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German Brick making Machine

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  • QT8-15 Germany Block Making Machine
  • QMY18A Concrete block machine in Germany
  • LT4-10 Clay brick making machine in Germany
  • QT3-20 Paver block machine in Germany
Eco Brava German Clay Brick Machine

Eco Brava partially automatic brick-making machine is suitable for small to medium brick-making businesses. You can manufacture different types of bricks using this model depending on the mold used. You can also order a custom mold for the type of brick you want.

Machine Specifications:

  • Brick Forming Cycle: 20-25 secs
  • Machine Power: Electric Motor or Diesel Engine
ECO BRB German Clay Block Machine

ECO BRB is a German clay brick-making machine that can yield good quality bricks as it is integrated with a hydraulic system for molding. Maximum pressure reaches around 60 MPa producing high-quality bricks. The machine operates semi-automatically with short brick forming cycle. It is a small machine with low power consumption and offers a brick-making solution for small businesses.

Machine Specifications:

  • Brick Forming Cycle: 20 secs
  • Machine Power: 2KW Electric Motor or 6Hp Diesel Engine
LT2-40 German Clay Brick Machine

LT2-40 is a manual brick machine that only one man can operate. No power source is required therefore no operating costs. High-quality machine parts and steel frames ensure good quality of clay bricks. Small businesses with low brick demand can invest in this model.

Machine Specifications:

  • Brick Forming Cycle: 40-45 secs
  • Machine Power: Manual Operation
LT4-10 German Clay Brick Machine

LT4-10 is an automatic variant of clay brick machines that are integrated with a PLC control for efficient material feeding with low wastage. You can use a high-quality human-machine interface to produce bricks autonomously with low manpower. Automatic functionality and control enable LT4-10 to produce a large number of bricks per day. Medium to large brick businesses can invest in this model.

Machine Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Pressure: 21 MPa
  • Brick Forming Cycle: 8-10 secs
  • Brick Production: 8000 bricks per 8 hrs.
LT5-10 German Clay Brick Machine

LT5-10 is a clay brick machine that operates in fully automatic mode. It guarantees high production of clay bricks as it is a production line machine with auto material feeding and molding. The machine is assembled with high-grade spare parts to work efficiently over long operation cycles. LT5-10 is an ultimate brick-making solution for large businesses.

Machine Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Pressure: 60 MPa
  • Brick Forming Cycle: 5-10 secs
  • Brick Capacity: 14500 clay bricks per 8 hrs.
M7M1 German Clay Brick Machine

M7M1 is a clay brick machine that you can easily move in between construction sites. The machine is fitted with wheels for mobility. It operates on a 12 Hp diesel engine and suitable for areas where electricity isn’t available.

Machine Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Pressure: 16 MPa
  • Brick Forming Cycle: 15-20 secs
  • Brick Capacity: 2400 pcs Clay bricks/ 10 hrs.
LMT4-40 German Concrete Brick Machine

LMT4-40 is a small manual concrete brick-making machine integrated with a robust vibration motor that can produce quality concrete blocks. Brick production with LT4-40 can meet small business demands. Several different molds are available to choose from.

Machine Specifications:

  • Operating Power: 3 kW
  • Brick Forming Cycle: 35-40 secs
  • Brick Capacity: 2240 Hollow Bricks per 8 hrs.
LMT4-35 German Concrete Brick Machine

LMT4-35 is a manual model that offers a solution for concrete brick manufacturing. It is an improved variant of LT4-30 enabling higher production in the same amount of time. Small investors can invest in LT4-35 to produce concrete bricks of good quality. The high-quality machine offers high production and longer operating cycles.

Machine Specifications:

  • Machine Power: 7 kW
  • Brick Capacity: 2880 bricks per 8 hrs.
LMT4-26 German Concrete Brick Machine

LMT4-26 is the best seller when it comes to concrete brick machines. It offers reliable brick production as it operates in semi-automatic mode. Small businesses can choose this product if they require an efficient concrete brick-making machine.

Machine Specifications:

  • Machine Power: 6 kW
  • Brick Forming Cycle: 20-26 secs
  • Brick Capacity: 3200 bricks per 8 hrs.
QT3-20 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT3-20 is a small-scale German concrete brick machine, producing good quality blocks. Hydraulics system ensures smooth brick formation cycles. Small businesses can invest in QT3-20 to establish a profitable brick business.

Machine Specifications:

  • Machine Power: 7 kW
  • Brick Capacity: 4200~4600 Hollow Blocks per 8 hrs.
QT4-18 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT4-18 is another automatic variant of concrete brick machines. It comes with a table vibration mechanism for brick molding and guided brick formation. A short brick formation cycle guarantees high brick production. QT4-18 is the best choice for medium brick businesses.

Machine Specifications:

  • Molding Cycle: 15-18 secs
  • Operating Power: 22 kW
QT4-15 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT4-15 is a high-production concrete brick machine that guarantees good quality product formation. It is integrated with a PLC control and table vibration mechanism for producing high-strength bricks.

Machine Specifications:

  • Brick Capacity: 59290-67200 standard bricks per 10 hrs.
  • Machine Power: 5 kW
  • Brick Formation Cycle: 15 secs
QT4-25C German Concrete Brick Machine

QT4-25C is an automatic concrete brick machine integrated with an automatic raw-materials feeder, distributor & brick discharging part. It requires low manpower and a cost-effective solution for your concrete brick production.

Machine Specifications:

  • Machine Power: 6 kW
  • Brick Capacity: Solid Bricks: 37440 pcs/8 hrs.
QT5-15 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT5-15 is another concrete brick machine variant integrated with hydraulics and step-by-step vibration technology. It can produce high-strength concrete blocks. You can operate the machine for long service cycles for concrete blocks production. Medium to large-sized businesses can invest in QT5-15 to substantially grow their brick business.

