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Mini Brick Making Machine

  • All machines are durable because of their strong steel frame.
  • Moulds are composed of strong iron and wielded with special welding techniques.
  • More bricks of high quality, in less time.
  • LT2-40 mini interlocking brick machine
  • eco brava interlocking clay brick machine
  • qmj2-40 mini concrete brick machine
  • qcm4-30 mini mobile block machine
QMJ2-40 Mini Concrete Brick Making Machine

This mini brick making machine is mobile. The whole machine is borne on four sturdy wheels. It is an ideal fit for small-scale brick making manufacturers. The blocks are produced directly to the concrete floor. It has a dual power option: diesel and electricity.

  • Size: 1100*700*1300mm
  • Production capacity: 1440 pieces/8 hours
  • Power: 5kw
  • Pallet size: No pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 40-45 seconds
QMJ4-45 Mini Brick Making Machine for Sale

QMJ4-45 is a mini brick making machine powered by electricity and produces quality bricks without the news for pallets. As a technical modification, the moulding core has been upgraded to a better two-time vibration, giving the bricks higher quality.

  • Size: 1600*1500*1200
  • Production capacity: 2400-4000 pieces/8 hours
  • Power: 5kw
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 45 seconds
QMY4-30 Mobile Mini Brick Machine

It is a mini brick making machine that uses high hydraulic pressure to produce high-quality bricks, compressive strength, and high density. There is no need for a pallet since it produces bricks directly to the cement floor. The whole machine is borne on wheels which makes it easy to move.

  • Size: 1600*1500*1200
  • Production capacity: 3000 pieces/8 hours
  • Power: 6kw
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 45 seconds
QCM4-30 Diesel Mini Brick Making Machine

This is a simple mini brick making machine that is mobile and produces bricks directly to the concrete floor without a pallet. It produces a wide range of bricks and allows for cement, sand, pumice, gravel, and so on. The significant advantage is that it runs on diesel or electric power. Hence, if an erratic power supply characterises your region, this machine is suitable for you.

It is affordable and still delivers quality blocks.

  • Size: 2400*1300*1600mm
  • Production capacity: 2000-2500 pieces/8 hours
  • Power: 4kw or 6hp engine
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 30 seconds
LMT 4-40 Mini Brick Making Machine

This is a manual concrete brick making machine, small in size, and available at an affordable price. All these features combine to make it an excellent fit for you if you’re looking to start a brick-making business or if you’re on a limited budget.

Its efficiency and production capacity is excellent considering its size.

  • Size: 2050*1660*1900mm
  • Production capacity: 2240 (hollow blocks), 4480 (porous blocks), 6729 (pavement) pieces/8 hours
  • Power: 5kw
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Moulding cycle: 40 seconds
LMT4-35 Mini Small Brick Making Machine

This mini brick making machine is an upgrade over the model LMT4-40. It produces high vibrations from its powerful motor that gives rise to quality bricks.

It has a manual push-pull mould that’s electrically powered. You will find operating this machine very easy without any complications.

  • Size: 2050*1660*1900mm
  • Production capacity: 2880 (hollow brick), 5760 (porous blocks), 9920 (pavement block).
  • Power: 7kw
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Moulding cycle: 40 seconds
LMT4-26 Mini Cement Brick Making Machine

Other manufacturers refer to this machine as QT4-24 or QT4-26. This mini brick making machine comes with the main machine, a concrete mixer, and a free set of moulds. Despite its size and low price, it still produces quality bricks in little time.

You can also produce different types of bricks and blocks with a change of mould. It adopts a six-lead engine.

  • Size: 3600*1730*2560mm
  • Production capacity: 3260 (hollow blocks), 6720 (porous blocks), 12000 (pavement blocks)
  • Power: 6kw
  • Pallet size: 850*450mm
  • Moulding cycle: 40 seconds
LT2-40 Manual Clay Soil Mini Brick Making Machine

Unlike the LT1-40, this machine produces two clay bricks at a time. It is entirely hand-operated, and hydraulic pressure is generated manually via a hand lever. Hence, it is easy to operate and requires only one person.

The mould is made of solid welded steel and wielded with special techniques. These two combine to make the mould durable with the ability to last for 5-6 years. It is entirely manual with a hydraulic pressure of 10mpa.

  • Size: 1600*700*1200
  • Production capacity: 1440 pieces/8 hours
  • Power: Manual
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 30-40 seconds
ECO BRAVA Clay Brick Making Machine

ECO BRAVA is used to produce ecological bricks and earth blocks all from compressed earth without a pallet. You can change the shape of the block by simply changing the mould.

With a hydraulic pressure that could reach 60mpa, the bricks are guaranteed to be of high quality, strength, and density. The engine relies on electricity or diesel as a source of power.

  • Size: 1000*600*1400
  • Production capacity: 1920-2880 pieces/8 hours
  • Power: 4kw or 6HP diesel engine
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 20-25 seconds
ECO BRB Interlocking Clay Mini Brick Making Machine

With a capacity of two bricks per mould, this mini brick making machine has high efficiency. It is suitable for both cement and clay bricks. The machine is semi-automatic, with the material feeding, mould pressing, and mould lifting are all controlled by the system.

It is powered by both diesel and electricity.

  • Size: 1900*750*1600mm
  • Production capacity: 3840-5760
  • Power: 5kw 8HP
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 20 seconds
M7MI Interlocking Mini Brick Making Machine

This is a two-wheeler mini brick making machine that has high efficiency and production capacity. It can be moved from one site to the other with ease. The diesel engine makes it a good fit for regions with an erratic power supply.

