If you want to buy a brick making machine, what you must know before buying a block machine? Do you know what kind of brick machine you need? Do you know the quality of the brick machine? After buying it already, do you know what you need to prepare before you can start producing bricks?
I have summarized some important tips to help you buy the best brick machine. The following outline will help you quickly browse this article.

What Are The Types of Brick Machines for Sale?

Knowing the classification of the brick machine, you can have a good understanding of which brick machine is suitable for you. You can choose the brick machine most suitable for you according to the functions of different brick machines.

First of all, from the degree of automation, it can be divided into: automatic brick machine, semi-automatic brick making machine, and manual brick machine.

From hydraulic and non-hydraulic can be divided into: hydraulic brick machine, mechanical vibration block machine.

From the raw materials of the bricks: concrete block machine, cinder block machine, fly ash brick machine, cement brick machine, clay brick machine, compressed earth block machine.

Whether the brick machine is mobile can be divided into: mobile brick machine and stationary brick making machine.

The dimensions of bricks distinguish brick machines: hollow block making machine, solid block making machine, paver block machine, interlocking brick making machine.

But you need to know that a brick machine can produce bricks of various sizes above, but you need to buy more brick molds. One mold corresponds to one brick size.

Automatic brick making machine

A fully automatic brick machine, from the mixing of raw materials, to the transportation of raw materials, and the forming of bricks, is completely automated. The PLC control system is equipped with a preset program that can automatically produce bricks.

Advantages: The automatic brick machine greatly saves manpower and has high production efficiency,

But the relative disadvantage is that the cost is relatively higher due to the abundant configuration of the automatic brick machine.


Suitable people: If your brick output requirements are high, local labor costs are high, and your budget is higher, you can choose a fully automatic brick machine to produce a large number of bricks to occupy your brick sales market.

Generally, the models of Chinese automatic brick machines are QT4-25C, QT4-18 (QT4-25D), QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15.

Configuration of automatic brick machine: cement silo, aggregate batcher, concrete mixing machine, belt conveyor, host brick machine, PLC control system, Hydraulic station, block stacker.

For the specific model of brick machine configuration, please consult the brick machine manufacturer.

Refer to our automatic brick machine video:

Semi-automatic brick making machine

Semi-automatic brick machine: From raw material mixing, raw material conveying, brick forming, it is automatically completed by machinery, but semi-automatic is that you need to manually control the operating buttons or levers.

One person is required to operate the control system all the time and continuously complete the production of bricks, but for automatic bricks, as long as the program is set up, people do not need to operate the buttons.

Advantages of semi-automatic brick machine: the efficiency is also very high, and the operation is also very simple, and the maintenance is more convenient. The price is cheaper than fully automatic.

Disadvantages of semi-automatic brick machine: the output is not as high as that of fully automatic, and more labor.

SEMI AUTOMATIC block making machine vs automatic block machine

Suitable people: If you have a small budget and are new to the brick manufacturing industry, you can buy a semi-automatic brick machine.

The model of China's semi-automatic brick machine: LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT3-20. For QT3-20 you can also equipped with PLC, then QT3-20 will be full automatic type.

General configuration of semi-automatic brick machine: pan mixer series, JQ350, JQ400, JQ500. Belt conveyor, usually 6 meters, brick machine host, can also be equipped with block stacking machine.

Please check the video of the semi-automatic brick machine:

Manual brick making machine

Manual brick making machine: Need to manually add raw materials to the mold, and then the machine mold vibrates to form the bricks.

The advantages of manual brick machine: simpler operation and cheaper price. Maintenance is very convenient.

Disadvantages of manual brick machine: high physical exertion, low output, relatively semi-automatic and fully automatic brick machine, low efficiency.

Suitable people: New entrants in the brick production industry, low budgets, and build their own houses.

Manual brick machine configuration: mixer, host brick making machine.

Models: LMT4-40

Check the manual brick making machine video:

Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Hydraulic brick making machines are generally fully automatic brick making machines. They are called hydraulic brick making machines because they are equipped with hydraulic stations. In addition to mold vibration, brick molding also has hydraulic pressure. The brick molding time is short and the efficiency is very high.

