1020×570×20mm(PVC Pallet)
  • Power:5kw
  • Size: 6800×1650×2450mm
QT5-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine for Sale

This brick making machine is very advanced, fully automatic, and controlled by an intelligent control system. The machine supports the usage of a wide range of raw materials such as fly ash, river sand, coal, industrial waste, and many more. To make it even better, it can produce different types, shapes, and designs of blocks and bricks.

It is highly versatile and a good fit for large brick making industries.

  • Cycling speed: 15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 12000-18000 (hollow blocks), 14000-21600 (porous blocks), and 21600-32400 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 1100×570×30mm
  • Power:5kw
  • Size: 5120×1950×2810mm
QT6-15 Automatic Brick Machine for Sale

QT6-15 is a reliable automatic brick making machine. Its entire frame is composed of super strong steel which contributes greatly to its durability and resistance to corrosion. It combines a hydraulic pressure as high as 21mpa and super strong vibrations of 90 KN to produce quality blocks. It has an automatic pallet feeding and delivery system that stacks produced blocks on top each other before they are transported to a curing section.

  • Cycling speed: 15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 21600 (hollow blocks), 28800 (porous blocks), and 11520 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 940×830×25MM
  • Power: 43kw
  • Size: 8000×1950×2700 mm
QT8-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine for Sale

The QT8-15 is a fully automatic brick machine equipped with a batching plant, concrete mixer, cement silo, main block machine, and a block stacker. It is large, heavy, controlled by a PLC system (made by Siemens), and very efficient. Apart from having an electrical control system, it also has a vibration analysing system to allow you to adjust the vibration to optimize production and reduce noise.

The material feeding system is highly advanced and economizes your raw materials.

  • Cycling speed: 15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 21600 (hollow blocks), 28800 (porous blocks), and 11520 (paver blocks) pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 950*990mm
  • Power: 43kw
  • Size: 8300×3000×1860 mm
QT10-15 Brick Making Machine for Sale

It’s widely known that a machine is as good as it’s spare parts. Hence, all spare parts used by the manufacturers of this machine are from reputable companies such as Siemens and Schneider. Apart from that, the frame of the machine and the mould are composed of super strong steel which confers on them durability even with constant usage. It can be operated by at most five people.

  • Cycling speed: 10-15 seconds
  • Production capacity: 24000-72000 pieces/8 hours
  • Pallet size: 1300×900x30mm
  • Power: 44kw
  • Size: 9350×2320×2950mm

Lontto All Types of Brick Making Machine for Sale

You can visit Lontto block machine factory, and to check all models of brick making machine

Lontto brick making machine for sale

Lontto Brick Making Machine for Sale

Lontto is a brick making manufacturer of repute, based in China. Our experience goes back over 30 years. Within this period, we have gained certifications after fulfilling all quality assurance guidelines. We have also developed over 70 patents. As a brick making supplier, we take pride in making our customers happy which includes delivery of your machine directly to your country.

All machines are affordable but quality. As a matter of fact, the reward to cost ratio is pretty high.

We have Mobile brick making machines, semi-automatic brick making machines, and fully automatic brick making machines. Each machine has a guarantee of quality above anything else. Each machine can produce a wide range of blocks such as paver blocks, solid blocks, interlocking bricks, and many more.

Our machines adopt advanced techniques and are composed of raw materials sourced from different spare part manufacturers of repute such as Siemens, emerson, Omron, and many others.

We do not stop at just selling the machine to you, but we also offer technical assistance for maintenance, repair, and operation of the machine. Your staff can be trained for free on how to operate the machine.

catalogue of lontto brick making machine for sale

Brick Making Machine for Sale: The Definitive Guide

What is a brick making machine?

In simple terms, brick making machines are machines used to make bricks. It uses strong vibrations and hydraulic pressure to fulfill this task. They are used to make the brick making process faster, more efficient, and profitable.

An even more important and expected use of brick making machines is to make the production process easier. Moreover, that’s the primary objective of using a machine in any case. This was not the case in the past when clay had to be transported via lorries to the factory before numerous workers toiled to turn it into bricks.

Brick Making Machine for Sale clay and concrete

What are the types of brick making machines for sale?

Brick making machines are divided into two broad groups based on their degree of automation:

  • Manual/mobile brick making machines
  • Automatic brick making machines

Also, automatic machines are subdivided into two groups:

  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic.

