If you’re a business person, you’ll agree with me that choosing the best, high quality small brick making machine, is usually a hard nut to crack. It's probably ranking as the most difficult business decision to make. Why?

Because a single mistake - choosing a low-quality  machine or picking the wrong one - can cost your company tons of cash.

But no worries: You’re about to get assistance, for free!.


In this article, you’ll see key factors to consider, when purchasing a small brick making machine. I’ll also tell you, where to get one.

With that being said, let’s get this party on the road, shall we?

Make a budget

No one has gotten a small brick making machine for free, from a manufacturer. And you’re surely not going to break that trend.

Hence, it’s critical, to have an estimate of the amount you’re willing to spend on a small brick making machine, before you hit the market.


As you’ll later see, this decision is foundational to getting a quality machine.

As a rule, your budget should align with your overall business proposal, current accruing revenue, and most importantly, current customer base. This cues in my next point…

Determine customer base

The goal of getting a machine, is to make more bricks. And more bricks, means getting more customers to buy the bricks (unless you’re making the bricks for personal use or for the fun of it).

If your customer base is large, it makes sense to buy a small brick making machine with a high production capacity. If not, one with a low production capacity would suffice.

Also, if the machine would be for personal use, there’s no need of getting a small brick making machine with a high production capacity.

The range of sizes and designs, the machine supports

It’s simple: the greater the sizes and designs of bricks a machine can produce, the better. It’s far better than buying machines for each block type or design.

to choose concrete size

However, if you want to manufacture only one type of block, this may not be necessary.

Quality of machine parts

A machine is as good as its parts.

And a cheat-code to determine the quality of a machine’s parts, is by knowing the manufacturer of such part. If the manufacturer is reputable and has been long in the machine manufacturing space, then there’s a high-percentage chance, that it is of high quality.

Another factor that determines the quality of the machine part, is the material that’s been used to manufacture the part. For this purpose, you can use this checklist:

  • Are the machine frame and metallic parts made from high quality steel?
  • Have the molds undergone carbonization?

For a small brick making machine to be of high quality, the answer to these questions must be a strong yes! If it’s a no, move on to another manufacturer.


Finally, pay close attention to the hydraulic cylinder, pump and valve. If these three parts are dysfunctional, you may have a huge problem on your hands instead of a machine.


One major advantage of buying a small brick making machine, with parts from reputable manufacturers, is that they are easy to maintain.

You wouldn’t want to buy a small brick making machine, where the cost of maintenance is far higher than the cost of buying the machine. Or if the machine parts are very costly or Unavailable.

The machine most be easy to service and maintain, with parts that are readily available on the market.

Machine’s appearance

You may have heard the phrase: “Do not judge a book by its cover”. But in this case, I urge you to judge the machine by its appearance.


If the machine does not look solid, then it’s most likely of low quality. If the frame looks low-quality, then there’s a high chance that the machine itself is also of low quality.

Technical specifications

You’re meant to read the technical documentation closely. You shouldn’t gloss over it because it could be the difference between your buying a quality machine, and buying another that’s of low quality.

Pay attention to the figures quoted for the production capacity, production speed and volume, vibration, and many more. If you don’t understand any of the tech-speak in the document, consult an engineer to help you out.

Company integrity

It’s important to put your search light on the company because 80% of the time, only reputable companies can produce quality products.

A simple google search can reveal:

  • Years of existence

For companies that have been in business for a long while, they’ve been able to adopt strategies that ensure quality. Also, since they’ve been in business for such a long time, it means they’ve been delivering on the promise of quality, to their customers.

  • Customer base

Do they have a large customer base? Can you lay your hands on someone using a similar machine in your area?

  • World reach

Can they deliver the machine to your region? Do they transact business with brick manufacturers close to your area?

  • Technical capability of workers

A quality product, is the result of workers that have immense technical knowledge. And this knowledge, is only gained from relevant training. The question should be: do they have professionals? What is their R and D department like? Are they constantly seeking to refine and update their production capacity and process?

Get this:

You can get a feel of the company’s integrity, pay attention to their customer/sales service. If the service is top-notch, then their products will most likely be so too.

Where can you get quality small brick making machine?

If you’ve been following me to this point, you’ll surely be asking by now: so where can I get a quality brick making machine?

The answer is simple: Lontto.

Lontto has been in the business of manufacturing quality small brick making machines, for over 30 years, and counting. They’ve built a customer base, stretching to the four corners of the globe, with no complaints about quality.

small brick machine facrory

All parts are obtained from reputable manufacturers, subjected to quality assurance procedures, and certified to be of high quality. All our small brick making machines, are the result of the painstaking effort of a dedicated team of professional workers, who are well-trained and knowledgeable in all things machine.

You should get across to our sales rep or customer service desk - that’s available 24/7 - to place your order.

chao zhang

Author: Chao Zhang

I am Chao Zhang, I have been working in the brick making industry for over 10 years. I have a deep understanding and research on various models of block making machines, especially automatic brick machines, concrete block machines, compressed earth block machines, clay brick machines, cement brick machines. I have a special understanding of this industry. I can help my clients choose the suitable brick machine and assist them in designing and building a brick production factory. If you want to know everything about brick making machines, please contact me. I am happy to help you.