And all pavement tiles with color on the surface need to use a hydraulic brick making machine, you need to choose a secondary feeding color material system, this system needs hydraulic power.

The hydraulic brick machine can be vibration-free hydraulic brick machine: large tonnage press. Only static pressure molding, no vibration motor, almost no noise.

The pressure is high, the brick molding time is short, and the output is large. It can be equipped with a mechanical gripper to realize a fully automatic cyclic brick making process. Models: LT100, LT300, LT800, LT1000, LT1500.


We also have models that are mechanical vibration hydraulic brick making machines. Except QT4-25C, the other QT models of QT series of automatic brick machines are all automatic hydraulic brick machines. Models: QT4-18 (QT4-25D), QT4-15, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15

Advantages of hydraulic brick machine: fully automatic control, highest efficiency, maximum production output.

Disadvantages of hydraulic brick machine: maintenance is relatively complicated and the price is high.

Suitable for people: Suitable for those who are already in the brick manufacturing industry. You want to expand the scale of production and greatly increase your output. And you need to produce colored pavement bricks, and your budget is enough, it is recommended that you choose hydraulic brick making machine.


Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete block making machine: It mainly uses concrete as raw material. After being stirred by a concrete mixer, the concrete is conveyed to the mould to produce concrete bricks of various specifications.

Using concrete as raw materials: cement, sand, pebbles, cinder, fly ash, etc. According to a certain proportion, concrete masonry units are produced through concrete brick making machines.

For details, please refer to the concrete block raw material ratio table:

Can produce concrete hollow bricks, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, size blocks. concrete solid blocks, concrete paver blocks, concrete interlocking bricks.

concrete block making machine lontto

Advantages of concrete block machine:

  1. There are a wide range of brick models, from manual to fully automatic, and various models of brick machines are sold, which can meet users with various budget requirements. And one brick machine can produce bricks of different sizes, only need to change different molds.
  2. With environmental protection requirements, concrete bricks have begun to replace clay bricks.
  3. And the concrete bricks have very high strength and are suitable for various construction needs.
  4. The raw materials are very abundant, the amount of cement used is small, construction waste, and the waste fly ash used in power plants can also be used as raw materials. .

Disadvantages of concrete brick machine: The raw material can only be concrete, and clay cannot be used as raw material.

Models of concrete brick making machine: LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT3-20, QT4-15, QT4-18, QT5-15, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15 .

Models of mobile concrete brick machine: QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QCM4-30, QMJ4-30, QMY6-25, QMY10-25, QMY12-15.

Suitable people: Suitable for those who are only used to produce concrete bricks, and you can easily find raw materials. Moreover, the choice is large, and there are many models to meet various needs of customers.

Cinder Block Machine

Cinder block brick machine mainly uses cinder among the raw materials. Cinder is part of the raw material in concrete, and the coal cinder contains fly ash, so the cinder block is lighter than the concrete block.

Therefore, the cinder block machine is almost the same as the concrete block machine. There is no difference but the raw material contains cinder, so it is called the cinder block machine.

The advantages of the cinder block machine are the same as the advantages of the concrete brick machine, and as the raw material, the production cost is low.

Disadvantages of cinder blocks: light weight and lower strength than blocks without cinder.

Suitable for people: If you have a lot of cinder as raw material, and the construction requirements are not high, and the strength of the bricks is not high, it is recommended that you choose cinder as the raw material to produce bricks.

automatic cinder block machine

Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

Fly ash brick making machine is an automatic equipment that uses fly ash as raw material to make bricks and fly ash bricks.

Autoclaved fly ash brick machine: a static pressure hydraulic automatic brick machine with two-way pressure in the up and down directions.

Raw materials for autoclaved fly ash bricks: fly ash, quicklime, gypsum, fine aggregate.

