In the actual construction of concrete walls and houses, it is inevitable that you will need to use half concrete bricks. Therefore, you need to split a whole brick into two half bricks.

Splitting concrete blocks

Here are the steps for splitting concrete blocks using a hammer and chisel formatted in a copy-paste friendly word format:

Splitting Concrete Blocks with a Hammer and Chisel


  • Use the chisel to score a line where you want to split the concrete block. Follow any existing seam lines in the block as a guide.
  • Strike the chisel with the hammer along the scored line, concentrating blows and gradually widening and deepening the cut.
  • Continue striking the chisel, progressively increasing the force, until the cut goes through the full depth of the concrete block. Make the cut as deep as possible.
  • When the cut is deep enough, deliver heavy blows with the hammer directly on the chisel or hammer itself until the concrete block splits cleanly along the cut line.
  • If the first strikes do not split the block, continue striking along the same cut line until the block splits.
  • After splitting, lightly tap the edges with the hammer to remove any extra burrs or projections.
  • If needed, smooth the split faces with sandpaper to remove any raggedness or saw-tooth edges.

Safety Tips

  • Wear eye protection and a dust mask for safety.
  • Ensure the concrete block is properly supported while splitting.
  • Check for cracks or damage in the blocks after splitting.
  • Discard any damaged or unstable blocks.

Splitting concrete blocks using a hydraulic splitter is a practical method for dividing large blocks into smaller sections. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:


  • Ensure you have a hydraulic splitter machine, specifically designed for splitting concrete blocks, available. Companies like LONTTO manufacture such machines.
  • Place the concrete blocks on the machine's worktable, making sure they are securely positioned in the workspace.
  • Don safety gloves and other required personal protective equipment to ensure safety.
  • Machine Startup:
  • Activate the hydraulic splitter machine according to the manufacturer's operating instructions. Typically, this involves powering on the machine and then using control buttons to raise or adjust the position of the cutting tool.

Positioning the Cutting Point:

  • Utilize the machine's controls to position the cutting tool at the point on the concrete block where you intend to make the split. Ensure that this point is where you want the brick to divide.

Cutting the Concrete Block:

  • Once the cutting tool is accurately placed at the intended cutting point, initiate the machine to control the cutting action. The hydraulic splitter will apply pressure and cut through the concrete block.
  • Be aware that this process may generate some noise and vibration.

Separating the Concrete Blocks:

  • Through the operation of the hydraulic press, the concrete block near the cutting point will automatically split into two half-concrete bricks. Verify that the cut is even to achieve the desired result.

Shutdown and Safety Procedures:

  • After completing the splitting, stop the machine and deactivate the hydraulic system. Ensure that the cutting tool returns to a safe position.
  • Disconnect the power or other relevant equipment to ensure a safe machine shutdown.


  • Clean the workspace by removing concrete debris and dust thoroughly.

This process is presented in a clear manner, but please remember to adhere to all safety guidelines and the manufacturer's operating instructions when using a hydraulic splitter. If you are unfamiliar with machine operation, it is advisable to receive training or enlist the services of a professional to ensure a safe and effective splitting process.

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