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  • Expert support during installation.
  • Staff training services also available.
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Our Brick Making Products

Manual Brick Making Machines

  • Works well in rural areas or places with no electricity.
  • Cheapest option but has a low production rate.

Partially Automatic Brick Making Machines

  • Mid-budget choice with mid-production levels.
  • Good choice for small to medium businesses.

Automatic Brick Making Machines

  • Extremely efficient but more expensive than others.
  • Excellent for businesses with high production needs.

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QT5-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

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QT4-18 Automatic Brick Making Machine

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Fully Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine - QT6-15

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QT10-15 Concrete Block Maker Machine

qt8 15 germany block making machine

Concrete Block Making Machine QT8-15

Other Brick Making Machiness

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Our Services

Robust Installation Support

Robust Installation Support

Training Provided

Training Provided

Post-Sale Support and Care

Support & Care

Spare Parts Easily Available

Spare Parts Easily Available

Raw Materials for Brick Making Machine in Tunisia

  • Soil or Clay

    The main ingredient. It provides the structure and flexibility for shaping bricks.

  • Cement

    Stabilizes the soil or clay mixture, increasing durability and strength.

  • Sand

    Reduces cracking and shrinking in the drying and firing phases.

  • Water

    Mixes the other materials into a paste for molding. It also assists in chemical reactions during curing.

How to Choose the Right Brick Making Machine Tunisia

Your Production Volume

Make sure you choose a machine that can handle your production needs. A high-volume production will need an automated machine for efficiency. Low volume productions can get by with a manual or semi-automatic machine.

Your Environment

If you’re in a place with a constant supply of electricity, you can choose an automatic or semi-automatic machine. For areas without power or with intermittent electricity, a manual machine might be your best choice.

Brick Materials and Types

Think about the kind of brick you want (cement, concrete, soil, clay) and the brick shape you want. This will influence your machine and mold choice. You can order a custom mold if you have specific brick-shaping requirements.

Your Budget

Buy a brick making machine Tunisia that’s within your budget. You can always start with a more affordable manual machine and upgrade to an automatic machine when the business is profiting.

Brick Maker Machine Price

A manual brick making machine Tunisia will be the more affordable choice. Semi-automatic and automatic machines will go up in price.

Contact us if you need help matching up the right machine to your budget. Our experienced engineers will consider your production needs and how much you can spend and recommend a machine to meet your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Need a top-quality brick making machine Malawi? Here’s why you can trust Lontto to be your partner in the brick making business.

  • Proven Track Record  – We have a performance record dating back more than 3 decades.
  • Focused On You  – We don’t just sell machines—we partner with businesses.
  • Commitment to Innovation  – Our technology and machines are always getting better and more efficient.
  • One Free Mold Set 
  • CE & ISO 9001 Certification 
  • Delivered to Your Door 
  • One-Year Warranty 

Beyond Bricks: Unbeatable Support

  • Consultation  – Let our experienced technical engineers guide you to finding the best machine for your business needs.
  • Installation & Training  – Our specialists will walk your staff through the installation of your machine. We’ll also train them if necessary.
  • Technical Support  – We’re always available for troubleshooting if you need help after buying one of our brick making machines.
  • Spare Parts & Upgrades  – We provide top-quality spare parts when you need them, and deliver them to your door.

Find the Right Brick Making Machine Tunisia

Need a brick making machine Tunisia? Contact Lontto today. Our expert engineers will help you choose the right machine for your business’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Lontto ensure the quality of its brick machines?

Lontto ensures quality through high-quality materials, efficient designs, strict manufacturing protocols, comprehensive testing, and obtaining relevant certifications. They continuously enhance machine quality based on customer feedback and provide robust after-sales support.

What transportation options are available?

Lontto primarily uses sea freight from Qingdao, China. Medium-sized machines fit in a 20-foot container, while larger machines require 40-foot high containers.

How long does delivery take on average?

Delivery times vary: approximately 30-40 days to Africa, 10 days to Asia, and 30 days to South America.

How does insurance for delivery work?

Lontto uses CIF trade terms, incorporating marine insurance to cover damages or loss during shipment, allowing for insurance claims if needed.

How does Lontto assist with customs clearance for international orders?

Lontto assists with all necessary documentation for customs clearance and has partnerships with local customs agents in various countries to facilitate the process.

How long is the warranty on Lontto Brick Making Machines?

Lontto offers a 1-year warranty covering defects in materials and craftsmanship, with free repairs or replacement parts, excluding shipping costs. The probability of requiring replacements is low, but support is assured if needed.

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