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Block Machine–LMT4-26

Model LMT4-26 Block Machine is small manual concrete block machine, also can named manual hollow block machine. For the model LMT4-26, other manufacturers call it model QT4-24 or QT4-26.

The machine is easy to operate, easy to maintenance and it is best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price.

  • The machine are six steel pillars frame, four guide rails. The machine is strong and durable.
  • Have super-strong vibration motor to make sure the density and intensity of the Hollow block.

Introduction Of LMT4-26:

LMT4-26 is also small hollow block making machine, which included the main machine, concrete mixer, belt conveyor and free one set of mould. The capacity of hollow block(400*200*200mm) 3200pcs/8hours.

concrete block making machine

The efficiency is higher than LMT4-35 block making machine. It is suitable for small investment. If you want to begin the block production. The model of LMT4-26 is the best choice.

And The LMT 4-26 is very popular in the market, because the LMT4-26 hollow block machine is moderate price, and the brick production is high efficiency.

The Details Of LMT4-26:


Technical Features of LMT4-26 :

  • The hollow block machine is to meet the demand of many investors with small investment.
  • This Hollow block making machine price list is of simple and compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance
  •  It requires little manpower and investment, but makes high output and quick economic returns.
  •  LMT4-26 concrete block making machine Price List is especially suitable to produce standard Hollow blocks, the strength of which is higher than that of clay blocks.
  •  Various types of blocks can be produced with different moulds.


hollow block making machine qt4-24

Difference From LMT4-26 And LMT4-35 :

LMT4-26(LONTTO )Other Factory Block Machine
LMT4-26 Block Machine has the automatic mould back and forward motorNot included the automatic mould back and forward motor, it need the man power to finish the work
LMT4-26 adopts six-leadAdopts four-lead
LMT4-26 has Green Blocks Conveyor Machine, it faster and bigger in productionIt hasn’t the Green Blocks Conveyor Machine
LMT4-26 has separate control cabinet, easy operationIt is controlled by the control box, not independent.
Integrated gas and electricity, installed two sets of super-strong vibration motorVibration Motor
Add the materials automaticallyAdd the materials by man power
The moulds adopt Taper Wire-cut EDM technology, not weld; this could keep the mould durable, non-deformation, the long useful life (Reference Picture).
The raw materials of the machine adopts 16Mn(equal to Q345 steel), high strength, compressive well. Other manufacturers just have the Q235 steel. But the 16Mn is more durable than Q235

The Accessories of LMT4-26 Hollow block machine:

1LMT4-26 Block Making MachineTo make the hollow block, solid block and pavement block1
26m Belt ConveyorTransport the raw materials from the mixer to the block making machine1
3350 Pan MixerTo mix the materials: water, sand, aggregate and cement1
4Block MouldTo make different size and shape blocks by changing moulds1
5Manual CartTransport the blocks from the block machine to the yard2
6Spare Parts BoxPut the Spare Parts (Belt, Bolts, Screws and wires) into it1

The Data of LMT4-26:

Raw MaterialSand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste.
UsageTo Produce Hollow Block, Solid block, Porous Block, Paving block, Interlocking Hollow block and Paver Through Exchange the Mould
Pallet Size850×450mm
Forming Cycle20-26 Seconds
Vibration Force35.5KN
Vibration Frequency4500/min
Workers2~3 Persons
Land Area500m²
Block Machine Size3600×1730×2560mm
PackageLMT4-28 Block Machine and its Accessories would be Packaged in one 20ft General Container

Capacity Of LMT4-26:

Brick PictureDescriptionForming CyclePcs/MouldPcs/HourPcs/8Hour
Hollow-BrickHollow Brick
Porous blockPorous Brick
Pavement brickPavement Brick

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