Proportion of autoclaved fly ash brick

Fly ash: sand: lime: gypsum = 70: 18: 10: 2

Process flow of steam curing fly ash brick:

Material silo---Screw conveyor---Metering system---Screw conveyor for mixed materials---Double shaft mixer---Belt conveyor---Lime digestion silo---Belt conveyor-- -Planetary wheel mill---Static brick press---Autoclave---Finished fly ash bricks

If you want to increase the strength of fly ash bricks, you must use an autoclave. The fly ash bricks are cured under saturated vapor pressure (steam temperature is above 174.5℃, working pressure is above 0.8MPa), fly ash The strength of the brick can reach 20MPa or 15MPa.

Non-autoclaved fly ash bricks:

If you want to produce bricks with fly ash content less than 50%, you can produce fly ash bricks without autoclave.

You only need to buy our fully automatic hydraulic vibrating brick machine, just like the concrete brick machine. It can produce fly ash bricks without autoclave curing.

The ratio of non-steamed fly bricks: cement: fly ash: sand: gravel: lime & admixture = 12: 47: 5:31: 5

Cement Brick Making Machine

Cement brick making machine is usually what we call concrete brick making machine, because cement is an important raw material in concrete, so we usually say that concrete brick is cement brick.

When you need to produce cement bricks, you can refer to how to buy concrete brick machines.

Since the model of cement brick machine and concrete brick machine are the same, all the brick machine models you can choose are: LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT3-20, QT4-15, QT4-18, QT5-15 , QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15.

Mobile cement block machine: QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QCM4-30, QMJ4-30, QMY6-25, QMY10-25, QMY12-15.

Clay Brick Machine

Clay brick machine is a machine specially used to produce clay bricks. Clay bricks are made of clay as the main raw material, which is stirred into plasticity and formed by a vacuum extrusion brick machine.

The extruded soil blocks are called bricks, which are air-dried and sent into the kiln, where they are calcined at a high temperature of 900-1000℃ to become bricks

The specifications of standard clay bricks are: 240×115×53

Clay bricks are divided into six strength levels: MU30, MU25, MU20, MU15, MU10, and MU7.5 according to their compressive strength (N/mm2).


Compressed Earth Block Machine

Compressed earth block making machine mainly forms compressed earth blocks of different sizes by compressing the soil and using molds of different sizes.

The compressed earth blocks ratio: soil:cement=10:1/ soil:cement=12:1/ soil:cement=14:1. (According to the raw materials).

We have mobile and fixed hydraulic compressed earth block machines.

Hydraulic compressed earth soil block machine models: ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, LT2-10, LT4-10, LT5-10, LT7-10.

Mobile compressed block machine models: M7MI, M7MI TWINS.

All of compressed earth block making machine no need pallets.


Mobile Block Making Machine

The mobile brick making machine has wheels and can move freely.

For the mobile concrete brick machine, compared with the fixed mobile brick machine, the pallet is not needed, and the bricks are formed on the ground. The cost of the pallet is greatly saved.

Suitable for people: If your production requirements are not large, and you have enough production space, and you don't want to spend more on the pallet, you can choose a mobile concrete brick machine.

You can choose models: QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QCM4-30, QMJ4-30, QMY6-25, QMY10-25, QMY12-15. Among them, QMY6-25, QMY10-25, QMY12-15 are large mobile The concrete brick machine requires a larger site.

Disadvantages of the mobile brick machine: This brick machine cannot be used to make colored pavement bricks, and is generally used to produce concrete hollow blocks.

Hollow Block Making Machine

The hollow brick making machine mentioned here refers to equipment mainly used to produce hollow concrete blocks. The main specifications of hollow bricks are 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’.

Concrete hollow bricks are concrete bricks, so you can use a concrete brick machine to produce hollow blocks.

You can buy a hollow brick machine like you buy a concrete brick machine.

Hollow block machine models:LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QT3-20, QT4-15, QT4-18, QT5-15 , QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10-15, QT12-15.

