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Manual Hollow Block Machine

A manual hollow block machine is a manually operated device used for manufacturing hollow bricks. It typically consists of a machine and a hollow brick mold. The operator first needs to put the raw materials (such as cement, sand, lime, water, etc.) into the mixer, then manually place the mixture into the mold, and use a handle or manual control device to compact and vibrate the mold, allowing the raw materials to form uniform blocks inside the mold.

Manual hollow block machines are commonly used in small-scale construction projects, private home construction, and some rural area developments. Compared to electric or hydraulic hollow brick machines, manual hollow brick machines have lower costs and are suitable for producing a smaller quantity of bricks.

  • Manual operation
  • Low cost, small investment, suitable for small-scale brick production business
  • Can also produce various sizes of hollow blocks
  • QCM4-30 Manual Hollow Block Maker LONTTO
QMJ2-40 Manual Hollow Block Machine

This is a very lightweight and easy-to-use hollow block machine, with a compact design and flexible operation that can be easily operated by one person.

It is very suitable for household use and novice investors, and can be powered by either diesel or electric systems.

One cycle can produce 2 pieces of 8-inch blocks, with a daily production capacity of approximately 1000 pieces of hollow blocks.

The price of this equipment is USD 1100.

QCM4-30 Manual Hollow Block Maker LONTTO

One cycle can produce 4 pieces of 8-inch hollow blocks, and it is mobile, with block molding on flat ground without the need for pallet support. It can also be powered by either electricity or diesel. It can also produce 4-inch, 6-inch, and other sizes of hollow blocks.

The price of this manual hollow block machine is USD 3200. Contact us to get a complete quotation.

QMJ4-45 Manual Hollow Block Maker Machine

This is a large-wheeled mobile hollow block making machine. Compared to QCM4-45, its advantage is the ability to automatically lift the mold without the need for manual pressure.

Although manual feeding is still required, the efficiency is greatly improved as the lifting of the mold is electrically driven.

It can produce 3000pcs of 8-inch hollow blocks in 8 hours.

The price is very cost-effective at $3300 USD.

QMJ4-30 Manual Hollow Block Making Machine

This model of equipment is designed to be more compact, with higher efficiency in producing hollow blocks, capable of producing 3800 pieces of 8-inch hollow bricks in a day.

It features hydraulic demolding and electric walking with auxiliary steering, making it suitable for producing hollow blocks in various scenarios.

The selling price of this hollow block is $3400 USD.

QT4-40 Manual Hollow Block Machine for Sale

QT4-40 is a very popular hollow block machine, which corresponds to the LMT4-40 model from LONTTO.

It has a square and solid overall design. Made of high-standard steel, the machine is durable and sturdy.

This hollow brick machine is stationary and requires GMT pallets for operation.

The price of this equipment is $3300 USD.

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