Let’s dive into each group.

  • Manual/mobile brick making machine

As the name implies, these machines require a bit of human input and don’t need a pallet since the blocks are produced directly onto the concrete floor.

There are some manual brick making machines that do not require power, either through electricity or diesel.

This brick making machine requires more workers, costs less, and has a comparatively lower production capacity than other machines.

Examples include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, QMJ2-40, QMJ4-30, and many more.

manual brick machine for sale

  • Automatic brick making machines

These brick making machines are preferred by medium-large scale brick manufacturers. They cost more but after a while, the benefit far outweighs the cost. It is also preferred by countries with high labour costs.

  • Semi-automatic brick making machine

These machines are automated to an extent but still need some sort of human influence. They are typically large, stationary, and have different production capacities.

  • Fully automatic brick making machines

These are the most advanced brick making machines. They also cost more, produce more in less time, and produce blocks of greater quality.

They are controlled by a programmable control (PLC) system which makes for a human-machine interface. Hence, diagnosing and analysing faults and chance signals is very easy.

Fully automatic brick making machines are usually very large and can produce a whooping 24000 blocks in just one shift (8 hours). It sure costs the most but in the long run, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

automatic brick making machine for sale

How much does a brick making machine cost?

There is no blanket cost estimate for brick making machines. The cost depends on the degree of automation and cost of accessories such as pallets.

More importantly, the cost of a brick making machine can go up astronomically due to clearance and shipping costs. You should consult your shipping authority to know how much it costs to ship such a machine. They should be aware of the size.

We at lontto can also help to send you a price quotation. You should send a message to our customer service desk and we will send a document with the prices directly to your email address.

Brick Making Machines Models New Price in USD (2021)
QMJ2-40 brick making machine for sale 1000 – 1350
LMT4-40 brick machine for sale 2500 – 3500
QCM4-30 brick machine for sale 3000 – 4000
QMJ4-45 brick machine for sale 3700 – 4500
QMY4-30 brick machine for sale 3800 – 4700
LMT4-35 brick machine for sale 4500 – 6000
LMT4-26 brick machine for sale 6000 – 9000
QT4-18 brick machine for sale 12000 – 16500
QT4-15 brick machine for sale 30000 – 40000
QT5-15 brick machine for sale 40000 – 50000
QT8-15 brick machine for sale 50000 – 65000
QT10-15 brick machine for sale 60000 – 70000

Where can I buy a brick making machine?

You can buy a quality, reliable brick making machine from Lontto. You can contact our sales rep to guide you through the process. If you wish, you could also visit our factory and we would arrange accommodation for you. We also offer delivery services directly to your country.

How can I start my brick making business?

  • Learn fundamental business skills.

Running a brick making industry needs a knowledge of business. You can’t write a business plan without a basic knowledge of marketing, relating with customers, finances, sales, and so on. Businesses started by people without basic knowledge of what it takes to run a business, are likely to fail in the long run.

  • Write a business plan

Every business strategist will hammer on the importance of having a business plan before diving into business. Your business plan should include your starting costs, capital, projected profit, and many more.

  • Investigate the demand

Are there many people needing bricks? If there aren’t, then what’s the need of the business?

You can have an idea of the demand by doing competitor research, market survey, and interacting with other professionals in the industry such as builders, brick manufacturers, etc.

how to buy brick making machine from lontto

  • How much will you spend?

You should take stock of the capital you have on hand and compare with expenditure you need to make to set up and run the business. The capital should cover your running costs before you start making profits.

You should remember that you’ll be needing water, labour, land, electricity/diesel, etc.

  • Find the land

The land area should be enough for the machine, production, and offices. You should consider the slope, access to amenities, location, and so on.

  • Choose the machine

A simple search will reveal numerous types of brick making machine. There are many things to consider before choosing a machine. All considerations are discussed in the next section.

What should I consider before choosing a brick making machine?

  • Determine the size of your pocket

There’s no need to order for what you can’t afford. From your bussiness proposal, you would have laid down the amount you can afford.

  • Look at the track record of the manufacturer

How many years have they been in the business? What are their clients saying? What is the size of their company?


  • Check the specifications

The specifications will determine if the machine willbe a good fit for your business.

All technical details for each brick making machine are available on Lontto’s website.

  • Determine your production capacity
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