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DIY Brick Making Machine

  • Diy Brick-making machines with only 1 to 3 workers required
  • Machines can take wear and tear for long durations
  • Total 11 machines that are manual, semi-automatic, and the single person operated
  • All these machines support businesses to sustain for years
  • Lontto has supplied these machines to more than 100 countries
  • Customer is the priority
  • LONTTO LT2-40 DIY brick making machine
  • lontto eco brava brick making machine supplier
  • lontto diy concrete block making machine
  • lontto eco brb clay diy brick making machine
LT2-40 DIY Clay Brick Making Machine

LT2-40 is a manually operated do-it-yourself machine. Everything is hand-operated and bricks are made from manual pressure. Molding is done when a worker uses a liver to apply force on the molds. It is only 340 Kg and bricks are formed on the flat ground surface.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Force: Manual
  • Vibration: Sliding Mechanism
  • Machine Size: 1100x700x1100mm
  • Area Required: Solid base of ~0.7m2
ECO BRAVA DIY Clay Brick Making Machine

ECO BRAVA is truly a do it yourself clay brick making machine. It requires a small area on the flat ground and single labor is required.It works without any pallets and its base can be built on solid ground. Best suited for a small or medium project.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Force: Hydraulic Pressure
  • Vibration: Hydraulic
  • Machine Size: 1100x720x1700mm
  • Area Required: Solid base of ~0.8m2
ECO BRB DIY Clay Brick Making Machine

ECO BRB is a bit more advanced version of ECO BRAVA with 2 bricks made per cycle of 5 to 10 seconds. The primary material used is clay. Compressing action helps to shape the bricks according to the mods used.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Force: Hydraulic Pressure
  • Vibration: Hydraulic
  • Machine Size: 1400x1100x1600mm
  • Area Required: Solid base of ~1.5m2
M7MI DIY Clay Brick Making Machine

M7MI is primarily used for making solid bricks of clay. These bricks can be flat or interlocking. Ideal for building walls and pavements. Hydraulics make this machine exert force on the material inside the molds to get highly compact bricks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Force: Hydraulic Pressure
  • Vibration: Hydraulic
  • Machine Size: 2500x1200x1500mm
  • Weight: 950 Kg
QMJ2-40 DIY Block making Machine

QMJ2-40 is hand operated concrete block machine and can easily be moved around with the help of the wheelbase. It weighs 215 Kg and is very lightweight as compared to the other machines. Material is loaded on the molds using a shovel and compression is done using an upper motor.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Power: 5kw
  • Capacity: 2-3 pieces per mold
  • Machine Size: 1100x700x1300mm
  • Weight: 215KG
QMJ4-45 DIY Block making Machine

QMJ4-45 weights 1200 Kgs and is easily moved using the wheelbase. The force of 30KN makes the material-efficient. If time is not the issue only one person is required to perform the blocks making process.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Force: 30KN
  • Frequency of Vibration: 4000 R/min
  • Machine Size: 1600x1500x1700mm
  • Weight: 1200 kg
QMY4-30 DIY Block making Machine

QMY4-30 requires only one person to operate. It has an egg-laying action that makes the bricks and lays them on the floor. The operation is very simple, the worker lays the material on the molds evenly and starts the vibrator reducer with the help of a button. Once the material is finely reduced inside the molds, the worker uses a liver to start the molding process. After decoupling is done the machine lays the bricks on the ground and moves away from the blocks.

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Force: Hydraulic Pressure
  • Vibration: 4000 R/min
  • Machine Size: 1300x1500x1000mm
  • Weight: 1000 Kg
QCM4-30 DIY Block making Machine

QCM4-30 DIY block-making machine is of the highest standards. It is flexible with power input. Both electric and mechanical power can be used for the operation. JW 350 pan mixer is one addition that can be ordered separately to increase the production standard of the blocks.

Unlike QMY4-30 this machine uses manual force to compress the material for molding and dragging it forward. Two workers are required as up to 7 blocks can be laid in one go.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: N/A
  • Power: 4 kW or 6 HP
  • Frequency of Vibration: 4000 R/min
  • Machine Size: 1650x1350x1400mm
  • Weight: 900 Kg
LMT4-40 DIY Manual Brick Making Machine

LMT4-40 is a do-it-yourself brick-making machine that is affordable and high-tech. The larger reducer in this machine helps to save the material and scrap it out when needed. No manual labor is needed for scraping and demolding the bricks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm
  • Force: 40KN
  • Frequency of Vibration: 2900-4000 R/min
  • Machine Size: 1500x1750x1900mm
  • Area Required: 300m2
LMT4-35 DIY Manual Brick Making Machine

LMT4-35 helps the users to make their own bricks without any substantial physical work. It even helps with moving the material from the mixer to the brick-making machine. Same as LMT4-40 material scraping and demolding of the bricks is automatic.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: 850x450mm
  • Force: 40KN
  • Frequency of Vibration: 2900-4000 R/min
  • Machine Size: 2050x1660x1900mm
  • Area Required: 360m2
LMT4-26 DIY Manual Brick Making Machine

LMT4-26 can make bricks every 22 seconds. This is a high output if you consider the cost of this machine. Bricks are made by applying force downwards on the molds. Workers have to load the mixer with the material for mixing it uniformly. The coating is done with hard cadmium to reduce resistance and decrease friction which increases machine life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pallet Size: 850x550mm
  • Force: 45KN
  • Frequency of Vibration: 2900-4000 R/min
  • Machine Size: 2150x1160x2500mm
  • Area Required: 360m2

LONTTO DIY Brick Making Machine Supplier

Lontto suppli diy brick making machine, you can diy your blocks by yourself, and the brick making machine is small and manual type.

diy clay brick making machine factory

Lontto DIY Brick Making Machine

There are many types of brick-making machines that can make multiple kinds of bricks in various operating conditions. You can choose from these machines and even operate them yourself. These DIY machines are very useful for finishing your construction projects that don’t require a large number of workers. Some of these machines can produce bricks without any pallets.

