• lightweight wall panel production line
  • vertical type wall panel machine

Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line–Vertical Type Mould

Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line–Vertical Type Mould

lightweight wall panel production line

Calcium silicate with polyphenyl granule sandwich panel production line is devloped by LONTTO Group. Wall panel production line include Material storage system, polyphenyl granule anticipatory system, automatic feeding system, Mixing system, panel forming machine, pouring system, mould circulatory system.

Production process can be controlled automatic, every producion line only need 5 persons.

 vertical type mould

  • The mould could be 80pcs panels mould,60pcs panels mould,40pcs panels mould.
  • The quantity of panels is depended on the thickness of panels.
  • The vertical type mould only produce solid lightweight wall panels, such as cement & fly ash&calcium silicate composite sandwich panels, the panels is solid sandwich panels..

Main feature of Wall Panel Production Line:

  1. PLC control system, the mould opening and closing is hydraulic, can be controlled automatic.
  2. The wall panel machine can produce the lightweight panel length of 3M, width of 60cm, thickness of 60-200mm.Panel size also can be produced by customer requirement.
  3. The heating system can be electricity or steam. Demoulding fast, short time conservation, the cost is much less.
  4. Foring moulding chamber is high stiffness. Panel making is high precision, the thickness is prospective, the surface of panel is smooth.
  5. Plastic core tube is lining metal tube, durable in use, Free washing.
  6. Continuous stow net design, cloth mesh uniform, accurate and convenient.
  7. This Vertical type mould is suitable for cement & fly ash&calcium silicate composite sandwich panels, the panels is solid sandwich panels.

lightweight solid wall panel

lightweight wall panel

The specification of calcium silicate composite sandwich panel.


The specification of cement&fly ash composite sandwich panel.


Accessory Equipment:

wall panel machine parts

The tech date of wall panel production line–vertical type mould

Project name05101520
Storage silo2x80T2x100T2x120T2x150T
Loading system2×220/2*7.5KW2×220/2*7.5KW2×243/2*10KW2×273/2*11KW
Mixing systemJS500/18.5KWJS750/22KWJS1000/30KWJS1200/35KW
Pumping system4KW5KW7.5KW11KW
Pre-frothing system7.5KW7.5KW7.5KW7.5KW
Moulding circulatory system5.5KW7.5KW11KW13.2KW
Surface materialCalcium silicate boardCalcium silicate boardCalcium silicate boardCalcium silicate board
Sandwich materialPolyphenyl granulePolyphenyl granulePolyphenyl granulePolyphenyl granule
Quantity of panel machine5101520
8hours capacity(㎡)60㎜1294258838825176

Performance index of Panel

ITEMItemindexMeasured results
1dry apparent density,kg/m3,≤350Qualified
2thermal conductivity,W/(m.k)≤0.07Qualified
3heat storage coefficient,m2.k/w,≥0.9Qualified
4compressive strength,MPa,≥0.50Qualified
54h Water absorption equilibrium,g/(m2.h)≤50Qualified
6compressive strength after immersion,MPa,≥0.4Qualified
7frost-resistance,mass loss,%,≤5.0Qualified
8Frost Resistance,Freezing strength,MPa,≥0.3Qualified
9combustion performanceA1Qualified