Machine Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Pressure: 15-20Mpa
  • Pallet Size: 1100×570×30mm
  • Brick Capacity: Standard blocks (240×115×53mm) 6000 pcs/hr.
QT6-15 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT6-15 is a hydraulics-based German concrete block-making machine. It operates in fully automatic mode and produces a large number of bricks due to high efficiency and smaller brick formation cycles. A top-quality hydraulics system ensures smooth brick production and uniform products.

Machine Specifications:

  • Capacity: Hollow Block 21600 pcs/ 10 hrs.
  • Molding Cycle: 10-15 secs
  • Operating Power: 32 kW
QT8-15 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT8-15 is a production line concrete brick-making machine that comes with a PLC control, strong hydraulics, and automated raw material processing. A high degree of automation promises high production and cost-saving. You can invest in QT8-15 if you have a high demand for concrete bricks.

Machine Specifications:

  • Power: 51 kW
  • Machine Dimensions: 8300×3000×1860 mm
  • Brick Forming Cycle: 15-20 secs
QT10-15 German Concrete Brick Machine

QT10-15 is a German concrete brick machine that comes in manual and automatic operation modes. It is a production line variant that comes with a PLC control and robust hydraulics. Material feeding and mold pressing are automated to minimize raw material wastage and good-quality concrete blocks. QT10-15 is an all-in-one solution for large brick businesses.

Machine Specifications:

  • Brick Forming Cycle: 10-15 secs
  • Brick Capacity: 24000-30000 Hollow Blocks per 10 hrs.
  • Input Power: 67 kW

Lontto Block Making Machine Adopts Germany Technology, And You Can Buy Block Machine from Lontto to German.

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Germany Block Making Machine

LONTTO is a top-quality German concrete brick machine manufacturer. With more than thirty years of industry experience, LONTTO has paved its way to the top brick machine producers by delivering quality products.

LONTTO provides an all-in-one solution for your brick production demands. Machine models range from manual to fully automatic variants with varying operation, production capacity, and power consumption.

The cost of machines varies depending on the above-mentioned factors. Manual models cost less than automatic ones due to differences in functionality. Concrete brick machines made by LONTTO are efficient money-making machines if you choose the right product for your business.

The customer care provided by LONTTO is reliable and trustworthy. Pre-sales guidance and complete product information is shared firsthand to build relations that can last. You can purchase after getting complete information regarding your chosen model.

LONTTO maintains professional communication and quality assurance from product information sharing, quotes, and delivery. Machines guarantee high brick production and excellent quality product.

Contact us now for more information.

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German Concrete Brick Making Machine: FAQs

What is a Concrete Block-making Machine Germany?

A concrete brick-making machine is specialized equipment for manufacturing concrete bricks/blocks. The machine consists of several components attached to perform brick manufacturing.

A material mixer is used to mix the raw materials in the right proportions. After that, it is fed to the mold for brick formation. Molds are of different shapes and sizes and are used as required to produce bricks. After that, bricks are heat-treated to ensure strength. Some bricks are just dried for a few days.

The concrete brick machine completes all the above-mentioned processes to form quality bricks for construction.

germany concrete block making machine

Why should you use Concrete Bricks/Blocks in Germany?

Concrete blocks are used in the day-to-day construction of public buildings, walls, homes, driveways & walkways. Concrete blocks are thermal resistant and fireproof that’s why these are used in high structures and multi-story buildings.

These are cost-effective construction solutions. These are replacing standard bricks due to the above-mentioned benefits.

What types of Concrete Brick Machines are available in Germany for sale?

Concrete brick-making machines are available in manual, partially automatic, and fully automatic variants. Manual machines are the most cost-effective due to low or no power consumption while partially automatic machines come with some type of automation.

manual concrete block machine in germany

Fully automatic models guarantee automated brick production and high-profit margins for large businesses. You can choose the right model for your business aftermarket research and budget estimation.

What are the advantages of using a German Concrete Brick Making Machine for your business?

There are several advantages of using a German concrete brick machine. You can substantially grow your business by investing in the right machine model.

Few benefits are listed below:

  • High Production:

Machines automate the process of brick manufacturing thereby increasing production. You can invest in a brick machine to save time and produce more.

  • Quality:

Quality is the main factor in choosing a concrete brick machine as the product made with these sophisticatedly engineered machines is of excellent quality.

Different machines use different mechanisms for brick formation to ensure the high quality of the product even with low-cost models.

  • Cost Efficiency

Machines save you time and that saved time is utilized in more brick formation. Machines are cost-efficient and you can earn good profit over time.

What type of machine should you choose for Cement Brick production in Germany?

You can choose the right machine for your business by carefully analyzing your demands and budget. After that, you can go through our product catalog for complete details regarding all machine models.

You can then choose the right product and contact our customer representative for a product catalog for A-Z information and a price quote. In this way, you can put your money to the right use by taking an informed decision.

LONTTO puts customers first and provides them with quality brick machines they are looking for.

How does our Machine delivery to Germany for you?

LONTTO delivers brick-making machines all over the globe. DHL is our logistics partner and we have served more than 1000 clients and multiple importers all around the world.

DHL ensures on-time delivery of orders with order tracking support so that you can monitor where your order has reached. In this way, you can stay informed about your product delivery.

A small German brick machine usually takes 7-15 days. A middle-sized German brick machine takes 15-22 days. Large production line German brick machines take 25-35 days.

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All the details are provided herein comprehensive manner. If you need more information, you can contact us and our company representative will get in touch. Stay safe.

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