Mobile hollow block machine models:QMJ2-40, QMJ4-45, QCM4-30, QMJ4-30, QMY6-25, QMY10-25, QMY12-15.

concrete hollow block samples

Solid Block Making Machine

When you are about to buy a solid brick machine, you will search Google, you will find that there will be a lot of concrete brick machine websites in the front position, yes you read it right.

Solid bricks usually refer to concrete bricks. Of course, concrete brick machines can be used to produce solid bricks.

The raw materials and raw material ratio of solid bricks are the same as those of concrete bricks.

Paver Block Machine And Interlocking Brick Making Machine

Pavement brick machine and interlocking brick machine are the same brick machine equipment. If you need to produce pavement bricks, you only need to replace it with a pavement brick mold. If you want to produce interlocking bricks, you need to replace the mold with an interlocking brick mold.

Pavement interlocking bricks are mainly used to pave roads, parking lots, and sidewalks. There can be many color bricks.

Note: If you want to produce pavement bricks with colored surfaces, you need to equip your brick machine with a secondary feeding color materials system. Only hydraulic brick machines can be equipped with a secondary feeding color materials system.

Clay interlocking brick machine: mainly refers to the compressed earth block machine.

Where to Buy a Good Brick Making Machine?

After you understand the similarities and differences of various models of brick machines. You have chosen the brick machine model that suits you. After determining the model, you need to choose a brick machine supplier.

In China, there are many brick machine manufacturers, mainly in Shandong, Henan and Fujian.

The most competitive price

Since China is the country with the most comprehensive and complete supply chain in the world, it has greatly reduced costs. The important materials needed to manufacture brick machines are steel and motors. China's steel production has been linked to the world's largest steel production for many years.

Therefore, compared with other countries, China's steel prices are low, and the price of electric motors is not high. Therefore, the price of brick machine is the most competitive.

Technical advantages accumulated over the years

The brick machine has been developed in China for more than 30 years and has accumulated rich production experience and technical advantages.

The whole category of brick machine

You can buy brick machines with any function in China, from manual and semi-automatic brick machines, to automatic brick machines, mobile brick machines, hydraulic brick machines, etc. You can find the manufacturer.

Brick Making Machine Price

When you buy a brick machine, you may think that the price of the brick machine is the most important factor. The price determines whether you buy from the supplier.

Of course, the competition of brick machines has been very fierce. Basically, the market is very transparent and the price is very stable. But why sometimes the price is different

So you have to know several factors that affect the price of brick machine.

Different brick machine suppliers have different prices

In China, there are many brick machine manufacturers, it is difficult for you to distinguish the difference between suppliers. For the same type of brick machine, the price will vary greatly.

The most important factor is the different quality of brick machines. The prices provided by some suppliers are extremely low, which is already lower than the market price. The brick machine may be recycled and refurbished.

Risk of low brick machine price

If you buy a brick machine from a small factory, the price will be very low, but you will face a big risk, because these brick machines have no quality assurance and no after-sales service.

Even if you spend a small amount of money when you buy it, if there is a problem with the brick machine, you will lose everything, and your business will be greatly delayed, and you may go bankrupt.

If you buy a brick machine from a good supplier, the price may be higher, but they can provide you with the best quality brick machine and the best after-sales service.

Even if there may be a problem with the brick machine, you don't need to worry about it. They will give you the best solution for your own reputation.

You don't need to consider the price of brick machine, why?

When you choose a brick machine, the factor you should value most is professionalism. This is the most easily understood factor for you.

The professionalism of the supplier and the professionalism of the sales staff. Their knowledge of brick making machines, their production scale, and company history. Can reflect their professionalism.

If you choose a sufficiently professional supplier, they will provide you with a brick machine at a reasonable price. And you can avoid many unnecessary losses.

How To Choose The Brick Machine Model You Need?

What Kind Of Brick You Need To Produce?

If you want to produce concrete bricks, including hollow bricks, concrete solid bricks, concrete pavement bricks, interlocking bricks, etc. You need to choose from the model of concrete brick machine.

If you want to produce compressed earth blocks, you need to choose a compressed earth block machine.