These DIY machines are best suited if you have a flat surface to operate on. DIY machines are best suited for projects like making long walls or making pavements. These machines lay the blocks and move on, you can use these machines to lay the bricks and keep moving forward across the length of the project. It saves both time and cost.

Lontto’s innovation helps customers to complete construction projects with less labor. For starting a small business you can order one of the DIY machines and start building your bricks straight away. Only 1 to 3 workers are needed. As you start to get you can scale your business and get bigger contracts.

DIY brick making machines for every need

When you think of any machines from Lontto, you get a model that can form multiple types of bricks for different types of customer needs. These needs can be reducing the labor cost or using less space. Or no use of space for laying the bricks at all by using the pallets.

Most of the DIY machines are cheap and consume less power as compared to the bigger models. Some of the machines like LT2-40 don’t even use power at all and are fully manual. You can save time and get the semi-automatic machines or go for the fully manual machines to save cost and do it yourself.

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DIY Brick Making Machine: The FAQ Guide

What is the meaning of DIY Brick Making Machines?

DIY or do it yourself brick making machines use very little power and can be easily operated using the manual force of one or 2 people. These machines are best suited for small businesses and small construction projects. Sometimes to save cost customers preserve to make their bricks and these machines are for that purpose.

You can order any of these machines from Lontto and start your DIY project.

How can I get a DIY brick-making machine PDF manual?

After you order your machines from Lontto you get the manual with the machines. Lontto also provides training for the operators and workers after the supply. You can also contact their 24/7 customer support to get a digital PDF copy of the manual.

Who is supplying the DIY brick-making machine in South Africa?

Lontto has a global reach and served more than 100 countries including African countries. With the help of shipping companies, Lontto delivers these machines to the locations within 7 days. After the delivery, the installation and training are done.

How many workers are required for using DIY clay brick-making machines?

DIY clay brick-making machines like, ECO BRAVA, ECO BRB, LT2-40, and M7MI use 1 to 2 workers to operate and make bricks. These machines are apt for small scale brickmaking business that requires less power and lesser labor.

ECO BRAVA: 1-2 Labor

ECO BRB: 1-2 labor

LT2-40: Single person can operate

M7MI: 2 Person mobile machine

Can a DIY manual brick-making machine make 1000 bricks in a day?

Assuming your working day is 8 hours daily. A DIY manual machine can easily make 1000 bricks in a day. All the DIY manual machines from Lontto can achieve that mark easily without a large amount of labor.

DIY Manual Brick Machine Bricks/Day
LT2-40 1440
QMJ2-40 1440
M7MI 2880
QMJ4-45 4480
ECO BRB 5760
M7MI TWIN 5760
QCM4-30 6720
QMY4-30 8064
LMT4-40 17304
LMT4-35 20160
LMT4-26 34112

How can I check the quality of a DIY portable brick-making machine?

For a quick quality, you can check to look at the specification of each machine online. Most of the manufacturers have an online presence and details are given with videos and images of the machines.

Some of the parameters that can be considered for quality are as below

Body material

The material of the machines should be of the best quality so that even after many years of use it’s still usable. For example, Lontto uses hard cadmium coating for reducing friction in their machines. Makes their life longer.

Power consumed

Power consumption is the most cost-consuming parameter of any business. Some of the machines require non-stop power and can be heavy on the pocket. Therefore it becomes important that DIY machines consume less power

Labor required

The balance between power usage and labor cost is crucial in running a brick-making business. A high-quality machine consumes less power and requires less labor.


A quality machine is easy to operate and can be operated by non-technical workers as well. A simple and fast operation can ensure that the training time required to understand the machine is also less.

How much do I have to pay for Lontto’s DIY brick machines?

You can buy Lontto’s manual DIY machines starting from $700. LT2-40 requires only $700 to buy and only one person is required to operate this machine.

DIY Brick Machine Price
LT2-40 $700 – $1200
QMJ2-40 $1000 – $1350
ECO BRAVA $2000 – $3000
LMT4-40 $2500 – $3500
QCM4-30 $3000 – $4000
QMJ4-45 $3700 – $4500
QMY4-30 $3800 – $4700
M7MI $4200 – $6500
LMT4-35 $4500 – $6000
LMT4-26 $6000 – $9000
ECO BRB $2500 – $3000

What is the process to get a DIY brick-making machine?

The process is simple and less time-consuming. Follow these points to get any of the machines described in this article.

  • Check Lontto’s website and finalize the machine model
  • Talk to the customer care executive over the call or on chat
  • Visit the factory in China for a hands-on demo, accommodation is free
  • Once the order is placed the payment gateway is decided for the payment
  • After all the paperwork is done nearest shipping port is located
  • Delivery is done within 7 days in most cases

How much does the training for DIY brick-making machines cost?

Lontto provides the training free of cost after delivery. Call customer care for more info, they take the calls 24/7.


These machines are best for small businesses anywhere in the world. You get the option of manual machines with hydraulics, fully manual machines, very small mobile machines, and the single person operated DIY brick-making machines.

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