The mixer is over 150 liters, making mixing raw materials easy.

  • Size: 3800*1900*1500mm
  • Production capacity: 2400 pieces/10 hours
  • Power: 8hp diesel engine or 6.3kw
  • Pallet size: no pallet
  • Moulding cycle: 15-20 seconds

MINI Brick Making Machine Factory

Lontto small mini brick making machine for sale, such as mini clay brick making machine, mini simple concretre block machine.

MINI brick making machine factory lontto

Lontto Mini Brick Making Machine

Over the years, Lontto has earned the title of a reputable mini brick machine manufacturer. We have been able to do this by paying attention to details that maximise the quality of both the machine and the bricks it produces, ensuring efficiency, durability, and reliability. In recognition of this feat, the machines we produce and our factory located in Chinaorganisationsn certified by various quality assurance organisations.

As a manufacturer, there is no go-between between you (the brick manufacturer) and them. Hence, the machines are all supplied at the factory price, which is far cheaper than when a middleman is included in the sales process. There are also arrangements for direct delivery to your home country without any hassle.

We pay serious attention to customer satisfaction. As proof of this fact, we offer free support for maintenance, repairs, and installation by our trained professionals. To go further, we also provide free accommodations for clients who prefer to visit our factory to make an order directly or make inquiries. Our customer service desk is composed of courteous individuals, available 24/7 to help with any problems you may encounter. You can also get hands-on training from our professionals in our factory.

The various mini brick-making machines on offer include LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QMJ2-40, QMY4-30, QCM4-30, and ECO BRAVA ECO BRB, LT2-40, and M7MI. All the models mentioned above are affordable, durable, and produce bricks of high quality. They have been shipped to brick manufacturers in different parts of the world, such as the USA, India, etc.

The machines range from manual to semi-automatic and fully automatic. Some are powered by electricity, while others rely on a powerful diesel engine. Whatever choice you make, you will be getting quality. These mini brick making machines produce different types, shapes, and designs of bricks. All you need to do is change the mould.

Mini brick making machine catalogue

Mini Brick Making Machine: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are mini brick making machines?

Simply put, mini brick making machines are used to make bricks. The word “mini”, means that they are smaller in size than normal brick making machines.

They have replaced the former traditional method of making bricks which was done manually entirely.

How do you make mini clay bricks?

There are two ways to make bricks. There’s the old-fashioned way that existed before the advent of brick making machines. Let’s dive into it.

  • Sourcing of clay

The quality of a brick is hugely dependent on the clay’s quality. The best clay is found either along rivers, beneath the topsoil, etc.

Once you find the clay, you ought to dig it up.

  • Batter it up

The next stage is to mix it with sand and water. There’s no definite ratio: it all depends on the type of clay.

The clay was thoroughly mixed with a pole with a wheel anchored to a pivot in the middle of the pit in time past. The other end is attached to a horse that goes in circles to mix the mud.

  • Shape it up

The already prepared clay is then shaped into the required brick sizes.

  • Sun-dry the bricks

Bricks have to be exposed to sunlight to rid them of the excess water. Usually, this takes several days. The bricks also have to be turned over to ensure that it dries totally.

  • Expose it to fire

The curing process involves exposing the bricks to high temperatures. The bricks are stacked over a fire that is fenced off with blocks. This process takes several days.

After the bricks have reached high temperatures, the fire is allowed to burn out by itself. If the bricks are overfired, the brick cracks and reduces quality.

Mechanization has eliminated some of the steps above. For instance, bricks are no longer heated in kilns. Hence, the mechanized process is ecologically perfect.

Another difference is that bricks are no longer limited to clay alone. There are bricks made of cement or fly ash.

What is the price of a mini brick making machine?

The price of a brick making machine depends on factors like the degree of automation, production capacity, production speed, etc.

Before making a purchase, you could enquire for more details from our customer service desk. If you need it, we could send you an email with the prices of each mini brick making machine.

What are the types of mini brick making machines?

Brick making machines are divided by the degree of automation, the type of brick it produces, or the source of power.

Considering the degree of automation, there are three types:

Based on the type of brick, we have two main classes:

If you’re to consider the source of power, there are four types.

  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • Electricity
  • Diesel and electricity

What are the advantages of clay bricks?

  • Soundproof

Bricks do not transmit sound. They are very thick and dense and hence, do not transmit sound waves. Hence, bricks are highly sought after for buildings associated with noise, used by people who value their privacy, and in recording studios.

  • Durable

Houses made with bricks outlast their builders. They tend to maintain their aesthetic appeal and stay perfect, with a need for minimal maintenance for generations to come.

  • Heat conservation

Houses made with bricks are warm in winter and cool in summer. Hence, you do not need to spend much on heating or cooling the room’s temperature.

  • Biodegradable

Bricks are made from the earth. Hence, when the building disintegrates, the clay returns to the ground and doesn’t cause harm to the soil or microbes within it.

  • Fireproof

Based on several tests, buildings made with bricks take longer to disintegrate in the situation of a wildfire. They post a 1-4 hour fire-resistant rating when tested.

  • Improves aesthetics

Bricks give an aesthetic appeal to a structure. Apart from their distinct colouration, they also come in different shapes and designs. Hence, you are afforded a wide range of choices when designing your house.

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