If you need to produce fired clay bricks, you need to choose a vacuum extrusion clay brick machine.

Confirm The Size Of The Bricks To Be Produced

The dimensions of concrete hollow bricks are 4‘ 5’ 6’ 8’ (width), 400x100x200mm, 400x125x200mm, 400x150x200mm, 400x200x200mm, 390x190x190mm.

Of course, you can choose the brick size you want according to the brick size chart we provide. We have a complete concrete brick size chart and compressed earth blocks size chart for you to choose from.

Confirm The Capacity Of Blocks Per Day

If you just build your own house, or produce a small amount every day, you need to choose a small brick machine.

If you need to produce thousands of bricks every day, you need to choose the automatic brick machine.

You can determine the model you need based on the hourly output of the brick machine.

Confirm the configuration and components of the brick machine

When you buy a brick machine, you must confirm the configuration you need.

First of all, it must be equipped with a mixer, and then a belt conveyor, brick machine, mold, pallet, and block stacker.

These are the basic configuration, of course, the configuration of each model of brick machine is slightly different.

Confirm The Payment Method For Purchasing Brick Machine

Under normal circumstances, you have two main payment methods for buying brick machine.

The first is TT, you need to pay the advance payment first, usually 30% advance, and the remaining balance is paid before shipment.

You can choose L/C payment, which is letter of credit. Because the payment method of the letter of credit is more complicated, and the bank handles many processes, the handling fee is relatively high.

I suggest you choose TT. If you trust brick machine suppliers and they have good sales records in the past, you can choose TT to pay, which can save a lot of bank fees.

Confirm Brick Machine Production Order

When you confirm the order of block making machine from the supplier and the supplier starts production, it will confirm to you the list that needs to be produced.

The standard parts and configuration of the brick machine, the brick mold, the voltage of your local country and the color that needs to be painted.

When your brick machine is in the production process, the brick machine supplier will provide you with the production progress, as well as production photos or videos.

Confirm The Delivery Time Of The Brick Machine

When your brick machine is finished, the supplier starts to prepare for shipment.

First, the supplier will confirm the specific delivery time for you, and then the brick machine supplier will start to book the shipping company's position.

The manufacturer is responsible for loading the container, and is responsible for taking the packing photos, confirming that the brick machine equipment you ordered is loaded into the container.

After the ship leaves, the supplier will provide you with the receipt document, which is the bill of lading. Customs clearance information will also be prepared for you, including bills of lading, invoices, packing lists and, if you need, a certificate of origin.

In addition, some countries in Africa will need to provide COC certification. The supplier will solve these problems for you.

ship block making machine

Confirm The Installation Of The Brick Machine

If you are ordering a small brick machine, the brick machine is well debugged before shipment. After you receive the brick machine, you only need to connect it to the electricity and operate according to the instructions. The installation and operation are very simple.

If you order the automatic brick machine production line, the parts of the brick machine include cement silo, aggregate bathing machine, JS concrete mixer, you need our engineer to guide the installation of your machine. Our engineers can reach your country to guide you to install the machine and train you how to use the brick machine.

In the case of COVID -19, our engineers will not fly to your country, but you do not need to worry about the installation of brick making machine. We will have a dedicated online guide for the installation method.

In Conclusion

The above are important tips summarized by LONTTO for you, if you can read it carefully and understand what I said. I believe you can easily buy the best brick machine. If you have more questions about brick machines, you can contact me, Mr zhang chao, at LONTTO. I am willing to solve all kinds of brick machine problems for you, including purchase problems, usage problems, etc.

Contact me if you still have questions.

chao zhang

Author: Chao Zhang

I am Chao Zhang, I have been working in the brick making industry for over 10 years. I have a deep understanding and research on various models of block making machines, especially automatic brick machines, concrete block machines, compressed earth block machines, clay brick machines, cement brick machines. I have a special understanding of this industry. I can help my clients choose the suitable brick machine and assist them in designing and building a brick production factory. If you want to know everything about brick making machines, please contact me. I am happy to help you.